Friday, June 29, 2012

It's All About the FOOD!!!!!!!

So Nathan and Noah went to the Texas Rangers game!!!! It was Nathan's Father's Day gift from all the kiddos...Ranger stuff and tickets to a game. Thanks so much to our great friend Andy who helped me with the ticket selection!!!! They went last Sunday and had a blast!!!! It was a great game! They were up 4 to nothing and had to hold on at the end with the bases loaded. Noah got a free beach towel and tried EVERY item from the concession stand!!!! Noah got an autograph from Robbie Ross?? But he was actually pitching some in the game so Noah thought he got a good autograph. :) Noah loved every last minute of it!!! Good times...good memories for father and son! :) Next up..... A little bit of Tennessee...:)

Sunday, June 24, 2012

"If You Give a Princess a Party, She'll Want a....."

So its been a month..again!!!!  This was Jensie at 6 she is 7 months!  :)  Time is flying!  It does that when you are busy... which how can you not be busy with 4 children??  We celebrated Daddy's Birthday, Father's Day, Emmie's Birthday.... When will the cake stop????????????????  Noah went to his first week long camp...just day time but 9-4 so he was wiped out!  But it was made for him... ziplines, archery, tarzan swings, rope coarses, swimming, learning more about God.... all in a group of ALL boys! It won't be missed next summer!  We are hooked! Now we are gearing up for VBS, a Rangers game, Tennessee time, Family, Fireworks.... FUN!!!!! So here are some pics of all the celebratin around here!  :)  Happy June!  

6mths old!  Let's try some cereal?
Not really.... we skipped out on cereal... yuck...booo.... no nutritional value... so straight to fruits and veggies and she is doing great!  :)
 6 months old
 a Gunner mini shoot.... all the faces of this little ball of a personality

 What????  Daddy is 35!  Happy Happy Birthday Daddy!

 Daddy is always being silly and making us laugh :)
 Birthday Spankings from the kids... yes he let them spank him 35 licks!
 Do the birthday dance
 You can't pull your shorts up too high.... the higher the better...the funnier :)
 Gunner got silly
 He gets it honestly :)
 More celebrating Daddy????  Happy Father's Day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  And right before Jensie started saying "Dada" alllll the time!  No mama... just Dada! :)  
 The BEST Daddy with the BEST kiddos in the world!

 The Lucky Lady on his arm :).... that's me!
 Time for some sweet treats from the kids.... Jensie got Daddy a Ranger's koozie

 Soo excited!!!  Gunner got Daddy A bat with bubble gum inside

 Emmie got Daddy a Ranger's tshirt

 Noah got Daddy 2 Ranger's tickets for their 1st game together!!!  Noah is PUMPED!!!!!  He went when he was younger but doesn't its soo real to him because he loves baseball!
 We gotta be those people with the flag flying on their car on the way to the game!!!!
 Daddy and the little ones that made him a Daddy :)
 What???  Emmie Lou is 5!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 Happy Birthday sweet girl!

Around the table once again!  :)

If you give a Princess a Party,
She'll want a Pink cake.
If you give her Pink cake,
She'll get thirsty and need a Pink snow cone.
If you give her a Pink snow cone,
She'll want to sit with her friends at a Pink table.
If she visits with her friends,
They will dream of Pink Pony rides,
If you give them a Pink Pony ride,
They will be Pinky stinky and need to go for a swim.
If she swims with her friends,
She'll need a Pink bikini.
If she swims in her Pink bikini,
She'll want you to take a picture of her with her Pink Princess friends so she can remember her Pink Princess Pony Party forever and ever!
Party Day!!!!  She said she wanted a "wedding cake" so this is a little girl's version :)
The 5 looks so big!  She can't be 5 already?????  
I will never forget her 8 lb. 12 oz little chubby self!  She was still precious in PINK!  
Posing with her doll that she got a new ballerina outfit for
Ready for some "princess friends" to arrive
All decorated.... she just thinks some friends are coming to swim and eat cake...
Jensie hung here while we revealed the BIG SURPRISE!
I LOVE this picture!  Brothers playing their parts.... hiding her eyes so she can't see the SURPRISE!
and 3....2....1.... open!
She was so sweet and smiled and in shock I think.... a little different from her loud, dramatic mama that would have squealed!  She is calmer..... sweet and just a joy!
There it is... a Princess Pony
Pink Mane, Pink Tail, Purple Hooves with glitter and Purple glitter all over HIS body and a princess crown on top of HIS head to boot!   Poor Pony....guess they ran out of girl ones.... LOL!!!!!
Her 1st ride
Every princess needs a pony?
Don't forget to sanitize!
Good Pony!
Happy Birthday Emmie Lou Orange!!!!  Pony rides for you princess!
Emmie and some of her princess friends
Our precious neighbors and church friends came to celebrate with us 
This was taken for when Noah gets married one day!  BaHaHaHa!!!!!!
More princess friends!!
Did someone say "snowcones"?????  
Sweet kiddos
Every princess needs a snowcone especially after a pony ride
Even little brothers that sport PINK on his sister's big day deserves a snowcone
Birthday girl
Mama and her Angel baby... I always tell her she is my "angel baby" because my Daddy died and 3 weeks later she was born and even though my heart was sad...she made me happy!!  She loves it when I tell her the story.  I love her!  
Some special ladies
Gunner finally decided to ride.... too cute!
Time to let the pony go home.... they had more animals in their trailer...poor things were out there just baking in the heat.

Baby pig

Some special chickens that even laid an egg while they were here so he gave it to the birthday girl and she thought their was a "baby rooster" inside.  LOL
PIZZA time!!
Time to sing!
Make a wish 
opening some gifts from such sweet friends
Love her face in this..... 
She was so happy ...a  puppy for her doll...
a Barbie fishing pole which she has been practicing casting in our pool and is THRILLED that she can do it quite well.... she is ready for some Tennessee fishing!

Stay Tuned for Ranger's Game Fun and Tennessee Family Time!!!  
Until next time... Beat the Heat!  Have a Snowcone!!!!

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