Monday, February 25, 2008

Broken Camera

Ok, so first lets just clear a few things up.

1.) What happened to my background?
2.) It was brought to my attention by K. Blake
(blonder than me, but obviously SMARTER)
that when you click on someone's blog their
address is in your browser.... DUHHHHHH!!!
So needless to say I have all but one fixed and
can snoop on you now.
3.) Blog criticizing- Sorry that my pics have
been small and not centered and a bunch of
other STUFF! Well, I am just getting started
so give me a break!
4.) I broke our camera and don't know when I
will get it fixed so that makes me SAD! I need
my camera! So I will be working on that ASAP!
Until then... these are the last of the pics before
my camera was badly injured and is in critical care!
Dinner is served

Little Flower Child

So much excitement from Noah b/c he gets to get his picure made with his little sister!

Where are Noah's eyes?

This is what we were doing when I dropped

the camera on the kitchen tile floor :(

We were having fun.....does that count

for anything? Sorry Daddy, we broke

the camera and you didn't purchase

the extended warranty....OOOPS!!!!

Let's hope we get it fixed SOON!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Cheetos are yum!

So we been painting and playing outside...
love the weather... had one of those days
where you love your life and love every little
second with your kiddos! Well, that was today
for me! Things just flowed this morning so that
Emmie napped and me and Noah got some sweet
time. He wanted to get inside my jacket and me to
wrap him up b/c he was cold... So I did that and held
him so tight like he was my little baby again! He told
me to tell him some stories... so I did....and it was perfect!
Then Emmie woke up delightful as can be after a long nap
and we sat at the picnic table for the first time and loved it!
Noah ate his first fudgepop in a long time and painted outside....
glorious! Noah and me ate our lunch together outside at the
picnic table.... me with my Lean Cuisine and him with a bunch
of stuff and well.... cheetos! Let me just say that I discovered
that if you (as the mommy) eat all of the TINY cheetos on your
child's plate... you will only have eaten like maybe 2 cheetos..
which.. hey, isn't too bad, heh? That was one of my highlights today! :)
Cheetos are yum! ok so life is good... I just have to say... again....
God gave me Emmie at the time he did.... b/c he knew I was
going to need this little one to LOVE and ADORE me like
no other! She is CRAZY about me! I have never seen such! Its hard to get tired
of those sweet cheeks and sweet smiles and sweet squeals! A true angel!
Ok and I will also say... this week I have thought how it is difficult to have
one of each. On one arm I have a sweet girl and I am making sweet faces
and kisses to her and then turning the other side to make a dinosaur face
at my Noah! I have two personalities! Whoa! ok so that's all for me and
my happy today.... until next time.... send me your blog urls!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Poop & Stuff

So, As you can see.... the blog has been updated!
Whoo! But don't do cartwheels yet, if you notice
your cute little names on my "Fabulous Folks"....
Don't get excited that you are my friend. While
your names are listed.... your "url" addresses are
WRONG! Well some of them are. I don't know your can ya help me out? If you click on your own
name and it goes to some other random
will then know..... I am clueless and need your info!
otherwise it looks like I typed in some fake names
to look like I have friends! Ha! LOL!

As for the Orange Bunch..... well just having a blast
as you can see... with POOP and stuff! Noah loves to
take a bath in "MOMMY'S BIG TUB" ...well he plays
forever and does great! However, this time he decided
that when he felt a sensation, he would just ...well... let
it go... ok benefit of the doubt...maybe he thought it was
gas.... ok ok....but did he have to sling it on the side of my
tub with his PINK alligator's tail? NO! So that is when
Bleach comes in handy!

Emmie on the other hand...well just lookin cute and girly!
Love it! They are both growing soo fast, I can hardly keep
up! I can't believe its about to be March! I am looking
forward to green, green grass, flowers and warm weather! :)
That's about it for me now!

Monday, February 4, 2008

Blogger People

Ok, so here it is... my first blog... well...
actually my 2nd... I started one a year ago,
made one post and never returned nor told
anyone I made one. So, I am really hitting
the ground running this time.... got it going
on with you Blogger people now, huh?

So, I titled this "Blogger People" because it
is because of YOU that I am writing this and
joining you. I can't tell you how many of your
blogs I have read. I have laughed out loud, cried
and just loved reading them! I am not a blog some people I know...(won't mention
any names!) But some of you have sent links to yours
and I see my other friends on your list so I view theirs
as well....

Well I must say... it is a cool thing. So let me just go
ahead and say its not my fault if I have a bad blog....
I have been harassed and begged to do ....
if it's ya'lls fault! Thanks to those that
have helped get me going!

So my opinion of blogs would be that.... some use
them to just tell funny or interesting
pics of what's going on with them/their kids, or
just vent. It's like a diary/picture album in one!
Wow! Well everyone knows I love sending out now you get pictures and all that
Angie blab! ok I am going to end this one so I
can see what it looks like... plus I think I might
be getting kind of long. So hope everyone is doing
great.... talk to you on my next blog post... ok that
sounded like middle school talk huh? ok so I am
going to be the dork that everyone makes fun of...
ok ... don't know if this blogging is for me???

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