Sunday, April 21, 2013

"What Kind of ROCK Are You?"

Don't get confused... It's April... I just found a couple back from Vday and  I had to put them on here because they soooo cute!  :)  Lots of festivities... Lots of fun going on...which excuses the Lack of Blogging!  :)  With that being said... I warn you... there are a lot of pictures and a lot of Angie Gab!    

2nd Grade Square Dancing Night.. What a HOOT!

 Havin a blast with all these tutus???  LOL

 I put the video on facebook already but here are some pics of my little performer...
 Singing Maroon Five's "Payphone"

 I can't find any of my children in this pic but it is so funny the facial expressions when they were "let out of the gates" for the egg hunt!  LOL So fun being a kid!!!
 I think this is Easter 2013 Classic Picture... I mean look at all of the BRIGHT COLORFUL EASTER EGGS???  So many for my little Gunner to get?  But all I see is UNDERWEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  LOL

 Any event for Noah is a "sweating event" Red-faced but concentrating on picking up that egg!  LOL
 Miss Emmie... daintfully turns around..."Hmmm did I miss any?"
 Boys.... always comparing their goods!  Ha!
 Love my outfit Nonna and Papa!
 Never too many shoes for this girl Nonna and Papa!  Especially PINK ones! :)

 We gotta work on the "Say Cheese face" for Jensie... ha ha

 Mama deserves a bigger bed? She can't fit all her babies in it???

 Silly socks day at school... we added curly ribbon to ours :)

 This Mama had to have a little surgery for a little something my "littles" gave me!  :)  4 pregnancies took its toll on my belly button.  I had an umbilical hernia that was painful and my doctor told me I had to get it fixed...which I didn't mind because I use to have a cute belly button and then it turned into a quarter size with a hernia!  :(  However... It was more than I thought and not lifting anything other than a milk jug is kind of hard when you are me!  :)  But I am on the mend and back to the GYM with a much better and pain free button!  :)  Whoo Hoo!  Missed all my gym peeps!  Missed being around the motivation for a healthy lifestyle!  :)

Flowers always make my day!  Especially from my sweet friends!

 Having too much fun? at a crawfish boil with friends... but Noah realized real quick... this little fellows AREN'T his friends!!! LOL

 Brave little girl!  I can't believe she held one

 Only my sweet southern sissy in Tennessee would have buttercups delivered to me in Texas after my surgery!   Made my day!  Love her!  She is my family, my blood, the one I did everything with growing up and my only sister which makes her a very necessary ROCK!!!!

 I am really girl underneath this hat!

 More flowers?  Orange roses???  How did my doctor know???  So thoughtful of him!!!  :)

 Dying Easter Eggs
 what a happy little table

 My brownie buddy.. he loves brownies just as much as me and I always get his belly cause he's got "bwownies in his belly" :)

 More flowers from my little lovies!  Every shade of pink!

 Wut Wut?

 My beautiful mother always there for me... took over my children for a whole week while I was recovering and not lifting a thing.  She is my constant and mighty strong ROCK in my life!  :)

 kids love their MeeMaw

 Watch out... a boy and a tractor!

 climbing trees... barefoot.... Life is good.

 Just in case you are wondering what kind of star this one will be?  She Loves Nothing But Net!

 This is my sunshine in the morning!  Dear Lord... thank you for these blessings and these moments with them!

 Spring is here!

 More brownies?  NOOOOOO!!!

 What would you do for this little face??

 Something about the  sunshine... It always follows her

 Don't blink.... my baby is growing up... this was Emmie's little outfit and Emmie is almost 6... times flies and now my baby is wearing it and looks just like her sissy did!  watery eyes... watery eyes

 Timeless photo... Happy Boy!  Life is good and Mama will always buy you popsicles!

 Net? Check!  Bug holder with magnifier? Check!! Large vented bug/lizard carrier? Check!!  Flashlight? Check!  3 year old boy ready to bug hunt?  YES!

 Gosh... we didn't plan this... but she just matches all too well!


 I love these next pics... they were just sitting here and did so many precious faces and gestures.. I couldn't pick just one...

 Love these little ones.... Happy Sunshiney Day!

