Tuesday, April 29, 2008


You know LOVE is really great.... I decided I really do love a lot of stuff...so I decided to write about it so when I am not feeling so lovely...I can reflect! :)

1. I love PINK!!
2. I love flowers...all of them are pretty ...but gerber daisies, tulips and roses are my tops
3. I love coffee! I could drink it ALL day! I love BUSTELLA. It is expresso coffee that my 2nd set of parents introduced us to! Thanks Bill and Kaye! :)
4. I love clean sheets
5. I love getting ready to take a nice hot bath and having to pick all the dinosaurs and BOY stuff out of my big tub!!
6. I love to open the blinds first thing in the morning and let the sunshine in and see the birds and trees.... and FLOWERS!
7. I love looking at my kid's blue eyes!
8. I love pretty picture frames.
9. I love big sunglasses!
10. I love dinner time when we all sit at the table and Noah says the blessing!
11. I love to cuddle.
12. I love hugs
13. I love cards!
14. I love rhinestones on anything!
15. I love my blog! Thanks Shara! :)
16. I love how I feel AFTER I have worked out.
17. I love chips and salsa.
18. I love to shop online.
19. I love to dance with my kids.
20. I love my hubby's scruff! HOT!!!
21. I love funny sarcasm!
22. I love the smell of BLEACH!
23. I love it when my boys love my cookin... and "ummm" the whole meal!
24. I love it when Noah tells me I am a beautiful princess.
25. I love that my hubby makes me laugh everyday!
26. I love the strongness of a sister's love
27. I love to make people laugh!!!
28. I love black and white photos!
29. I love running!
30. I love those forever friends!
31. I love the smell of my kids first thing in the morning... sweet and a little hint of pee pee diaper.
32. I love to dress Emmie Lou!
33. I love lipgloss and mascara!
34. I love starbucks!
35. I love ordering in.
36. I love pillowtop mattresses! Good invention!
37. I love pregnant bellies!
38. I love having babies! Hopefully more to come! :)
39. I love my hair girl! She rocks!
40. I love to get a massage and facial.... true bliss
41. I love my Daddy
42. I love that my sister is pregnant!
43. I love that my mom is one of my best friends!
44. I love family time
45. I love my wedding ring!
46. I love body wash from bath and body!
47. I love candles! My favorite is Bird of Paradise by Circle E Candles
48. I love Celebrity with my girls! I love to get cookies and strawberry cake!
49. I love to swing my kids!
50. I love picnics
51. I love the old church songs I use to sing growing up!
52. I love to scrapbook
53. I love a clean house!
54. I love eyelash curlers!
55. I love spring!
56. I love Emmie's hairbows!
57. I love the quilts my grandmother made for my wedding and for Emmie Lou b/c she has her name.
58. I love eating food from my Daddy's garden that was so perfectly beautiful before he died. Thanks Mom for bringing it on the plane all the way to Texas.
59. I love living in Texas!
60. I love going to the carwash
61. I love getting packages from Tennessee, even if they are for the kiddos... its fun!
62. I love lamps.
63. I love the windows open.
64. I love it that we hung our clothes on the clothesline growing up. Nothing like stiff underwear! :) Thanks mom!
65. I love being happy!
66. I love waking up to Noah dressed up like a fireman/pirate at 8 am at my bedside....
67. I love pedicures!
68. I love cherry sprites from Sonic
69. I love chickfila
70. I love a hint of a suntan
71. I love it when I can hear Noah's s-l-o-w accent
72. I love it that growing up, we called it a "hosepipe" not a waterhose
73. I love that Special K Protein Water...
74. I love peanut m&ms
75. I love fun dishes
77. I love the kleenexes with lotion in them
78. I love lotion
79. I love houseshoes...
80. I love naps
81. I love to wear Nathan's white tshirts.. they are really soft and smell like him
82. I love reality tv
83. I love a good fire in the fireplace
84. I love to laugh
85. I love to make and take "Teenager's Delight" aka tator tot casserole...Noah's favorite!
86. I love country food
87. I hearing the ice cream man b/c it makes me remember when I was a kid
88. I love that my first car was '87 Monte Carlo SS black with a red pin stripe... my daddy found it and we went together to get it. All the guys in school would clean my wheels during their shop class b/c they liked my car! Ha!!!!
89. I love that my Daddy called me "Chickie" and my sister was "Duper Dan"... why? don't know..but I think every kid needs a good nickname!
90. I love surprises!
91. I love purses!
92. I love that I have 15 platters b/c my mom worked at JC Penney
93. I love that she shops PINK TICKET! Lots of things I have STILL has that PINK TICKET on them...b/c they mark it down so much that I don't want t remove all 5 tags from each item!
94. I love shopping with my sister and mom
95. I love that my mom use to always throw her arm over my lap if she slammed on her breaks!
96. I love God's grace and that I know him.
97. I love that I LOVE my inlaws and the whole gang!
98. I love that Nate and me have been together for 14 years...almost 1/2 our lives... its the best! He's the best!
99. I love country music now.
100. I love that I could go on and on with things I love but will stop b/c 100 is a big #. I love all of you who read all of these things! :)


