Friday, February 18, 2011

From Snot to Snow! Help Me Rhonda!

Oh my.... where have we been? Well.... it all started with spring like, chalk doodlin kind of weather... THEN.... the TEXAS WINTER ARTIC BLAST!!!! :) We have missed 5 total days of school, played in some snow, all had the stomach bug (except Emmie?), hugs and kisses for Valentines and finally.... Texas is back on top with 80 degree, tank top and shorts, sweaty, runnin weather! :) Whewwww! Help me Rhonda!!!!! Help, Help me Rhonda! Get me to Spring quick! :) Really the snow was out of this world gorgeous and I didn't mind the pj's, fires and extra cozy time with all 3 of the kiddos! :) But... we got our fix... we are done... bulbs are starting to come up out of the ground... we are ready for SPRING! :) Hope everyone is happy and well! This is his new face!
How can you not give this cute little thing a milkshake?

LOVES her milkshakes with sprinkles

Take your favorite stuffed animal to school

Valentine goodies

Paint for the prissy

heart pancakes for my lovies


You know you LOVE your child when you get them tools to catch BUGS with

Happy Valentines... he didn't think he should have to go to school on Valentines... Ha!

The before school excitement:)

She decorated a piece of the cake I had to cute off of the big top cupcake

Doesn't get much better than bendaroos on your kitchen wall? :)

Big Top Cupcake... Valentine Style :)

A bagillion icicles on a tree we have out front... Noah enjoyed very much picking them off!


Artic Blast 2011 LOL

the waterfall even had icicles all over it ... I thought it was so pretty with snow and icicles

Snow angel #1

Snow angel #2

Snow angel #3

All is white.... it was sooo pretty!

Snow kiddos

Notice the table

This is out front.... a winter wonderland

watching all the white

These are the moments

hot chocolate is a must

Having to come inside is not a must.... it is a huge disappointment

Got snot?

Arent' they sweet?

Pre Artic Blast... Ha Ha Ha


Happy to smile

I love these Orange kids

Noah wanted Emmie to dance with him

Cowboy/girl day at school...

She didn't mind wearing this at all...not at all...

Here hat lit up all different colors! Ohhhh to be a little girl these days! :)

Sunny Side Up!

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