Tuesday, September 22, 2009

A New Little Orange

BIG NEWS in the Orange House..... a NEW ADDITION! :) September 19th at 4:55pm we welcomed our 3rd little Orange... a boy.... Gunner Michael.... weighing 9 lbs. and was 21 in. Michael is after my Daddy. :) Very smooth and easy delivery...everything checked out good with Gunner and we are now home.... Home with 3 kids! :) The transition has really been smooth and we are enjoying yummy meals from friends and a very, very good baby boy! He sleeps a lot and only cries when he is hungry and ok...maybe a little when you change his diaper. It is the funniest , squealiest laugh...so we don't mind. Big Brother Noah is sooo happy and wants to hold him constantly. He wants to kiss him all over and is very proud to have a little brother. Noah is interested in the whole nursing thing. While I was nursing Gunner the other day Noah says, "Mama, can I pleeeease have a drink of your milk? I promise if you just let me have one drink, I won't bite you." So I guess things around here are a little nutty to say the least. Big Sister Emmie thinks Gunner is "her baby" and she likes to hold him as well. But when she is ready to get up she says, "Mama, get him off of me".... so things haven't changed too much with her.... I think she still rules the boys. She is straight out of tootiville lately telling Daddy and Noah to "not to talk to her".... we officially have our hands full. Ya think? :) Here is our first picture post of our hands being full and they will continue. :) I would like to end with a quote and a little story....

"You can't have your cake and eat it too!" ok so let's be honest... our little Gunner was NOT a surprise. We found out 6 weeks before he came that we were having a boy. Planny Angie was trying to have her bedding made by picking out girl/boy fabrics... and have the diaper bag ordered for girl/boy. Well, that all came back to bite me. Two crazy slip ups confirmed to me that it was a boy. I was pretty upset at first b/c we didn't want to know... but then we decided it was probably too good to be true to try to have all that kept a secret and it was time to get over it and get excited! :) We decided not to tell the story 1000 times...to just wait and blog about it and keep the sex a surprise for everyone else. Just had to be honest though..Gunner wasn't our surprise child. But he is still super SPECIAL! :) Should there be a next time.... :) We won't tell anyone and will try the surprise route again! :) So there you go! However, I did still feel it was a boy the whole time b/c I felt exactly how I did when I was pregnant with Noah. A little sick, craving meat and sandwiches the whole time. Emmie, I was really sick and craved sweets! :)

Hope everyone has a great week! Happy Fall! Love!!! She crawled up in her bed one night ready to bed.... except well... she still had her crown on. :)

The day before we had Gunner we planted some Mums for the flower pots out front

They each had their pot they helped me with :)

Happy Fall from us :)

The morning we left for induction.... we gave them a present... I know... spoiled!

Couldn't be happier

Pre Pain :)

Happy Daddy with Gunner

My doctor..She delivered Noah, Emmie Lou and Gunner

One eyed pirate

Sweet Baby

No.... I'm not a butterball

This looks just like Emmie did!

The usual Daddy/Baby pic. We have one of these with all the kiddos.

Who's your Daddy?


Mama doesn't look so hot...but Gunner is a little swaddled up Precious!

Happy Mama trying to send out our news.

ok looks pretty easy huh... they were fighting the whole time :)

She really does think its her baby!

Me and my boys! I always said I wanted 2 sons... one for each side of me.

He is going to teach Gunner to do everything he does...look at that sneaky face.

A different face for each pic

See!! It's already starting!

Daddy and his boys

We could not get her to sit down. She was crazy!!

I love this one!!

He loves him so much already!

It couldn't get any better than this... Mama got her baby and her pumpkin spice latte! :) Happy! Happy! Happy!

Nate just had to take an after shower pic of me and baby.. ha... ok ok.. I guess there is a slight improvement. ha

John and Jackie...some special friends that have been there for all our kids. Noah loves John and always has something to say to him...but John was holding Gunner when Noah got there and Noah walked straight over to him and held out his arms like, "Give me my little brother" I guess this is his new overprotective big brother mode of no talking just body language. Ha!

I love this one of all the kids just waiting their turn...notice Noah has his arms out and I am sure is saying, "Mama, I want to hold the baby" in his tired, whining voice.

