Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Let Them Be Little

Well.... the days seem to fly around here and kiddos are eatin, playin, cryin, laughin and GROWIN!!!! They seem to change so quickly and I can hardly keep up! Some days are hard, some days are perfect, some days are sad, some days are happy, but everyday is blessed when you are me! I use to say, "My Life is Perfect"... yes I used the word! Because in my heart... I had it ALL! Since my Daddy has gone, its hard to say that out loud anymore. I still have moments of true blissfulness and think,"Awww, I really do have it all and my life is perfect" but I feel bad to actually say it b/c I am leaving my daddy out. Inside my heart I know I'm the luckiest mom and wife to be right now. I wish I could have been in the daughter department .....only to have had more time with Daddy.... Which is who leads me to this post... I chose this song b/c my Daddy sent me the cd and told me to listen to the song... It's Billy Dean, "Let Them Be Little" It means so much to me and we actually played it at his funeral. I think of my Daddy and me and of coarse me and Nate experiencing this journey of parenthood now b/c the song talks about from the very beginning of how tiny they are.... Noah use to come downstairs to our room ALL the time, now its occasional... but he would want to get in our bed and he would always say, "I want to be in the middle." There is a part in the song that talks about letting them sleep in the middle. I can still hear my dad's voice when he would call and ask me, "You keepin him in the middle?" Anytime little Noah wants! Yes! :) It really does fly and this is a great song for reminding us how fast it goes and to just let them be little.
Grasshopper we played with... His name was Hoppy and he loved Noah!
This would be the LAST picture I took with my good ol banged up camera... only had it 2 1/2 years.... but I think it finally kicked the bucket! :( I actually could have gotten some amazing ones with Hoppy crawling on Noah's arm! Too cute!

Lovin a popsicle
waving to mama
"Do what"
"MeeMaw, I still have my chunky legs, See!"
"You are right mama, I am messy!"

I step away to take pics of Emmie and come back to find this!

But a sure sweet one! :)
eyes are tired and he looks funny to me
Whoooo Hooooo! Into the pool he goes!
Slurp it!

Go ahead and laugh! Yes this is our playroom! I moved the furniture around to make the most awesome cave and tunnel you have ever seen! Look in the right corner and you will see someone peekin and ready to crawl! It has been a blast and lots of giggling! Let's just say...its still up!
Sharing Siblings
She's got the head tilt down, ya think?


waiting for Daddy to get her!
Sunday morning chats on the steps
ok I am ready!
Ready for church
Too early for pictures mama!

Jumpin time
Daddy time!
Party time!
Eatin time! Thanks Maddox
Happy Birthday Hayden!

Having too much fun!!!!
what a look!!!
My Loves!

Soccer Boy!
Now listen here!
This is RARE!!!!!! :) Ha!!!!
This is not rare. This is our mornins! :) Love the mornins!

Friday, August 15, 2008

The things I do when I am Deliriously tired!

ok so its Friday! TGIF!!!!!!!!! So it was raining and awesome! Took Emmie outside to see the rain and feel it at 8am! Then Noah got up..... still waiting on the coffee to perk...... zombily sitting on the couch......... Noah wanted to play in the rain??? still in pj's? Haven't had breakfast? What the hay? ok. Well, a lil sissy cried at the door and wanted to go too. How could I say no? It's just rain, right? Opened the door and off they went.... splashing in the mud on their pj's..... laughing and feeling the light rain that still was falling hit their faces. I was sipping on my coffee and thinking, this is fun! :) Sweet girl in the car huggin her baby
Makin sure he doesn't miss a thing they say on the movie

Double Fun
Rain Man
Cereal and yes.... hot chocolate after rain play
"Did you get me Mama?"
Yes, her cup says "Drama Queen"... ok actually its mine :)

An airport gift purchase from my hubby when he went

somewhere a long time ago?

Yes it's mud on her pj's at 9am

"Mama, I'm just getting started."

mud puddle alert!!!
Guess who likes splashing her feet in the mud puddle?

This would be every plastic or soft ball I could find

in the play room. This would be ANOTHER deliriously TIRED moment :)
"Look at my muscles!!! "

Wedding Boy

He told Mrs. Jackie, the groom's mom that she looked like a "beautiful princess" and the grandmother told him he was sooo handsome and he told her.... "well, you're a Sweet Pea!"

Got to love this child!!!!!
My little ring bearer son that informed others after the wedding while taking a few more pictures that He, yes HE, had ALREADY tasted the cake and it was REAL GOOD! He said he stuck his finger in it and now it was "Extra Special" Sure enough, Nate took him in there to ask him again, did he really do it? "Yes, Daddy, I did. Go over to the other side and see. See! Right there!!!" From the 2nd layer down, a nice finger mark from my sweet child!
patiently waiting with his pillow, oops
I mean his TOY to play with DURING the ceremony!!!
Little foot throw back pose

No, he's not getting ready to sprint down like our previous wedding,

he actually walked in EXTREMELY SLOW waving at everyone and smiling. He was going SO SLOW that the flower girl who was walking behind him, PUSHED HIM! He didn't mind, just turned around and smiled and waved to her. :)

Imagine this? A huge spill? :) Who looks the
guiltiest out of these rascals? :) Actually for once,

it wasn't mine! Ha!

Sunny Side Up!

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