Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Christmas Time in Texas :)

Well, as many of you know... we had our first Christmas at home in Texas this year and it was magical! Noah was so excited this year and he knew what was going on.... so it made it all worth it. Santa came through with a bike for Noah and a pink kitchen for Emmie Lou. They both were giddy! It was a fun Christmas Eve with cookies for Santa, bath fun and a present for tradition. :) Christmas morning lasted all day. They played so well and enjoyed each and every present b/c we spread it out. Good idea Blake! :) I thought it would be hard to pull Noah away from his bike to have a Tennessee Christmas...but once I told him we had to go see the creek and throw rocks and see my sister's dog and his cousins... he started to smile. So the "Tender Tennessee Christmas Pics" are coming soon. :) Hope everyone's enjoying time with family and loved ones. Try not to be jealous of me having such an ADORABLE husband! Don't you just want to smile looking at his sweet little face? Ha! Tis the Season for being MERRY! :) LOVE!!!!

Friday, December 19, 2008

Jingle Jangle

So here are some pics of lately... We got some jingle jangle goin on round here... do you? It ain't Christmas without the good ol' gingerbread house. Mine are always a disaster... :) But fun! Noah's Christmas program and party at school were great...uhh except for the book swap. Poor little thing didn't understand when the music stops, you get the book in your hands and it's NOT going to be the one you brought. So, with lip out, glassy eyes, he didn't open that gift or the gift from his teacher. Geez! I hope Santa gets it right! :) Another little boy, cried really bad and threw his book and said, "I don't like books!" ok so maybe Noah's pout lip wasn't so bad after all? :) Ha! We are counting down the days and I Must say... Noah has been over the top good and mentions Santa a lot... while he is doing what I say or saying yes mam to everything! Oh I am loving this! Emmie... on the other hand... well ...let's just say... she's still cute! Wheww! The pre-terrible two's are making their debut! :( Help! Girls are different and CRAZY! Noah tries to fix it for her and help her but she just screams A LOT! I am hoping after all the girly stuff for Christmas she will get..that it will keep her content until the preteen years! That about wraps us up lately... yeah yeah and the "8 things tagging" ...yada yada... might get around to that later. :) Jingle Jangle! :)

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Holiday Fun!

It's the holidays... love it! Hope you are having a delightful December! My highlights of the days these days are.....? Going to the mailbox for the Christmas Cards! I get giddy! :) Turning on all the lights round here... a fire in the fireplace.... warm fleece blankets..... parties.... yummy food..... good friends and good times! :)
Until next time.... here's the latest of this season's fun with us! XO

None other than Santa's Elves!

Naughty Nate looking Great!

Santa Baby?????

Pucker up Santa!

Noah stole the camera!


Sweet Girl

I love books!

Santa's other Helpers!

Santa's Girlfriends

Say RED!

My Lil Candycane

My Lil Peppermint Patties


Old Man

My Boys

Merry Mommy

Jingle Bell Daddy

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Tis the Season.....

Tis the season....to be JOLLY and JOYFUL and GIDDY with excitement for all the youngens! :) I LOVE December... I love all the build up.... I love lights and decor and trees and santa and nativity scenes and family and friends..... here's the first of our happy holidays to you.... Elvis style? Yes that's right... wouldn't be Christmas without some Elvis. I use to go to my FAVORITE grandma Brown's on Christmas and her stereo was always blaring with his Christmas A-track.... ha! :) Silver bells...... or any kind of bells.... hope you are having a great December so far! Blogger isn't letting me write underneath every pic so here's a briefing....

Posted a few pics of the kiddos and Noah and Nate heading out to HUNT for the first time together! Noah didn't want to come home! He loves it! Kids been doing chores round here too! :) Love helping me with the laundry! :) Emmie in time out... I know it looks pitiful! Kids helping me with Thanksgiving fudge pies... Daddy's favorite and now Noah's too! :) My boys ate 2 pies in about 2 days! Some ice cream at the mall.... Oh and the close up picture is of these kids on a swing.. part of my village decor and Noah took it! I think it is so beautiful! It looks like a card or something. Stockings are hung by the chimney with care in hopes they won't be pulled down and make a mess everywhere! :) That pretty much wraps us up...

Love Is Like....

Love is like 4 kids smiling for Mama on Valentine’s Day.... even though she got you “chili slime” gross! Love is like spending time with fri...