Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Ba Humbug Stomach Bug...And Other More Pleasant Things :)

Well as you can tell by my title.... uhhhh yeah... I am not too happy with the stomach bug visiting our home!  Over the last two weeks... it has went through all three kiddos and finally it got ME!  :(  I never get sick!  Local friends...beware!  It is a doozy!  Emmie got sick 2 Wednesdays ago and a week later on Wednesday once again..Gunner and Noah got it!  Just when you think all is well... BOOM!  Someone else!  Then Sunday afternoon it hit me!  The clock is ticking for Nathan...will he escape it?  Let's hope so!  We don't want no more sick in our house... Jensie Jewel will be here in a few weeks or less!!!!  :) 

On to more pleasant things.... :)  Over the last two weeks while I was cleaning up rock of a husband has been interviewing in Boston and Ohio to take over the regional mangager's position here in his territory... his boss recently left the company.  Even though he was up against some tough competition that were probably more qualified on paper.... He Landed It!  :)  We are so happy and grateful for this and I couldn't be any prouder of his hard work.  Noah is very proud that his daddy is a "boss"... ha!  Even though this sounds like a more intense, more work kind of position... it isn't going to change things much for us as far as travel for we are thrilled.  God is good!  God gave me Nathan and that is why I have this song on here and have wanted to play it forever but couldn't get it to work... but I love this song!  I don't know what I would do without him!  My kids are so lucky to have him as a father and I am blessed to call him my husband and thankful, thankful, thankful to God for always taking care of our family!  :)

Hope everyone is enjoying their Fall!  Yesterday was the first REAL day of Fall.... as far as an almost 9 mth pregnant mama can say.  I actually got to wear my sweat suit... or track suit as my friend Andrea would call it. :)  Wanted to post a few happy fall pics... Emmie went to the pumpkin patch by her school on a little field trip and it was fun!  We are going to take the fam this weekend so more pics to come.  :)  Mums and pansies are planted.  :)  Checking things off my list befoe baby.  Almost ready.  :)  Until next time... wash your hands and steer clear of the wretched stomach bug!!!! 
 Gunner one day decided to drag all the blankets off his bed and pillow and make a little bed on the stairs!  Hilarious!!
Going to a Bday party.... had to dress up like a witch...good thing my old costume had "stretch" in it!  :)   Ha!  
 Little Miss Pumpkin Princess
 Her Preschool Class
Just the girls :)

Emmie kept saying "Mommy take my picture"...she was a poser :)

on the tire

White Princess Pumpkins... for my little Cinderella

Love these things

In front of the corn maze

Her class

Baby Pumpkins

Mama and her little girl

Hello Everybody!

Cutie Pie

Got to feed the little donkeys

More girl pics

It's Pumpkin Time!!!  Orange Chocolate Milk! 

 My big boy!!!
 Noah shooting his bow
 Noah taking out his arrows
 My little scarecrow
 Happy Fall Everybody :)
 LOVES this digger
Are you melting yet??? 

 Noah wanted them both to shoot their bows at the same time....   :)
 He has got the "cheese" down huh?
 My sick girl :(
My sick boys :(

 So cute...even in his hours of sickness...when I get the camera out...he does his "cheese"
 This is why I got it I guess.... right there with em.... but how can I not be?
This is them...all feeling hunky dory and back to normal... just in time for mama to be sick! 

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