Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Thank You God, For I am BLESSED!

As I upload these pictures and listen to this song, I can't help but be sick at how blessed I am and have tears of sadness for those in Haiti. These things I do not understand WHY they have to happen. It is hard to think that we all are just in our own little worlds here and such sadness is going on in another land. Seeing the children on tv and hearing about them breaks my heart. I pray God helps them to not be in pain and that they find comfort in the arms of SOMEONE, ANYONE! If you haven't seen any footage on the news, you should. It makes our life feel ridiculous. We have so much. Too much. I am so thankful for these little ones of mine and every second I have with them. Even if it's whining, crying, screaming, fighting, complaining, terrorizing one another..... at least I have them to wrap my arms around and kiss whenever I want. Bath with 3 is fun but challenging
always happy


loves bath time

look at her face

his tongue is out all the time... so cute

you gotta love him

One of my very favorite Christmas gifts from my sweet sisterinlaw "Joanna" all the way in Alaska! It is from the North Pole! The Est. date is our wedding date :) and all of our names are above it. I LOVE IT!

Here is where I put it and wanted you to see Joanna :)
I don't think I could express how much I loved it on the webcam at Christmas but I cherish it! :) Thanks so much!


Who's in the swing?

Camo of coarse

Sorry... had to take this... such a little girl.

Loves it

Cutie Pie

Daddy and Noah wore ties to church :)

Mama and Emmie in blue or green or whatever color that is

lOOK at my CURLS!

Pretty girl

parkin it up

The shirtless tea party

Lovin the exercaucer at the tea party :)

Sippin tea with her "poon"

This dress came with one for baby and now she thinks she should have one for baby every week!

Look out Ladies... I have a sweet smile that will make you melt!

Climbin the ropes

Rain and January

Snow White

Mr. Tough Guy

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Christmas Ain't Over Until We Celebrate in Tennessee!

Well if you know us... you know our Christmas ain't complete unless we have been to Tennessee. Love visiting with all our family! We are so blessed! We had a safe and happy trip! Thank you Lord! While we were in Tennessee Emmie decided to go potty in EVERYBODY'S potty! I had no panties... but she just came and told us... it was awesome. I didn't change one dirty diaper from Emmie while we were there! Now that we are back in Texas she is trained! She is doing it all! The funniest thing is that at first she didn't want to wear clothes b/c then she "wouldn't be able to see her panties!" Ha! So funny! So needless to say my 2010 has started off happier and easier! :) Hope everyone's New Year has started off with happiness! Lovin on MeeMaw

Aunt Amy is Awesome!

Halloween Wigs at MeeMaw's House.... oh my

I know what you are thinking... but we weren't trying to make her look like her. This is an old dress my aunt found at a yardsale. It is something else. She loves it though.

Noah with a gigantic icicle I found

Too Cool

Don't forget my Daddy

My Grandma Brown... All the gals

We love Grandma

Her and the kids... I love this b/c Gunner is smiling

Gunner's first picture with Grandma

"Lou"ella and Emmie "Lou" :)

MY FAVORITE PICTURE from the whole trip! Love you Mama and Sissy!

Noah did a superhero puzzle

A Huntin Gun for a game from MeeMaw

Happy now sitting in her new princess chair with her mermaid bath doll and princess cd player

One of my sister's friends's dog. If there is a dog around... that is where you will find my children.

Happy New Year 2010! Look who I got to kiss! :)

Sissy Pics

Uncle Bobby is getting him some Gunner time

I love their faces

Got Uncle Bobby's hat on...

Sleepin on Daddy in Papa's big chair

Aunt Dot with Gunner

"No one will find me in these woods"

Cutie Pie

"Aww somebody did find him :) "

He looks like he is playing the guitar on his shirt. Ha!

My boys

One happy little girl... 3 week old basset hounds

Who needs presents?

Little Lady on the fence

"I can do pink in the country"

Yes, he is perfect.

Funny game we got Papa as a joke (he doesn't think "Gassy Gus" is as funny as Noah does) Ha

Somebody is Snow White

Blane and Noah! They are made for each other!

There is enough of Blane for everyone! Thank you Blane for being so sweet to us!

Gunner's first pic with Overs...

Thanks Papa and Nonna for lovin our little "crazies"...We had a great time!

Sunny Side Up!

Summer is SUNNY SIDE UP!!!! It’s been the kind of Summer this Mama loves! Sometimes we are one day at a time... one hour at a time. No plans...