They too are my ROCKS.... maybe little cute pebble ones... but they are part of my collection too!  :)
 Somebody is cute cute cute


This dude... 2 games in a row got the game tons of outs, homerun hits and a game ending play  that was like a walk-off... we were down 2 with 2 outs and he hits the one to win us the game!   opposing coach said, "that kid eats nails" and Nathan just smiles and lets him keep bragging and then finally says... "Yeah... that's actually my boy"  Ha Ha!  Proud father.... fist pumpin happy

 Me and my gals..getting our honkey tonk on at Clay Walker
These are my sparkley ROCKS that love me for me, keep me encouraged,  and looking to God! :)

 My Soul Sista..   Our story of meeting is quite comical... strangers who visit with one another and then don't see each other again... then later on in God's timing... she entered my life for good! :)   She is my destined ROCK.

 This man... had me at hello... still makes me have butterflies.... is hilarious and loves me soo much!!!  He too had to take on more while I was on the mend and whewww our children are so blessed to have them as their Daddy!  He is my SOLID Rock....

I always come across quotes and love them to remind us of the truth.

This was one of the gifts I received at the "PINK IMPACT" Women's Conference! What a blessing to attend!  This is a canvas that is now hanging in my home.  I LOVE THIS!!!  I AM positioned by GOD.... and I want HIM to use me to influence with the gifts he gave me.  He is my ULTIMATE and ETERNAL  ROCK 

 The above quote is sad but true... When I read this... I think ...God gave us EACH OTHER.  Friends and Family and People in this World.  We can all be each other's ROCKS in some way.  God gave us each other for a reason and we do need each other.  We need love and compassion, encouragement, forgiveness and grace from each other just as God gives us with his example. 
So what kind of ROCK are you?  Be someone's ROCK! Somebody needs YOU! I am so very thankful for the ROCKS in my life and pray I am a ROCK to others in some way! :)  

Matthew 9:36 "And Seeing the Multitudes, He felt compassion for them, because they were distressed and downcast like sheep without a shepherd.

  After losing my Daddy...
Time has never been more precious to me.
Time with my children and husband.
Time with my Mama and Sister.
Time with my Grandma.
Time with my extended family.
Time with my friends.
Time with strangers.

Time with God!!!
This time has never been more important to me because I NEED him to USE ME and SHOW ME  how he wants me to spend my time and WHO he wants me to spend it with.   How does HE want ME to MAKE AN IMPACT??? 

You might be curious... as to Why I Blog?  Well... I blog because it is my diary... my happy, my sad, my memories and my experiences and/or things that are being experienced by our world around us.  These are things that have caused me to say what I want to say.  I am an emotional person, a feeler and I like to talk.  I have received a lot of compliments on my writing and blog and it makes me smile.  If my blog makes you think about God and Family and Happiness and Love.. then... I am glad.  If you roll your eyes and wonder why I say what I say and put 20 pics of my kids eating popsicles on here.. LOL... then this might not be the blog for you to visit. :)  

2 Timothy 3:16-17 "All scripture is God-Breathed and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness, so that the man of God may be thoroughly equipped for every good work"

My last blurb I also put on Facebook but am including here since this is my online diary.  :)  It is for my precious uncle:

One of my VERY FAVORITE uncles in Tennessee went to be with the Lord 4/19/2013.  I have soo many childhood memories of him growing up! He always threw the best Halloween parties, had a barn full of corn for us to play in, built my cousin a life size doll house that had a real sink in it, loved music and dancin and country eatin, drove a tractor and was a hard worker, hunted and rode motorcycles with my Daddy and even after I am grown up with children.... My children always wanted to go to Uncle Larry's when we would visit.... because he has a fish pond and hogs and knows how to play a trick on you where he takes his thumb off and it looks so real! He taught Noah how to do it. :) My kids always had a ball with him. You could always hear him when he got to my grandmother's for a family gathering. His loud, contagious laugh and voice could never be mistaken and was always joking around. He kept us laughing. He is 1 of 7 children and loved his mama! My Grandma is still alive. Please pray for her and the family. They have all got to be with him in his last days and say their "I Love You's" and hear him say it back. :) It's been very hard! But knowing he was saved by God gives us comfort that he is in Heaven........with my Daddy. He will be missed by so many!

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