Sunday, September 29, 2013

"Can We Just Slow Dance For A While?"

 Could it be?  Another birthday celebration?  Gunner Michael Orange is 4!  Say what???  How in the world?  You would think by the third child things would go a little smoother and Mama would be use to the song and dance?  Oh I love the song... and I love to dance... but if that means another year has gone by... let's stick to S-L-O-W dancing from now on, shall we?  Well... this little guy is full of life... yet so different from our other son.  He had about three different decisions he had made for birthday cakes... first a spiderman cookie cake for preschool celebration (which we missed because he was sick) then,  he said a lego cake.. .then, 2 days before his birthday when I am tucking him into bed, he tells me he wants huntin stuff... a huntin cake, some deer and dove and a gun. :)  Bless his heart!!  So..... we managed to have a "huntin celebration at home" and some "lego action" for his little party.  He's worth every bit of it!  Love seeing that sweet smile when he likes something.  I loved "celebrating" HIM... because if you have one or are one... the 3rd child just kind of can get lost somewhere in there sometimes.  So...A Happy Birthday it was!  :)  

What's next?  
Fall?  Huntin?  Sports?  Halloween? School duties?  Lunch with a friend?  Thank you notes, cards to send? More Serving others? Get to know the new neighbors? Get more sleep?  Rekindle an old friendship? Healthier Meals to plan? Play with the kids? Give the Hubby some "quality time"? More praying? More Bible?  More Being STILL? 

Wow, that last part sounded down right perfect?  How do you ever "Be Still" and "get anything done"????  Sometimes I get soooo distracted with the neverending list that sits before me and seems to have things "adding on" constantly!  How do you ever knock something out?  Even when I "die to self" sometimes I get a few clothes folded and a dishwasher unloaded.....but I did take care of the kiddos needs????  BUT sometimes I just feel like I need to be doing MORE!  I sometimes dislike my "Seize the Day" goggles... because I want to reach out and touch everyone and everything and I JUST CAN'T!!!  But...HOW DO I CHOOSE????  There are soooo many wonderful things to be a part of, serve, people that need prayers, love, kindness, a friend.  I want to "dip into them all"!  I LOVE my family... my home, my circle of friends, my life.... but I have WINGS and sometimes I have to FLY and sprinkle some love to others or do my part with being a parent and school responsibilites... ETC.!!!!   
I get so overwhelmed with all that I want to "be a part of" or "do" that... I just feel like I  FAIL at all of it... and then... guess what????.....somebody gets sick.... and guess what?  I AM MAMA!  How do you do "any of the above" when you have a baby saying, "Hold You" all day?  Other children needin a booty wiped,  a snack, a listening ear, a bandaid, a cheer, a smile, a MAMA that doesn't have SO MANY OTHER THINGS TO DO!!!! All I can say is .... Dear Lord, I love the way you love me!  He Knows my heart, knows my mind... I Want Him to direct my Path!  He is... and I just sometimes have to "BE STILL" so I can "SEE" through HIS goggles.  :)  

 Great Brother
 Project for school.... Haven't done one in a while for a first time preschooler.... this one had a STING!

 My baby LOVES "bwownies" so we made him a "Bwownie Huntin Cake"


 Me and the birthday boy

 He's ready for some action!

 Or... I guess... modeling camo?
 Nope.... He's ready to shoot somethin!  LOL


 Pretend gun!

 Adorable Legos!  :)

 Some early bouncehouse time before the guests arrive :)


 Time for some goodies

 We always CELEBRATE at home whether they have a party or not... 

 Chomp! Chomp!  Look who's 4!!!

 Can you find the Orange kids?

 Lego, Lego Style! 

I love his face!

 Big brother... little sister reading time

 this is who I tote with me to the gym now.... I love time with just she and I!  


 We always have so much to carry in!

 Emmie's little school paper... I loved how she added her cousin BLANE and her NONNA to "her family".... so sweet!

 when you need some sugar... and you are out of sugar... make Trix-Treats!  :)  (Instead of rice krispie treats!  They will not disappoint!)

 She is wearing my friend's shoes... with a croissant from their bakery and a jar of milk!  She should advertise! :)

 Playing dress up!

 Singing at his 3rd grade program

Soccer... yeah... not so much.... 

 Time for Fall Ya'll!  

 Fall is sooo funny!'s cuter with scarecrows... :)

Until next time..... I'm excited about Fall... and that List of mine.... yeah, yeah.... Love Ya'll!!!

Sunday, September 8, 2013

"Swaddled... Now... Strapped! Suck It Up Buttercup!"

 It seems like yesterday... I was looking down at this little "baby moses" baby SWADDLED up and looking up at me with the biggest eyes I had ever seen.... like I was looking down at this SWADDLED, hefty little gal in a pink crochet hat that made my heart pump I was looking down at this SWADDLED,  9 lb. big boy that was our #3 but extra special with my Daddy's name.... Now... I look at them all.... STRAPPED with backpacks.... going off to SCHOOL????  Did somebody like fast forward time???  That was fast!  Really?  I'm suppose to like make lunches and check homework and lay out clothes and sign folders and console and council and take to sporting activities and get to bed on time?  What about the sippy cups and cuddling and snuggling and diapers and pacifiers????  Do they make those for moms?  I might need some extra cuddling and a paci?   All of my babies are growing too fast!!  Well... I do still have one little long eye lashed, spoiled rotten, messy headed princess to keep me company at home... ok ok... hold off on the paci.... I can get through this.  

Thought I would post a few throwbacks just for pure entertainment!  LOL!  Hope you all are adjusting to school if ya got it... or whatever change life is throwing at you right now.  For me....It's feeling like a whippin...there's crying... there's meltdowns, there's drama, there's homework, there's ...oh yeah... school!  But I am gonna get over the sting and move on with it!  Right?  As my hilarious workout shirt says.... "suck it up buttercup".... gotta love workout motivation and for me.... this transition of life...motivation!  We don't use that word in our home...but yet... I wear this shirt to the gym.... well that is because sometimes you just gotta do what the shirt says!  :)  No time for whinin in this house!  I got 4  littles to do that for me!!! 
Next up for the Orange's.... "All we wanna do is have some fun... I gotta feelin the party has just begun!" 

 2013 Emmie Lou Orange Kindergarten!

 1985 Angela Marie Hendrickson Kindergarten!

 2013 Noah Mattai Orange 3rd Grade!

 We think 3rd or 4th grade... William Nathan Orange... Isn't he the cutest?  

 This is so embarrassing... 3rd grade for me... big teeth, big brows.... permed hair? A true Throwback

 Here they are.... Kinder and 3rd!  Time flies my friends!

 sniff, sniff

 daddy and his big kiddos
 1st day of school.... mama always takes em... :)

 Emmie and her teacher :)
 Little playdough fun for the 1st day

 Noah and his teacher :)

 Whoa!  Whoa! Whoa!  Wait a minute!  PRESCHOOL!!!!  No way?  Is it already time? 

 He loves it!!!

His precious teachers!!!!

 AND...... Drum Roll Please..... Jensie Jewel Orange.... is who I am left with!

She is a healthy shopper and good cart driver!

A little end of summer fun bake sale

 Yes.... I was the "greatest mom ever" for this!  :)  they loved it!!!  

Summer is over... School begins.....We had to have fun with some of our earnings... :)  Love these kiddos that go to school!  
Horrible pic of me... but its all about the shirt people.... until next time.... do what the shirt says.... 

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