Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Hoppy & Moppy & Other Pretty Things :)

Well here they are.... Hoppy and Moppy, two frogs Noah found and named. This was their home for a few days until we let them go! :) We had a blast with them. I mean why not? Right? :) Then, on to some "other" pretty things..... my lovely kids and some of my backyard flowers! I love spring and green and pretty bright colors! All this rain just makes them brighter! Hope you have a "Hoppy" week! I bet he is! Now that he is FREE! Ha! Can you find the 2 frogs? Like you have anything better to do right?
He is ticked!

I think he wants to pee on us!

Poor thing

Learning how to hold him without getting pee peed on or crushing the tiny bones in his back!

Takin chances there Noah!

Teasin the frog (Hoppy) with grass and room to hop! Ha Ha Hee Hee

Taking all this in

Happy Noah, Screaming Croaking Frog!

Why Not? Right?

Eye to eye

Their bellies look alike huh?

Miss Cheerleader

Everyone wants a piece of Moppy

Her little prince! Ha!

Miss Thang

Mr. Squirt


Not posin today Mama!

Ready for some water action!

Geraniums :) One of my new additions this year

Good ol impatients that get huge!

1st year for petunias. They remind me of my childhood! :)

Window boxes so I can be cheery when I make the bed! Ha!

Another new addition.... a Texas thing! Lantana sp? :)

Forgot the name of this one... Pink! That's enough for me! :)
Happy Flowering!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Love Remains the Same

Well if you know me, you know I have a song for everything! I love this song! I want to dedicate this one to the best Mama and Sissy in the world! I had the best time with you both and it's always comical with all 3 of us! I hated dropping you off at the airport. I fought back and isn't it the hardest to hold back crying? Can I get an Amen? I almost made it home, 5 min. away and this song comes on and I LOST it! I felt so lonely in my car without you two knowing as I was looking up in the sky that you were about to be there in a plane. I thought of Daddy and how much we have been through together and now what we have lost.... mistakes we have made.... all that has changed and will continue to change.... but our "Love Remains the Same." I do wish this could, we could, last forever... but as we know it doesn't. I am thankful for every moment I get with you and talk to you. Thank you for flying all the way to Texas to see me and my crazy kids and ok.. Nate too. :) For letting me sleep in, making me laugh so hard, indulging me and watching Twilight, for cute yellow shoes and a happy ring, for Starbucks, for a Mexican Mama Comedy Hour, for yummy potato salad and french toast, for shopping till I dropped, for sitting around and doin nothing and just being together! I can't wait until next time. Everlasting Hugs for you both! I love you! Ya'll come back! I miss ya'll too much!!!
MeeMaw, we love you so much!

Thank ya'll for all the treats and all the lovin! :)

My Sissy

My Mama

MeeMaw and her Noah

Miss Priss doing the twist in the swing

Gosh, he's got such an adorable smile! I must say so myself! :)

Easter Day

Bunny and Chick

Noah managed to get dirt all over the place

Look past the dirt and into his sweetness :)

Lovin the bunny

Miss Cotton Candy Fluff in her Easter Dress PUFF

I mean does it get any better than crackin easter eggs with CONFETTI inside of them? ;)

All the little Easter bunnies and chickies

The best family pic we could get :)
Hope everyone had a wonderful Easter!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

He'll take you back

Well here is a little song that puts tears in my eyes everytime I listen to it. This Easter I want to wish everyone a beautiful day with family and friends and Jesus. I love how this song reminds us that "He'll take us back, even when the pain is coming through.." This cuts like a knife into me b/c I am so thankful that I have Jesus to take me back everytime. When I am down and can't pray b/c I am so stricken with grief over my Daddy, He takes me back. No matter what... he's always there to pick me back up in my not good enough for him, pathetic state! "I know what his response will always be.... I'll take you back!" "I can never thank Him enough! Even when my fight is over now, even when my pain is coming through, You take me back.... always.."

Ok so there is my Easter joy/Easter tears. Here is some more of my joy! Below is our Bunny Shoot! :) They loved me painting them with my eyeliner and lipstick! Love these lil bunnies! Love all of you! Happy Easter! One of the best :)

Outside photos

Both of you look at me please?

Noah is frozen with this smile!

Cute! Emmie, LOOK!

Ok this is getting boring mom!

Let's try individuals!

ok maybe not

Is this forced or what?

The Bunny ate too much candy and I think the sugar turned into a drug!

You want me to what?

I'm so cute, I don't need to look up!

ok just one Mama!

He does what she does :)

Mad Bunnies! Still waiting on Mommy to come through with the promised Starbursts!

Noah, you are so silly!

Wuz Up?

Wired Bunny

ok, that's sweet

Havin too much fun

Taking this egg holding thing so seriously! Ha!

Sunny Side Up!

Summer is SUNNY SIDE UP!!!! It’s been the kind of Summer this Mama loves! Sometimes we are one day at a time... one hour at a time. No plans...