Monday, May 23, 2011

Happy Days! :)

A few pics to play catch up!  I am behind a little... so here is Easter and Mother's Day and some fun days that are all happy days!  :)  Hope everyone is doing great!  We are finishing up school and just finished baseball.  So excited for summer! We are about to get to see the Orange Family and celebrate with a wedding at the beach!  After we get back we are going to find out what this baby is!!!  So excited!  So stay tuned :)  Have a great start to your summer and lots of Happy Days!!!! :)  Easter

 Me and my lil girl in yellow in front of our yellow roses
 Easter kids
 Easter 2011- US
 The Easter Bunny and her helper
 Easter Buddies
 Silly faces!
 Is he cool or what?
 Sweet girls
 Mother's Day 2011... The kids picked out this dress and necklaces and some earrings for me :)
 Cute little faces
 Sorry Daddy... maybe on Father's Day they will all look and smile and we won't have the glare straight through your face
 Wearing my dress MeeMaw gave me :)
 This would be Splash Day in kindergarten and Noah and his best buddy.  My, My, My!!!!
 They had a blast!
 Muffins for Mom at Preschool with Emmie Lou
 Mother's Day Brunch at Noah's school they sang songs and had a little program for us
 My sweeties Mother's Day Morning -  They picked out their own flowers for me... Noah- PINK ROSES b/c he knows I love pink.  Emmie- RAINBOW DAISIES WITH GLITTER!!!  She loves the rainbow part and we both love glitter :)  Too sweet!  Gunner stole a rose from Noah and gave it to me. :)
 What a blessed Mama!
 Not too cold for these rascals
 Is he a baseball player or what?  He is ready to get you OUT!!!
 Baseball Party for the boys at one of the coaches house... so many boys!  so much fun!
 Head Coach Henry!  What a guy!  Great Coach!
 Field Day for Noah... They call it Fun Day... Sack races... oh fun!
 The wet sponge race.... look at his face :)
 Sweet Gunner
 Chillin in the cave MeeMaw built them while we were in Aruba
 At Noah's baseball game...gotta have icecream
 Buddies!  Came to see Noah play! 
 Too cold to swim while we were gone so they had a huge slip and slide and it made up for no swimming :)
 Garden poses
 Silly girl
 What is that look about??
 More garden pics! 
 Baby blue eyes
 Some gifts before we left for Aruba
The Barbie girl

Monday, May 9, 2011

ARUBA! "One Happy Island"

Happy 10 year anniversary to us!!  Oh didn't we want to "stay there a little while!"  We savored everyday and it was one word.... AMAZING!!!!!  Had the best time with the love of my life!  So thankful to my sweet mama for coming and holding down the fort in Texas!  :)  The kids did great and we couldn't have been more relaxed!  Looking at this pictures just makes me want to cry because it was so awesome!  So here is my brag post :)!  Ha!  Hope everyone is doing great!  We are great!  Officially tan and ready for SUMMA
This was looking straight down from our balcony at the waterfalls and you can see part of the pool here.
Another one with the ocean in the pic
And the ocean :)
Posing on the bed.... we ended up getting two queens instead of a king.... but who needs a king when you are in love?????  :)
On our balcony when we first got there....giddy!
Went to the beach and watched the sun set.... awwwww Aruba!
Are we really in another country??? 
Life is good :)
We took a ton of this boat with the sun setting... so gorgeous!
Picture perfect
Gotta do a black and white
on a catamaran for our snorkling fun!!
boat ride to the catamaran
We could take a thousand pics of the gorgeous water!
Oh hApPy DaY
Nathan took a pic of me taking a pic for another couple b/c he thought I looked funny in my flippers :)
The Beach
Gotta stay hydrated :)
I cannot remember what this drink was called but it was my FAV!  It was so refreshing and slushy... had a hint of ice cream taste to it! YUM!  I had one almost everyday! :)

Nate found a starfish in the ocean

This is Hermana.  The H is silent.  She was so funny!  She got our chairs and hut reserved for us everyday.
Happy Girl!

Strawberry Mango Tangerita..... virgin please
Dinner time
Another dinner night
This was made out of beer bottles.  It looked like a huge chandelier.  The beer is called "Bright"
Me trying and LOVING sushi rolls for the first time!  Yes I am they are not raw. 
 This waterfall in the pool gave a great back massage!  Look at my happy husband :)
 So refreshing!
 Yes... these iguanas were EVERYWHERE!  By the pool that is and they would walk under people's lounge chairs!
I embarrassed Nate by getting pic made with one of these dancers that were about to go in the casino.  There were several of them and their costumes were so colorful!
Not a great pic of us but check out the gigantic brownie sundae we shared :)
I have never been to a casino... sat down at my first slot machine and put $10 in it and won $40!  Nate couldn't believe I kept winning!  :)  But that got old.. ha!
This would be me sliding our room key in the elevator so it would go to the 8th floor where all of the "Tradewinds Club" people were!  We were treated quite special!  :)

 The beautiful pink sky
 Our last night... dinner at sunset on the beach!  Our favorite and most special night! 
 I love this man!
 About to head out.... sad to leave this beautiful place!
 Nate is even holding on a bit by wearing his Aruba tshirt that when it gets in the bright light the whole picture has color... it is so cool!
We Love ARUBA!
Happy 10 Year Anniversary to US!  We will never forget it!  AMAZING!
We did stay for a "little" while but we can't "make forever feel this way" ...because reality says we got three kids to go home to and another one to prepare for in 6mths!!  :)  But it was fun while it lasted! 

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