Tuesday, January 5, 2016

"Let's CHEERS to..."The Attempt to Raise Glass Half FULL Children!"

Happy New Year!
My 1st post of the year and it's not going to be a lot of pictures… but a
 Passionate Post from a Passionate Mother!  :)
As mothers… we wonder, we worry, we work on all things for and about our children and families.  I have 4 children and a hubby and I am thankful to God for each one of them.  (My hubby could have his own post… this one is about the kiddos!  Ha!)
It seems so hard sometimes raising 4 children with 4 different personalities and helping to steer them all down the right path of a positive life!  We try this, we try that.  We wonder how this child or that child will turn out one day????? We wonder what is the deal????  What am I missing? Why are they like this?  I want to UNDERSTAND them! 
So I'm  being very honest and vulnerable here… I had a "Lightbulb Moment" a few weeks back about one of my children.  PAAAAAUSE……...I think…. I could possibly have……
a "glass half EMPTY" child.  
Did I just say that?  YIKES! I sound negative and judgey?  WEll… I am just being honest.. it was a moment that made me UNDERSTAND this child a LITTLE MORE.  That's a good thing huh?  
Don't get me wrong… I ain't saying if you are a "glass half empty" kind of person that you are bad.  BUT, it was at this moment that I was like ok…. maybe that this is a little bit of the difference here?  I immediately started thinking…. I want to UNDERSTAND this frame of mind.
 I consider myself a Glass Half Full kind of gal… don't get me wrong… I have had my moments!  Just ask my husband or my sister. Hee, Hee! But all in all… I am.  So for me this is a confusing place.  I do honestly believe people are born how they are and their personalities are there.
 We can all be Glass Half FULL people.
 Can we Raise Glass Half Full Children?
Can we train them up to see the world this way?
*Insert Christmas break…. kids home from school, family visiting… cooking… cleaning…. not really thinking about the above topic.*

Then back to normal and to church we go as a family... and guess what? 
There were LOTS more "Lightbulb Moments" at church… during our singing and the sermon.
This is how I know God is REAL…. 
He shows up!  He speaks to me & I feel the Passion of His Love for me, for my family and that is why I am writing my passionate words of hope I have because of Him.
 LET HIM be ENOUGH for me and me to TRUST Him with my children.
Whether Glass Half Empty or Glass Half Full…. He MADE them.  He has plans for them.
So at church we sing "CHRIST Is Enough For Me"
Give it a listen… :)
We also sang "Oceans…Where My Feet May Fail"
Give it a listen :)
Both of these make me cry every time I sing them at church…
While singing these songs, "lightbulb"...I immediately thought of the Answer to my Glass Half Empty Wonders…. It is Christ!
CHRIST is Enough!  Is He for you?  If He really is enough for us… why do we keep trying to FILL our cups with MORE?  Doesn't it seem that in this world people strive for so much?
(bigger, better, newer, more, funner, prettier, younger,skinnier, happier, healthier, trendier, smarter, wittier, stronger….the list could go on)
It's like if you don't have this or that or do this or that… it AIN'T Enough?
The truth is it will NEVER be enough until we fill our glass with the right thing!
Whether you have a Glass Half Empty or a Glass Half Full Attitude…. 
If God is what is in your Glass, You will be Nourished!

I am truly looking into my glass….
Even at fact of wanting the "Answers to raise my children the best I can and "fixing" their "glasses"… I am reminded AGAIN...
HE has them. I have to give Him my "Trust without borders"
Christ IS Enough for Me & My family. Everything we need is in HIM.
With HIM in our glass…. we get "Joy-Peace-Contentment" & much more!
Our. Glass. Will. Be. Half. FULL. 
(Sometimes Even Over Flowing! :)

Philippians 4:4  Rejoice in the Lord always. I will say it again: Rejoice!
CAN we REJOICE in 2016?
Can we Rejoice in Obedience to the LORD?
Can we rejoice in what we have?  Even if we can only see if as Half Empty…. 

Dear Lord, I pray you help my family Rejoice always!  I pray my children fill their cups with YOU and that they will find YOU to be Enough for them in their lives.  I pray their cups will be overflowing with joy & they can pour it out on others so that they may find YOU too!  
I pray for any and everyone that might be reading this to find peace in this moment of knowing Christ Is Enough for them and for you to give them contentment in their souls so that they may see life Fully in this New Year!  
In Jesus Name, Amen.

This just looks happy :)

Love this!!
Yes!  Talk about our joys!

It's a New Year!  It can be a Glass Half FULL kind of year!  :)

What are we filling it with?
If we fill it with God… we don't "thirst for more"

Let our Glass overflowing FULL with joy run into someone else's glass half empty cup
Kindness is contagious! It can keep the cups pouring over & over!

If Christ is ENOUGH…. we shouldn't want for more all the time

This is Perfect!

This is so true!  Thank God for our friendships!

The cup… a birthday gift from my son…. so special… he just doesn't even know.
The book… Jesus Calling is one of my favorites!  This is Jesus Calling for Kids!  
Starting the year off with these little uplifting devotions for the kids….  
Hoping for enthusiastic children that are eager to hear…. but know there will be "sighing, eye rolling, huffing, complaining, annoying looks" That's ok…. The Lord will do the work… 

Lazy mornings… We have plenty of time to go, go, go… Let's keep things slow.

While Sissy is at her 4H meeting… I am roundin up chickens and ain't afraid to grab me up one and hold it tight while my mama takes a picture of me in the sunlight" 

Deer Lease Huntin….. Boys gotta do what boys gotta do…. Happy times
 She calls him "Teddy Bear" and he keeps her warm and it's moments like these… you need for nothing else

The rest of us all cuddled on the couch… No need to use the loveseat…. we AIM for COZY!  I love these little ones so very much!

So let's raise our glasses and "CHEERS" to the Attempt to let CHRIST be enough for us and raise Half Glass Full Children!  
Christ IS ENOUGH… let's TRUST HIM with the REST

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