Friday, April 25, 2008

Fun Times

Here are a few pics of a birthday party we went to. They have all these cool things and stations for the kids to play on... It was a ton of fun! Noah could have stayed all day! Several pics his face is blood red and you can see the sweat!
This is one of the funniest pics! This is Camille eating pizza. The piece is so big...you can't see her face... Me and Nate thought it looked funny! :)
Real Boys play with Dinosaurs! ROAR!!!
Just practicing our modeling pose :)
Blue Slushy at the park! I only got 2 good pics but had to share... went to meet some friends at a park.... of coarse...Noah had to potty when it was time to walk out the door and I mean LONG POTTY! Took forever! So then...stopped at Sonic for a grilled cheese and a blue slushy for Noah.... so we were almost an hour late!!!!! (Trait inherited! MOTHER) So I guess we were there 15 min. and clouds rolled in...looked like it was going to rain... drop or two fell... ALL of my friends and their kids ran for their cars.... as Noah and Emmie continue to swing and I push them thinking....We are staying... and this rain is going to have to come and get us! Well.... I have to share... it turned out to be one of the sweetest parks I have ever been to! Trees everywhere... perfect weather and the NICEST people! I met a mom with 4 kids and told her I wanted 4 but whew, after watching her run around.... I asked her,"How do you do it?" She said, "JESUS" She then proceeded to tell me that she actually had 7 KIDS! I asked again... HOW DO YOU DO IT! She again told me JESUS! Well, duh.... he's the only one that could keep a woman sane and able to take care of 7! She was very uplifting and encouraging... only 32! But her spirits were amazing! Really had an impression on me... felt like she was put in my path..... and then.... this other sweet mom and 2 girls...came over to show us the BABY bird that fell out of the tree... she was taking it home to take care of it! She had done it before!..she knew all about birds... and how to feed them. There is a special mix you can feed them through a syringe. She said her girls were very attached to animals and didn't want to hurt anything on God's planet. Did you know, Mommy birds eat and throwup the liquid into their babies mouths? That is how they feed them! No Nursing...just throwing up! WOW! ok so then she proceeds to tell me her 2 of 3 girls can't go to school b/c they have an immune disorder...like their organs are shutting down and all this. She too, was so encouraging and her spirit about her life and these kids... was just beautiful... and the way she held that baby bird in her shirt... just too much for me! So needless to say it ended up being a "Perfect Park Day" I probably wouldn't have talked so in depth with these moms if my friends were still there. 

Pretty Park, Pretty girl

I think he got my MOUTH!!! :) Which...I got from MY MOTHER! Ha!

Knawin on a pizza crust! Thanks MeeMaw for introducing me to that while you were here!

