Friday, July 31, 2009

Where Has the Time Gone?

That's right...8 mths preggo and tubin with Olivia and Emmie! It was not pretty gettin out of that thing but I had fun! :)
Ok so I am behind on the bloggin thing..... Had a lot going on. July has been busy... VBS at church, sorry no pics of how cute they were in their tshirts. :) Nate and I celebrated 8 years of marriage and 15 years together! Boy do I LOVE him! Noah and Emmie finished up Thursday's at the preschool-wow, that was fun! Noah is going through a MAJOR growth spurt... eating like a horse and sleeping, sleeping, sleeping! Emmie is talking all kinds of smack and it is hilarious! I am 8 mths preggo! Hoping to be induced Sept. 16th if I don't go I only have 6 1/2 more weeks! We are soo ready to meet baby Orange and I can't wait to hold a tiny one again! Hope everyone is doing great! Over here... Life is good. :) Noah and Camille on the lake
Noah jumpin off the boat... was actually a spin and jump but hard to capture on camera :)

This was Emmie's favorite thing.... floating

Mommy DID get in and swim but it WAS NOT easy to get back out! It took the army of my hubby to pull me out so I was the photographer! :)

Life jacket just a tad big

Camille lovin the cheetos!

Noah pulling his Daddy (so he thinks... while he does his magic out there)

Sweet Olivia

Lake girls

Monster Truck race '09

Noah loves to play mailman and ride his bike to all the mailboxes. He is not allowed to open any except ours. I told him he would go to jail! :)

We dress up to ride our bike

.....and to watch our brother ride his bike :)

Our 4 baby birds. We had them as eggs.. they hatched, grew and have now flown away. It was cool!

Gettin creative with our pool... This is the new.."Swing and Splash"

My Two Sweetie Pies

Bubble Fun

She really does love them... not sure why she is pouty

We really don't let her play naked... it just kind of happened...

More Bubbles

Antique Oak Table and Chairs

Chairs have removable pad that can easily be recovered with your fabric of choice just by using a staple gun

Table has decorative wood carving underneath table

Listed on Craigslist $250 but will take $200

Come on people this is an ANTIQUE!

Sorry Mama

Baby Trend Double Jogger

Like brand spankin new folks

Tires even have the spikey things still on them.

Listed on Craigs List for $125 I think but will take $100

It's new, seriously... the mother decided to run ALONE for added speed and thinking time :)

2 cup holders and storage on top, baskets underneath and mp3 hookup with speaker

Going once, Going Twice.... Stay Tuned till my next blog update :)

Sunday, July 5, 2009

God Bless the USA!

Happy 4th from the Oranges! :)

Mr. and Miss Match

Red, White & Blue Tootie Toots!

Ridin the cow

Nothing like homemade ice cream on the 4th :)

She stole my butterfinger! :)

Happy 4th Gals!

I love this bunch!

Noah could stay like this forever with her!

"We're Ready!"



Lil Miss America

They have been kissing

You gals make my life sparkle! :)

Emmie's 1st sparkler

A Firecracker Himself!


Upside down in goggles

Emmie's star cookie. I turned my back for one second and she has shaken the whole red section of sprinkles on her cookie! OOPS!

A couple weeks ago Noah started riding this bike without training wheels! He thinks he is something else!

Popsicles with Mommy

Batter Up

Lil Flower Child

ok, you're cute too Noah! :)

MMM! Daddy's chocolate milkshakes!

Helpin Daddy

Pool time

Noah wanted a pic with the baby

Noah took this :)


Love each other

Noah constantly wants to wink in pictures now

Kissy Kiss

Love Is Like....

Love is like 4 kids smiling for Mama on Valentine’s Day.... even though she got you “chili slime” gross! Love is like spending time with fri...