I should do a post just about the Blake's and how awesome they are for keeping our kiddos. Noah just had to get in the pic with them! I think there was a little spoiling while they were there but the kids couldn't have been any happier. It was so nice dropping them off Sat. morning and watching as they all stood out in front of their house waving bye and smiling so big. It made me so happy inside! :) Thank you Bra and Ki! :) Ya'll are the best!

Shara getting some G time... she is having a little girl in February for Gunner to play with :)

Here we go again with the faces

Daddy and his 3 kids

Tired Noah

He got his hospital pic made in this and now its time to go home! Yepeee

Suckin his thumb wearing the hat the volunteers at the hospital make. I got a pink one for Emmie. Noah missed out on that treat.
Thank you to everyone who came and visited us. I did not get everyone's picture and I am sorry. You are all so very special to us and we appreciate you coming and your love. I don't have pregnancy brain anymore... I have mom with 3 kids brain ...so I will do my best. :) I will try to keep the updates coming. Much love to everyone!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

What a Perfect Day!

Well... here we are... 4 days until baby... soakin up the time with my family. It was a perfect day! Woke up to it pouring down rain and it still hasn't stopped! Love it! Kids played in the rain and it was soooo fun! You will see who really dug that! :) Then we decided to family it up and go to Medieval Times! Wow! So cool! I wasn't so thrilled about eating with my fingers... especially meat on the bone, in the DARK! :) No, it was fine. It was a cool experience and the kids just LOVED it! We were in the green section so we cheered for the green knight. All night the kids would shout, "Green Knight, Green Knight"... it was adorable! Emmie was so happy that she kept just reaching up and pulling my cheek down and kissing me! I was melting! Noah was taking mental notes the whole time! Hilarious! He was so into it! The King gave him and Emmie five a couple times. Noah got a glow sword and Emmie got a princess crown thing that had super long ribbons and shiny silver streamer things coming down in the back... (that I totally could have made myself! Rip off! Ha! ) She also had to have this flower that changed colors... it was a rose. It was pretty funny! The things they sell at these events are really something! We made it through the show without my water breaking! Whewww! Lots of people did move out of my way though as I barreled through the crowds.... HA! I don't think they wanted to mess with this humongo belly! :)

This will probably be it until baby... which will be Wednesday for sure...so stay tuned! :) We can't wait! September 16th.... another birthday to celebrate! :) Have a great week! This is us in the car waiting for the doors to open... Super Happy Noah! Emmie is snoozing right up until time to go in! :)
Always silly!

Us posing with some of the cast

I had to bribe him to take this... he was being shy???

The Famous Sword... will probaby be broke tomorrow!

"Look at my sword Emmie!" I mean what kind of face is that? Mr. Tough Guy! :)

Showing her his sword... She has on her princess crown thingy that she could have made herself!

Lookin at the horses before the show

Tryin to get them to both look at the camera!

I mean... it's too much to ask, isn't it?

Noah with a fake knight

The only way I could get Emmie to get with the knight :)

We are at our table waiting for the show to start

My Knights are always Shiny...even though they have no armor! :)

I think he is giving us his stamp of approval! :)

The knights came riding by throwing flowers... I knew I just had to stand up my little princess and she would get one thrown to her! Sure enough! :) I caught it and she was worried b/c Noah didn't get one! Ha!

"Green Knight, Green Knight"

These are just some cool pics of the show...

This is the king... talking to the princess...


Ate it UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love the water splashing up on him

I mean... I was crazy to think he wouldn't get COMPLETELY WET! :)

Building a dam

He would have done this all day if we would have supplied him with the goods.

A little upset b/c Noah splashed and got her dress wet....

Happy Rain Day!

Who needs this spiderman umbrella?

Modeling her new rain boots

This is how little boys play in the rain

And... this is how little girls play in the rain

This was the other day... He dressed himself! Camo shorts, Camo undies, 2 longsleeve Camo shirts (I made him take one off), Thick black soccer socks with Camo rainboots and let's not forget his "30/30 with a scope" strapped to him so we can hunt

"This is serious stuff, Mom!"

Sunny Side Up!

Summer is SUNNY SIDE UP!!!! It’s been the kind of Summer this Mama loves! Sometimes we are one day at a time... one hour at a time. No plans...