Sparkle in her eyes.... She loves some pizza crust!

Baby Loves Veggies

Time to shop MaMa

Last year Nate got us a Hibiscus sp? I could check to see but I am in a hurry... Anyway.. He got us one and every day I was soo excited to see the new flower that bloomed. Some days there would be none. But only 1 or 2 at a time. It didn't make it till this summer...sooo Nate upgraded us and got a $15 one and... SHAZAM! Yesterday it had 9 Blooms! I was so happy when I looked out yesterday morning! :) I love me some pink flowers! Thanks Hubby! :)

Noah is telling them they have TOO MUCH STUFF. He is the cashier..... and they are putting a lot on the counter! Guess he wouldn't be able to handle Walmart!!!

Say Cheese!

Happy Birthday Blake!

Ummm, Chocolate is Yum!

Monday, April 21, 2008

7 Random Things

ok so I was tagged by Andrea to do this... "Tagged" ????
What is this 3rd grade? ok so I am doing it b/c I love Andrea! :)
7 Random Things About Me?
1. I love coffee almost as much as sleep.
It makes me sooo happy when drinking it!
Its warm, its cozy, makes you feel good all over!
I am a creamer nut! Love to try new ones! :)
2. I want 4 kids.... ok 2 more girls.... I am loving sweet baby girls!
3. I played basketball from 4th grade thru high school...
I was a POST player or forward. Isn't that funny.
When I shoot now, its an airball most everytime! :)
4. I only had one boyfriend before Nate that I "dated"....
I felt sorry for Nate... so I dated him for 7 years and then
he begged me to marry him! I caved! Ha!! :)
5. I had a cyst on my head. Got it removed in college.
My dad had one and his grandmother (my great grandmother).
I now have another one. Same thing... Doc said no big deal but
he can take it out if it bothers me. It looks like a tooth when removed...
but its not.... yeah I know gross and weird! But this is suppose to be random, right?
6. Sometimes I forget how to spell easy words. Like one time it
was the word "take" it didn't look right so I questioned myself.... Dumb.
7. I ran 4 marathons.... yes 26.2 miles.... 3 before Noah and 1 after.
I said I was going to do one after each baby...... uhhhh don't think its
going to happen before the 3rd! No I ain't pregnant! Just don't have
that kind of time to train.
8. I tore my ACL skiing and never had surgery b/c I got pregnant with Noah.
Doc said I didn't need it if all I wanted to do was run. Its makin it.
9. I just realized...it ain't 10 random things...it was suppose to be 7....
so there you go... a little sugar on top Andrea! :)
I tag:
K. Holmes
G. Savage
S. Smith
A. Radar
M. Muse
K. Broom
ok I can't remember who was tagged and how many?
oops... Please don't tag me again... I can't keep up!

Family, Fun, Fevers

Well, my mom and sister and brother in law were in this past week
They got here Tuesday...Emmie had fever Tues. night
and Wednesday my sis got horribly sick for that night.
Thursday, Noah decided to have a fever and tummy ache.
Friday went to doctor and I guess they had
a stomach bug....weird. Only like the 3rd time in
a month for fever? So even with all that fever...
and Motrin of coarse and TLC...we were
able to pull it together for a little fun! :) Here
are some pics of our moments. We took
Noah fishing for the first time and he LOVES
it! He has a new Spider Man fishing pole
that lights up and a tackle box that makes
him feel like a real man? Fun Times! Picnic at the park...

The Boys
I was actually being stupid and posing huggin
the tree and my mom snuck Emmie around!

Noah is starting to feel yucky again :(

The Gals

Is that the sun on Aunt Amy's face or
does she have that PREGNANCY GLOW?
BOTH! :) Due December 25th!! :)
Yeahhh Aunt Amy!!! Love you!

