Sunday, May 9, 2010

This Mama is Blessed 3-Fold!

Happy Mother's Day to all you Mamas out there! What a JOY...what a GIFT.... what a BLESSING! I for one can just say...the Lord has blessed me 3-fold! No better song for me than this one that I have had on here before...but it is so true! :) Some days when I see and think of what He has given me to love and care for... I am without words. You know this if you are a Mama! They ARE the greatest gift! On another note.... MY MAMA is a priceless gift to me too! For, it is because of her that I have the strength I have to be a Mama. Some days... I can honestly wonder how in the world do I manage to do what I do and the answer is easy... b/c Mama always did. :) Thank you Mama! Your strength carries me through many of days. :) I love you!
Here are some pics of my blessings and cute as cute can be. :) Love them! Have a wonderful week everybody!
7 mths old :)

Love this face

So sweet

Holding her baby brother

She's got it down pat

Look at Mama! :) Good Job!!!



Pretty funny sequence of pics... their faces are hilarious!

At Rainforest Cafe... they loved it!

Noah put on Gunner's pants...thinking they were HIS shorts. He didn't do it on purpose...and I thought it was hilarious... had to take a pic and he didn't want me too... bad Mama!

They are skin tight! Hilarious!

This will be used against him one day if I don't like his girlfriend! Ha Ha Ha!

Sunny Side Up!

Summer is SUNNY SIDE UP!!!! It’s been the kind of Summer this Mama loves! Sometimes we are one day at a time... one hour at a time. No plans...