Monday, April 13, 2015

"There's A Sun Comin Up In My Soul"

Spring Is HERE!!!!  There's A Sun Coming UP!  There's a sun coming up in my soul!  My heart is happy!  This is my favorite season!  Flowers are everywhere!  Trees are pretty! Grass is Green!  Grill is Lit!  Kids are Swimming!  Ditch the coats!  Hello Tanks and Flipflops!  Eatin on the patio!  Longer Days!  Happy Runs!  Family Bikerides!  Easter Egg Hunts!  Spring Fun!  
There's A Sun Coming up in my soul…. Yes… There Is A SON coming up!  He ROSE UP!  He died and rose again…. for ME…. for YOU!  For ALL OF US!!!  How can we not love and live our lives for THE SON that CAME UP!!!  We should be talking about it! We should be celebrating!  We should be rejoicing!  Jesus Is Our Lord!
If you don't know the song on here… google it… It's called "My Beloved" and I LOVE it when we sing it at church!  It makes me H-A-P-P-Y!  

What a wonderful Spring it's started off to be…. here's a little of our lately…. I'll spare you pics of all my flowers…. for now… Ha Ha!  But I must warn you… they will come… next post… because spring is too beautiful to not capture in photography.  My children are also too precious not too capture… they seem to grow and change so fast!  Sometimes I look back at older blog posts and literally ball crying because it's going so fast.  But… no time for sappy… we must fill our souls with the sun of spring… with the Son of our father…. Are you watching the new series "The Bible A.D."?  I love how these shows and movies are taking off.  Sadly… we all need remindin what HE did for US.

 "Come as you are… lay down your hurt… lay down your heart… Come as you are… Fall in His arms… come as you are…"
(Just a few of the lyrics of the next song on here… "Come As You Are" by Crowder… give it a listen

Happy Spring Sweet People!  

 Nothing better than my baby girl and dandelions!  She LOVES them!

 Gunner had pirate day at school and so we had to do some front porch pics :)

 Ice Cream Treat? Whoo Hooo!

 Cowboy Day at school!  So much fun in preschool… he's almost done… sniff, sniff

 My Emmie Lou  She MOST definitely would make a great PRESIDENT!!!  :)

"If I were president…. First I will go to my desk.  I would have crayons, markers and pencils.  I would draw a beautiful butterfly. Next have a shiny bath with bubbles.  I will use flower soap.  Then I will get my nails painted sparkle background and a pretty green diamond in the middle."

 The girls performed "Hard Knock Life" song in the school's talent show!  It was a little routine that was absolutely adorable!!

 Emmie with her friends… that just got a new bunny!!  You won't believe what Emmie wants now!

They named it Oreo :)

 Morning Luxeries

 It's Easter….. 
 Mama & Daddy Get a night out!  Whooo Hooo!

 Just happened to be one of my dearest friend's bday so we got to celebrate with her! 

 We love Angela!
 My hubby laid on the floor to get the disco ball in the pic behind us!  Hilarious!!

 Gotta have an egg hunt!!!  
 My Easter Bunny
 Oh but she is pretty cute too!!!

 These  boys!!!
 New outfit for her doll and a mini doll….

 Just candy… all she cares about is candy!

 And nerf guns…. 
 money? chocolate?  happy Noah
ANOTHER Easter Bunny!!!  Arrived via airplane!!!

 Hibachi is fun, fun!

 Easter 2015
 MeeMaw & her Texas grandkids

 Me & Mama

 This is not the first shot…. do you want to see what I go through to get this???  Keep scrolling… :)

 I love this...
 they will always remember these days of mama with the camera!  LOL

 Ok… front two are getting quirky looking… gotta get these big kids to get serious!  :)

 We love MeeMaw

 My Mama is 61 and worked out hard with me and the a/c was messed up so it was extra difficult!  She is one tough cookie!  What a treat to do a class with her after all the years she took me and my sis to the gym so she could work out…even in the earlier years when we sat in an elementary school gym on the bleachers while our mama and lots of other mamas in their leg warmers and leotards did jazzercise to songs like… "She works hard for her money….."  Everytime it comes on… I get a high thinking of how I am doing what my mama did…. We LOVE to exercise!  :)

 Then I finally got to take her to my secret happy place… the antique store!  There are lots of things that are beautiful and old… but also things of my childhood and much, much older that simply puts a smile on your face and that warm fuzzy in your heart. 

 To the movies we go…

 What a treat because the Orange kiddos never go to the theatre!  LOL!

 Time to go?  No, No, NO!

Photos remind us of the time we spent together… that's why we take them… we make memories.  Wish she could be here more to eat supper with us, work out with me, go find treasures at the antique mall with me, drink coffee with me, make me laugh and she doesn't even know she's funny.  What a gift for her to get to come for Easter… to worship with my family and sing songs with me that brings tears to both our eyes… She might be getting older… but age is just a number… she is the same little soul and the best big heart as she ever was.  I just love her to pieces!  Can't wait for summer!  Hope your birthday is especially sweet Mama!  
 I love my Mama!

 My little soccer player!  He's loving it!!

 We like to be active!  Let's pogo!

 I got to be active last month and do a 1/2 marathon with some friends.  It's been way too long since I have done a race… oh it brings back so many memories!  

 Fun Race!!

This makes me hungry for another full marathon…. yikes!  will I ever have time to train for one of those again???  

Nate got to be active and go skiing with his brother in Colorado!  

 What a treat for these two to get to spend time together!  

Amazing view!
This is Nate holding his new niece, "Miss Eva Orange" while he was in Colorado

 The new trend in our house… Family Nerf Wars!  So many giggles… very, very fun!  We even got MeeMaw into it… She is ready to get her own nerf gun!  LOL!

Mean Faces!

Annual Crawfish Broil with our sweet friends!  I come for the corn and potatoes and girlfriend time!  I don't do crawfish!  LOL! But you know Nathan does and Noah will eat anything! It's quite interesting to watch and a very cool tradition!  :)

How would our  families survive without patio nights at Palio's?  Love this little place!

 Ace Hardware… Gunner says.. "Mama, take our picture!"  I look and can't resist!  Absolutely I will!

 This is one of my H-A-P-P-Y places!  Gardening is good for the soul!  Sonny is right by my side…. Just me and my "little red wagon"  
 family bike ride to see the alpacas… they aren't as cute cause they just got shaved!  Hilarious looking now!  

 Torture!  This lasted about 30 second.  She wanted out of the bike trailer and wanted to run… then Nate asked her if she wanted to ride with him…. from the look on her face… this might be a good punishment?  LOL!

Patio Selfies in her nightgown…. 

Sunny Side Up!

Summer is SUNNY SIDE UP!!!! It’s been the kind of Summer this Mama loves! Sometimes we are one day at a time... one hour at a time. No plans...