Saturday, July 9, 2011

Happy Birthday Emmie Lou! Happy Birthday America!

Happy July!  If July ain't hot where you are.... come on down to Texas... we like it in the 100's EVERY SINGLE DAY!!!  Gasp!  How do we do it?  Lots of popsicles, water, swimming and REST!  July has been relaxing so far... celebrated the 4th and started Mommy School!  That is right... the kids wake up and beg me to do WORK!  :)  I bought some workbooks that work on reading and writing and math for Noah.  For Emmie ...mainly writing and the alphabet.  For both of them a Hidden Pictures workbook that they LOVE!  It has been so fun!  Some days Noah doesn't want to do his reading... and that just puts me into teacher mode of ways to make it exciting and new for him.  :)  Here are some pics from Emmie's birthday in June and a few from the 4th.  Enjoy looking at my 3 little fireworks!  :)
 Emmie Lou is 4!  Can't believe it!!!
 Happy to pose on her birthday!
 It's a Barbie kind of birthday :)
 Time to sing....
 Nathan found this silk worm when he was mowing the yard... too cool!
 Posin at her birthday party
 Little Gunner napped 1/2 the party so he is just waking up here :)
 Waterslide Bouncehouse!  Always a hit when you got the Texas Heat! 
 Emmie wanted some Rapunzel cake
 Emmie Lou's Luau cake
 Aloha Friends :)
 Mama, this one is for you... sorry took it after all the food was gone.... Oops
 Having some cake always makes a toddler happy to sit
 Miss Hula Girl
 Getting the first swing at the pinata
 The pinata line.... everyone wanted to bust that thang!
 Opening presents... always a good reaction when they have this face :)
 Baby You're a Firework!
 Come on let your colors burst

 Boom, Boom Boom...even brighter than the moon, moon, moon
Thirsty kids...they all looked so cute sitting there together that I just had to take a pic :)

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