Monday, June 27, 2011

Happy Birthday, Happy Father's Day to my Honey Bee

So it has been a while... we have been busy to say the least....but always in a good way.  :)  We celebrated Nathan's birthday... then Father's day in Austin with our friends... We celebrated little Miss Emmie Lou turning 4 when we returned...but we will save that for next time!  I cannot believe we are headed for July in a few days!  WOW!  It is hot and pregnant mama is feeling the heat!  Almost 20 weeks... 1/2 way and hard to believe!  We have had two sonograms to confirm she is a GIRL!  We all are very excited!  The full name will be announced soon... still working on the logistics of the spelling.. :)  Hope everyone is doing up the summer nicely!  If ya can't take the heat... have a glass of sweet, sweet for me!  :)
 Emmie's new turtle float
 Swimming is serious mom!
 Noah is the shark
 Gunner gettin a bite
 Loves jumping in to his Daddy
 Thought this was so hilarious!  This baby sat out there for two days baking in the hot Texas sun!!!  Had to take a picture!
 Love this... all three of them!
 My two muscle men
 Daddy and his daughter
 Caught him in action!! 
 Happy Birthday to Daddy!  34 and wonderful!
 Going on a date with the birthday boy!
 With Baby Girl in tow!  This was at 16 weeks...
 Our vacation with friend in Austin... this pic pretty much wraps up our trip!  All the kids wanted to ride our friend's T-REX
 Just Sunnin
 Looks like he is walking on water!
 Girly Girls and their cute little tooshies
 Emmie ain't afraid of no divin board... bring it!
 Hangin out with friends
 and this little guy...for a little more....
 Austin family pics

 Our Best of Friends!  This is our 4th year to vacation together!  It gets better and better!
 Just the gals
 I love candid moments
 This is the 8 bedroom house we rented on 30 acres.. it was very cool!
These kids are why we keep going...

I mean look at em!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Panama City Beach Wrap Up

Well here is my PCB wrap up!  First off we had a wonderful time with the Orange Family.  The whole family hasn't all been together for almost 2 years!  Sooo good to see everyone! 
The wedding.... precious!  Congrats to Heather and Chip! 
We are back and ready for some summer action!  But before you get to them pics... read our hilarious and not so hilarious PCB drama!  :)

1. Noah huggin the bride so hard when we got there that his tooth fell out.... funny!
2.  Keith (brotherinlaw) saving Noah and himself from a shark!  Scary!
3.  Heather and Chip married up and done beautifully... Special!
4.  Noah in a dance off with a dude and a hankerchief...Hilarious!
5.  Angie's bad knee that is minus an ACL  giving out and falling on her bootie...embarrassing and painful!
6.  Blane (cousin) hiding on top bunk to sleep and get away from Emmie... understandable!
7.  Kema (sisterinlaw) losing her diamond earring....big bummer!
8.  Kellen (cousin) finding it... a miracle!
9.  Tai and Joanna (brother and sisterinlaw) getting to come and spend time with us all... so overdue and wonderful!
10. Timmy watching MASH documentaries... a good late night laugh!
11.  Emmie falling asleep on the restaurant table... pitiful!
12.  Gunner having to be held by everyone...just lovey!
13.  Hannah's new fun fact about disliking cinnamon and the smell of it... interesting!
14.  Nonna and Papa providing a place for us to all be together... so generous!
15.  All of our goodbyes... sad!
16.  On the way back to Texas... Nathan thinks we have more gas than we do, pregnant mama has to pee, all kids are whiney and starving, 93 degrees, WE RUN OUT OF GAS on the interstate and coast 1 1/2 miles off exit, stopping 2 miles from the closest gas station (says GPS)!!  OH NO! In her sweetest, most desperate voice, Angie calls the gas station 2 mi. away and tells them we have $15 cash (counting tooth fairy money)...was there any way anyone could bring us some gas?  The nice manager heard the kids in the background and was on his way bringing us $15 gas.... a true God send!  PRICELESS! 
 Miss Peerrrty
 Toddler Illustrated 2011
 Yep... I love him!
 "What is this all about??"
 "Ok... had enough for the 1st night... cuddle me up."
 Papa and Gunner
 1st day at the beach
 Showing off his missing tooth!  1st one lost!  :)
 The mermaid
 Sitting on the mermaid's head...about to give her a kiss
 Ready for the wedding

 The cutest kids in the world!  :)
 The gorgeous bride (Heather- Nathan's sister and their Dad)
 Tai (Nathan's brother) and Joanna
 Kema (Nathan's other sister) and her family, Timmy and Kellen and Blane
 Hannah (Nathan's other sister) and her hubby Keith....who saved Noah.....from a shark!!!!
 Always love to dance
 Dancing with the flower girl
 "Who needs dancing when you have chocolate?"
 Dancing with her Daddy :)
 Taking a 5 second break from "break dancing"

 Love this!
 Great Grandmother (Overs)
 The Orange Family

 Beach Pic
 "Catch me in action Mom"
 Loves the waves
 Loves his mama!  :)
 Always where the action is.... starfish
 Yes... he will eat anything!  Stuffed crab and he loved it!  Bluh!

 Isn't this special?  Love Nathan's new look!
 Loves him some Uncle Tai! 
 There.... that's better :)
Noah's face looks like, "what are these?"

Sunny Side Up!

Summer is SUNNY SIDE UP!!!! It’s been the kind of Summer this Mama loves! Sometimes we are one day at a time... one hour at a time. No plans...