Sunday, February 15, 2015

"P.S. I Love You"… From: Heaven

Hello everyone!  My main part of this posting I saved for the end… so for now… here are some "love pics" of the ones I hold dearest to my heart! 

The song playing first is one Nate said "I'm gonna sing this to you when it's our 25th wedding anniversary"…. I chuckle because… he sings it all the time… so I feel like he is singing it to me already.  :)  It is a sweet song.  

This man knows how to love me… he knows what's important… he knows how to make me laugh…
 I love this pic of us!
MY Valentine Date 

Two Dozen Beautiful, Gigantic Roses from my sweetie pie who doesn't care if I have bed head

His other Valentine Dates

Daddy/Daughter Dance
Daddy always makes them smile

Kisses for Daddy

Royal Treatment
Sip Sweet Princess

Her 1st year to go
Had a blast!
Some of their best friends
Walkin that red carpet 

Mama Son Fun Night
Giddy Mama laughing to death trying to beat Noah!  So much fun!

Somebody graduated to big girl bed…sniff, sniff

Isn't she lovely?

I love her simple little self!  

1st Grade Field trip to see Charlottes Web!  SO WONDERFUL!

Preschool fun!  Adorable!
Love some more! 

School parties!!
1st grade
4th grade… Jensie fits right in! :)

Valentine treats and flowers from daddy

She always brings me things and tells me to "beep them" like at the store… LOL!  Lord knows this child does a lot of grocery shopping with her mama! So she got a cash register to beep stuff with!  :)

Nerf action for the boys
Looking sweet…feeling a little under the weather this morning 

We can't leave out our other Valentine

What a treat to have Gunner's 1st ever soccer game on Valentine's Day!  He scored 2 goals and was smiling the whole game!  Too cute!

He was quite good for a kid that's never played!  :)  

So this is where Heaven comes in….Hang in there… this is good!  :)
THIS CHILD!!!  She is my #4!  My fireball!  She is so precious and funny and we just adore her!  BUT….. she has her TENDANCIES!  LOL! She is strong willed!  She screams!  She whines!  She first would empty all drawers and put on layers of clothing several times a day… after we got through that… She transformed into BAG LADY!  Oh my word!  If you knew… IF YOU ONLY KNEW… how many little purses and bags and my old bags and purses and anything this child could find to put stuff in… SHE DID!  Anything from treasures she would find in her sibling's rooms to MY MAKEUP! 
 Let's face it… I'm a mother of 4… I'm 37 and climbing… I don't get solid sleep…. I have scars… I have wrinkles…. I NEED MY CONCEALER!  It at least gives me the confidence to walk out the door!  LOL!  Well….She LOST it!  Yes…I said LOST! So that started my irritated state of that particular day… backed up with the fact that hubby out of town… kids fighting… mama tired...fridge has been out for 11 days and all I do is PICK UP STUFF…. I get done cleaning up and it's time to make a snack or meal and then more messes… when do I get to play?  Or have time to look for my LOST MAKEUP? Or perhaps get something done that needs to be done?  It was a mundane day… days shy of my Daddy's birthday…. 
I was busy trying to scurry around and get things done before time to pick up preschooler…. Little Jensie is on the couch watching some movie for the 647th time with all her bags… with little things placed ever so carefully next to her.  She calls to me and says, "Mommy, will you come sit with me and watch this movie with me?"  I look over at my baby… my 4th child… my bag lady girl… how can I resist her?  Ok…Ok… everything else will wait and I will bury my frazzled self for now and sit with my sweetheart….

I go to her and see she is holding a tiny book… I ask her, "WHERE did you get this from?"  She replies, "Daddy's office"  I am confused thinking it looks extremely old and wondering where it came from… I open it up to find MY handwriting to MY DADDY… I realize she has something that I had given my daddy years and years ago and had gotten back when we went through his belongings when he passed away.  I have a hope chest in my room with things like this but all very tightly stored and kids don't get into it.  Somehow… it must have gotten out of the hope chest and into Nathan's office for her to pick it up.  I begin to flip and read  Day 1…  which was very fitting to this little moment with this little child that can ruffle my feathers.  I am ever so thankful for her… and all of them….for that matter.  I begin to flip and stop about 3 pages to see this next one that since then she has colored with MARKER!  :(  But I will type what it read below.  

Front of book

My message to my Daddy on the inside

Next page

I read this first
1 John 4:4 You, dear children are from God. 
My Loving Father, I can never than You enough for the precious gift of my child.

I flip a few over… don't know why I did and why I stopped here… but this was alll I needed.

"A child enters your home and for the next twenty years makes so much noise you can hardly stand it.  The child departs, leaving the house so silent you think you are going mad."

Can someone please pass the BOX OF TISSUES??? 
This was from the Lord.  This was from my Daddy… Reminding me they are GIFTS… reminding me it goes FAST… reminding me these are the BEST days… reminding me of LOVE.
To keep on going.. not give up… keep on loving!  :) 
"Don't Blink" which is why I have that song on here too because it is so very true! 

