Friday, July 18, 2008

The Best Surprise EVER!!!!

Have you ever had one of those days when you just want your mama? Well I do! She lives in Tennessee you know and visits us 2 to 3 times a year. However, on this very ordinary day... I was running around in slouch wear... not yet gotten around to the washing of the face and teeth... managed to get Emmie dressed and Noah still in PJ's... playing in between...... talking on the phone to my friend and Nate gets home. He tells me that my neighbor is coming over to bring Emmie's birthday present. So as I am watching for her..... I all of a sudden see balloons through the window in the door. So I let my friend go and quickly go to the door thinking, "what in the world is my neighbor doing bringing her balloons?" I open the door and have to move the balloons to see her face and behind the balloons is my adorable little mama standing, smiling, with a plant in hand and brightly colored balloons and says,"Happy Bday in July" Shocked as can be.... I am wondering how in the world she pulled this off and just hug her. She said I always say my bday is at Christmas so I don't get a day. Well, maybe I have said that but I don't care anymore.... (That was just HER excuse to see her grandkids!) Needless to say... She spent the 4th weekend with us for the 1st time and it was wonderful. I literally balled sp? after I dropped her off at the airport b/c I wasn't expecting her and it was just the best surprise ever. In case you were wondering, I have one of those moms that eats salad and soup....low maintenance and very self sufficient and cleans and likes to tidy up.... does nonstop laundry, forces us to go out... we come home and one night she is mopping my hardwood with vinigar and water. Shooooo! But she knows I guess??? You also might be wondering what in the world is playing on my blog.... "There is Sunshine in My Soul Today" a good ol' church hymn we sang growing up and many a times I remember my mother's high voice singing out..... my sis and I would cringe and laugh but now I cry singing songs from my childhood b/c I think of standing next to my faithful mama. I tried for a week to get a church hymn one with the high pitched woman singing out....cause that is what I think of when I hear the song ....but had to settle for this more contemporary version.

So this post is dedicated to you Mama! My very, very best friend! I love you soooo much!

These are pics from her visit and the 4th and also the better late than never bday pics of Emmie Lou! :) Enjoy and feel the sunshine in your soul today. If you sing it, you will have it! :)

Us looking at fireworks and Batman!

Golfing with Noah and Miss Baby America!

following brother and so excited to see the colors

Love these two... their faces are just just wonder what they say to each other.

American kiddos and MeeMaw with Emmie Lou!

Shara, I think we should be hat models? Definitely!

Sweet Emmie in the rocker

Of coarse the 3 generation pic has to be in there too!

Booty in air... love this one

Miss Bday Princess is about to dive into her cake

Noah soaking an ingrown toenail (we thought) and Miss Sweetie Pie after church

The family pic on her bday and her smiling for the camera

Love the happy car pic of Noah... Emmie holding her new "Princess Baby' book from Aiden and Caleb.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Wedding Bliss

Here are the pics from our trip to North Carolina for Nathan's brother's wedding. It was a beautiful wedding. Nate was the best man and Noah was the ring bearer. So my two favorite guys were tuxy and cute! Noah SPRINTED down the isle and did great! It was a moment I won't forget! :) Tai and Joanna.... actually JoNanna is what we call her.... (Noah) :) .... just moved to Alaska after the wedding. Drove over 80 hours! WOW! Kind of like me and Nate when we got married....moving to Texas.....except a little more DRASTIC! :) Well I chose this song for my blog b/c it makes me think of that wonderful man that I moved to Texas with! We are excited for them b/c moving away seemed so overwhelming at first.....but now we know it was meant to be....just like us! :) ok there's your Mushy Mush for the week! MMM! :) We had a great time while we were there and couldn't be more excited for the "Orange's New Addition" :) We stayed a few extra days in a cabin and let the kids get all their crazies out in the creek. Blogger messed up my captions and placed them in weird places on some of the pics but I am sure you can figure it out! Here is just a glimpse of our trip.... Happy Week! :) Love, Love and More Love! :)

Mr. & Mrs. Tai Orange :)

Noah having fun in the creek

Daddy's Little Gal

Miss Creek

Noah and Emmie in the stroller driving me everywhere!

Riding the Tiger at the mall...

Brothers just finishing up their "River Dancin"
Things got a little crazy!

Papa and Princess Emmie
Miss Fluff

So excited to be there!

Dancing with her Daddy
Gettin Jiggy with Mama

All American Boy!
Miss Cotton Candy

Mr. GQ


All the SISTAS!

Noah and Tai at church

Nonna and Emmie Lou

How can you stop something this cute from picking all the blooms? :) Oops!
Two Rascals! Noah and his cousin Blane! :)
Happy Bday to me! Her bday was on Rehearsal Dinner Night and they had a
cake for her and sang.... she soaked it all up!
Then....she ATE it all up! :)
Cousins going to church
Kellen, Noah, Blane

Sunny Side Up!

Summer is SUNNY SIDE UP!!!! It’s been the kind of Summer this Mama loves! Sometimes we are one day at a time... one hour at a time. No plans...