My beautiful Mother! aka MeeMaw
Uncle Bobby can't get enough love from
Noah and Emmie. Well actually he refers
to them as, "Little Love" (Emmie) and
"Wide Open" (Noah) He's got em right?

We got out of the house? Kid free and sitting

outside to eat! No highchairs!

Is Uncle Bobby and Aunt Amy ready

for all this sweetness? YES!!! :)

Monday, April 14, 2008

"Your Gonna Miss This.....

...You're gonna want this back. You're gonna wish
these days hadn't gone by so fast... cuz these are some
good times so take a good look around... you may
not know it now...but your gonna miss this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"This is one of my favorite songs that reminds me of something
my Daddy would have told me... and being a Mom I think of the
chorus to this song...all during my days...with these two big
sunshines in my life. God is good!
You may not like country music... I guess
I figure every southern person does but being from the
Heart of Country Music...
. I grew up with it on in our car and so you just listened.
I haven't chosen it as an adult...but now for some strange reason...
I love it again and lots of songs make me think of my Daddy.
Here's the story of this song... don't know why I feel
compelled to tell you but I want you to know why I like it. :)
It's Trace Adkins.."You're Gonna Miss This"
"The girl can't wait to turn 18 and make her own money...
then a few years later she's a new bride in her 1 bedroom apt...
her Daddy drops by and says its a nice place and she says it'll do for now...
then starts talking about a house and babies and her Daddy
says, Just slow down..... You're gonna miss this.....your gonna wish
it hadn't gone by so fast.. etc.
5 years down the road a plumber working on the water heater,
dog's barking , phone's ringing, one kid's crying, one kid's screaming...
she keeps apologizing ...he says they don't bother me, I've got two
babies of my own..one's 36, one's 23....its hard to believe....
but you're gonna miss this, you're gonna want this back,
you're gonna wish these days hadn't gone by sooo fast!
These are some good times, so take a good look around,
you may not know it now, but you're gonna miss this..... "

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

It's Officially Spring!

Well, its spring....flowers and butterflies.... well dead butterflies
if Noah is around. It has been gorgeous here. Always think
of funny stuff to tell and when its time to post.. uhhh well, I can't
remember! Mommy Brain, I call it! Yes Mother, I know...
...I need to write this stuff down! :) We are good
except for the fevers that are back???
Would somebody please tell me what's going
on? Needless to say, Noah is back to that
angel of a child again b/c he isn't 100 % Noah.
Sounds crazy but he's perfect when he's sick!
Hopefully its a 24 hr. thing! ok well,
more to come when I remember
something??? :) Have a great week! Oh wait,
I remembered! A few days ago Noah came downstairs
after putting on his own underwear and shorts..
and I noticed them bunched up hanging out the back
of his shorts, I saw navy and white stripes and
was like ??? don't think those are his? So I
went over to him and said, "Noah, let me see your
underwear buddy." THEY WERE EMMIE'S BLOOMERS!
I told him they were Emmie's and he said, "No, these
are mine!" Nate came by and reassured him again, Those
are Emmie's. He then said, "I want to wear these b/c they
are REAL SOFT!" We laughed and let him wear them! :)
That will be something funny to bug him about one day! Ha!
They are all looking at the delicate huge butterfly
that just landed..... oh, and that Noah STOMPED! :(

A few of our buddies at our Botanical Gardens visit/Arburetom bail

Crazy us!
Hard to get EVERYONE to look and smile at once!
This is a glimpse of our day :)
Looks sweet huh?
"I'm smiling MOM!"

Real Baby!
My Heart and Soul!

Lil' Miss Strawberry Shortcake
Miss Rosey
"Do I look crazy?"
Say Cheese!

Swimming underwater!!!
Go Noah Go!
Up to no good!
Noah cuts things down and she
daintily touches what's new! :)

Sunny Side Up!

Summer is SUNNY SIDE UP!!!! It’s been the kind of Summer this Mama loves! Sometimes we are one day at a time... one hour at a time. No plans...