February 9th was his bday… I just love him so much!  :)

I will end with this TREE…. got me thinking about LOVE!  
It is an HUGE pine tree at the park close by that my kiddos love.  I noticed how many cut off branches … knots… stumpy bumpy branches were all over this tree!  It is wild!  
I thought about Love and how for so many… we have Big Love… Little Love… Love that has been cut off before it could flourish…. Love that has soared to the sky and bloomed all kinds of leaves and flowers… 
 We want to love and be loved by others.  I know that's not completely possible on this earth… because I have personally tried it and truthed it and some people just don't know how to "be loved"…. but that's ok because I know that ….

"God so LOVED the world (that's us)… that whosoever believeth in him should not perish but have EVERLASTING LIFE!" John 3:16  
That's EVERLASTING LOVE!  :)  What we all want!  He is the only way we can have the kind of love we all want without any bumps or knots… the kind that will last all of eternity.  God Is Love!  

  Love is 1 Corinthians 13:4-8
"Love is patient and kind; love does not eny or boast; it is not arrogant or rude.  It does not insist on its own way; it is not irritable or resentful; it does not rejoice at wrongdoing, but rejoices with truth. Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things.  Love never ends." 

Thursday, February 5, 2015

"Just A Few J-O-L-T-S"

Just a few January Jolts…. you know… back to school… back to life…back to the w-a-v-e-s... back to the groove.  Hubby went on a huntin trip… had a blast!  Celebrated a friend's bday by surprising him with a duck huntin trip. So… I'm jealous… ok maybe not about shootin ducks, but we all know it's nice to take a trip with friends!  :)  Hint, Hint… Mamas be plannin! :)  
I hope everyone's 2015 has started off nicely.  I feel like sometimes we truly have to live day by day.  Seems like there are so many things going on… people are so busy!  We all have this thing called 
L-I-F-E we are trying to get through… "wave after wave"….the kids, the jobs, the home, the to dos, the unexpected.  I have to remind myself…Our Lord is in control!  Calm our minds… slow down… the new year has just begun and the exhaustion has already set in?  I've been reminded by some "simple things" which are always the best.  They truly keep me going.. keep me alive!  It's the confirmation that we are here for a reason… But what are we doing about that reason? Are we making the most of it?  "Am I wrong for trying the reach the things that I can't see?"  Love the songs on here this time… always have… Little jazzy tunes to pep you up for the New Year!  It's 2015!  Reach for something you can't see!  Embrace Change!  Don't Be Afraid!  Live this Life!  It might feel like a J-O-L-T…. but that's ok… sometimes we need a jump-start to get us going!  

 umm huh… got your coffee… no kiddos… enjoy it babes!  

 Gah… they look so happy in camo? :)

 Happy Daddies!
 Waitin on dem ducks
 I have loved this man for almost 21 years!  Even in this demeanor…. it suits him!  :)
This is simple… this is beautiful!

 Ready for action

 He's mine Ladies…. all mine!  :)

 Back home…. back to reality daddies!  :)

 We had a little fun while daddy was huntin…. skating never hurt nobody

 5 year olds love it!
 10 year olds do too but then they like some games!

 Legs or Arms?  

 Love the pool!
 The slides are super fun! :)
 silly girl
 Yep… she's 7 and she draws roses on her shirt… what in the world????  Love this girl!

 This girl is my angel.. my nature fairy.. my sweetie… made a cross out of sticks and placed rocks and a flower at the base… Seriously?  I was cooking worms in the sunlight at her age?  
This is simple… This is beautiful!

 Some story telling time at a school function… Oh Noah!

 My 5th child… He is sitting like that because I got up from the spot that is there… He wanted to be next to me that he laid like this?  

 Time for some outdoor play!

 this is beautiful!  At the deer lease with Daddy and look at the creation around him :)
This is simple… this is beautiful!
 Boys loving this tree!  
 Noah got super excited and said… " I know what this is!  We are talking about it in school!  It's erosion!  Take my picture!"  LOL!!!

 What!  Tire swing at the deer lease?  Ok… mama needs to come again soon! :)

 These boys could live there! :)

 Just a selfie I found on my phone! 

 while she's not busy doing selflies… she is acing her spelling tests with "curly cue" letters… 

 Me and My Park Princess on a Picnic

 Wedding girls are gorgeous!  

 But sometimes they might be B-R-I-D-E-Z-I-L-L-A-S

  Loved this tree!  :)

 Gunner too! 

 A little cave action

 Our handprints and feet prints

 Noah selfies

 gorgeous afternoon

 she called me over to take her picture b/c she found all these flowers… 
this is simple… this is beautiful

 Sweet Sisters

 Sweet and Sassy haircut

She got her some "Elsa Sneakers"… a pink balloon and insisted on carrying ALL the shopping bags!  Gotta love her attitude? :)

 sweet picof all 4 of them

 the mama and the daddy… yep… they all ours!  :)

 Some wonderful scripture!!!

 Some Sweet Gals!

 Everyone needs a sweet yellow sweater that screams
And a stool to sit on and look sweet…. Slow Down Time!  
This is simple… this is beautiful!

Sunny Side Up!

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