Friday, November 7, 2014

"What Colors Are In Your Box Of Crayons?"

Happy Fall!  Happy, Beautiful, Colorful Fall!  Don't we all love color?  I was enjoying the new season and the colors and nature on a run recently thinking a lot…. about a lot.  I always think of stuff and want to write about it to reflect on one day and also I would like to think my kiddos will read all these blogs one day and might learn a thang or two about life and how we lived it and what we learned and did on our journey.  Thanks to all my readers out there that come for pics or just come to see what we are up to…. I am humbled by your words if you choose to share and even if you don't… that's ok.  I truly believe God puts things on my heart.  I share with you cause you are just like me… we are all on this earthly journey together.  :)  Some of you might not be in the midst of motherhood like me…. but we all relate somehow?  :)  

So it's been on my heart to encourage others to try new things? To use MORE of the Colors in your box of crayons God gave you!  I am such a comfortable person.  I like what I like and let's keep it that way ok?  Why are we so scared to try something new?  Get out of the B-O-X?  Change things up?  Make ourselves a "little"vulnerable? That sounds tough huh?  I was thinking of a few things I have tried lately and how they have been such a gift to me!  
The running club at our gym…. Wow!  Met some precious people! One of them is new here and it's amazing how much you can find out and share with someone on a run.  We have both lost our fathers and were able to connect very quickly… She is from my home state!  I also got to know my neighbor more that is so precious and in the beginning of motherhood and also from my home state.  (Tennessee)  Did you have to ask?  LOL!  It's so neat to make new friends and learn more about others.  One of them I connected with instantly cause she had a southern accent that made me silly!  She's from South Carolina and goes to my church.  She lead me to join our church's bible study group.  God knew that was strongly on my heart and he put her in my path days before the study started.    This leads me to the next thing… our bible study that we have been doing for over 11 weeks.  Can Not Say Enough About It!  It has been another little present from the Lord in my life lately!  More new amazing women!  Young and old…. WOW!  Is it a commitment?  Yes!  Did  I have to "change up my schedule" to attend?  YES!  But Oh So Worth It! :)
Most of you probably know I love to work out… I get in my groove and don't like to change things up…. But as you know… working out is ALL about changing it up!  Tried a new class at our gym called Life Barre… it's ballet inspired… which immediately made me think… ummm not hard enough… I need to run… I need harder… I need more intense… NOPE… Guess what… Love it!  It's different but good.  Something I love ending my week with.  Funny thing about this being a "ballet inspired class"…. The song on here this time is "True Colors" b/c I heard it on my run which lead me to all this!  :)  It is a song I actually did my "ballet" recital to when I was younger.  I put that pic on here just so you could get a chuckle.  :)  The words are so beautiful and I know God wants to SEE our TRUE COLORS SHINING THROUGH!  "Don't be afraid to let them show….your true colors…. true colors…. true colors are shining through….. like a rainbow…… "

Me on the left and my sissy on the right… we were 7 & 9…. It was a beautiful recital and I still remember the way we started it.  So crazy!

 I am embracing CHANGE!  It's something you HAVE to do in life… something you have to do as you GROW up and GROW in Christ.  Can we change for Christ? Guess what- He Gave You Everything You Need to Come to Him… to Walk Closer With Him… To Be Bold for Him… To Share with others About Him.  He gave you MANY colors to use!  Don't use the same ol' colors all the time? Branch out… use a different color and you might be surprised how "great it looks on you"  :)  Recently in bible study I read how "God wants us to be Billboards for him"!  Yes! This has really inspired me.  Don't be embarrassed.  Don't worry what others think.  Let the Lord speak to you and show you where he wants you to go and what words he might want you to say. He puts the people in your life…you just have to not chicken out and stick to your same ol' song and dance.  Don't hide behind your same ol' color… Shine or Sparkle or Boldly Paint a New color on your billboard for him! 
One of my new favorite verses is:
Ephesians 3:20  "Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us.."

SO…. My encouragement is Go Try Something NEW!
Wear those crazy workout pants!  
Lace up those bright colored shoes!
Go to lunch with someone new! 
Try a different food?
Reach out to someone and tell them you care about them.
Read something.. Read anything from the bible!!!! 
Go for a run or bike ride outside with all the fall colors! 
Invite someone to church?
Introduce yourself to someone you see all the time but don't really know… ya never know! :)
Wear a new color this fall?
Put on some red lipstick?  Come on!  
Cozy up with your hubby and watch his sport… deep sigh… LOL!
Sit down and hug those kiddos and smell their heads instead of the dirty dishes in the sink…. 
Life is so full of beauty and fullness…. don't miss out on all God has to offer you or can use in you… Be willing to pray… Use me Lord for your glory… Make your will be my will!  Give me "God-shaped  desires!"  
 God gave you Bold Colors and Pastels and wants you to use them all!  :)  
Here is a pic of a billboard for ya!  :)  Believe in HIM!  Believe He can be glorified through you stepping out and using another color (another gift) he may have given you.  :)

 Look at all these beautiful colors!!!  :)

Another billboard!

Imagine what you can create and who you can "inspire" if you use more of your colors :)

So here is a little bit of color from the ORANGE family!  :)
 not so colorful…. our first stitch… almost made it 10 years of life without a trip to the ER…. but don't worry… he scored the point for his team in P.E. class at school… that was his main concern when he was gushing blood!  SERIOUSLY???!!!

 Fun Times at Fall Festival at school! My Colorful Girl! :)

 Butterfly face!
 Waiting on brother from a bday party pickup and decided to have some fun at this beautiful pond and tree nearby...
 Fishin with Daddy
 What a cool tree
 Being Silly in the Grass 
 Not sure what this face means…. but I think she "thinks" she is too big for her yellow britches that she wants to wear ALL THE TIME!!!!

 I love the light in her hair! Happy Day!

 Pumpkin Patch 

 You always see friends there!  We were waiting for kids to come out of the corn maze… tired mamas we were…. LOL!
 The Boys made it out :)  Then my phone died… no more pics!  HA!!
My friend took this sweet pic in front of a cool turquoise wagon!  Love these girls!
 I love Emmie's writings from school… love the hair and that her daddy has on pink like her 
 Elsa on a pony
Miss Butterfly on a pony 
Astronaut on  a pony
 be careful with the animals
snow cones 
yes please! Mr. Lacrosse Player 
 Fun Times
Halloween… Crazy Kitties… Meow!  Who does a class with a kitty nose and a furry tail hangin from the backside?  WE DO! 
My wittle pumpkins 
William's Moonshine For Sale on our Front Porch… we made a video.. it's on Facebook but we had a ball!  I loved being Mrs. Willie

 Always trick-or-treat with our sweet neighborhood friends
 Emmie and her Southern Belle Bestie
Now this is "colorful"…. Yellow sweater with some beautiful belly 
"10" Big ones!  Happy Birthday Noah! 
 Loves him some ice cream cake

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