Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Sweet Summer Stuff :)

Wow! It has been a WHILE! Would you believe me if I said I have been busy?? :) Noah graduated from preschool.. sniff...sniff. Nate turned 33.... old man! We have had some bday party fun....Yay rah! :) We went on a mini vaca with friends....KIDS GALORE! :) Gunner is pulling up on EVERYTHING and oh my... mama is busy now! Emmie is about to turn 3.... and it is OBVIOUS! Insert...BIG SIGH.....ahhhhhhh! :) Noah is acting older everyday! So fun! Life is pretty awesome! :) Here are the pics to show off all the sweetness :)! Hope everyone is having a wonderful, safe and happy summer! Orange's :)
What? Beach Babes?

Our Little Treasures :)




More Buddies

See! She is about to be 3! You can see it in her eyes!!! :)

Mr. Cool

What a fine young boy he is turning into :)

Just gals

These two just woke up from a nap... having some bondin time on the balcony.... having a snack ...in their underwear! :)

More girly girls!

Is he sweet or what?

Year 2025 Olympians :)

Beach Baby

We love the beach!


Sports Illustrated? Whatcha think?

Kemah Boardwalk has rides for Daddies that "wannabe kids" :)

I love his face!

Take us away.....


Gentle Noah....

Sweet Little Bunny Rabbit....

I love these kids! Man oh man!

Happy Bday Daddy! We love you!

Posing in front of some artwork we painted

Brother Love

Tug of War at Preschool

Graduating Preschool.... sniff sniff

Water Balloons make him giddy

Our little Gun Gun

These are lethal weapons! :)

Excited about their bowls of water balloons

Love Is Like....

Love is like 4 kids smiling for Mama on Valentine’s Day.... even though she got you “chili slime” gross! Love is like spending time with fri...