Thursday, March 9, 2017

"Spring Break With-OUT All The Bells & Whistles"

Is it already that time of the year?  That time when all the kids are so tired and done with school.  That time of year the teachers have been counting down the days since Christmas. (It's ok, we understand.) That time when parents are planning vacations for their time off with the family.  That time when mamas be flipping out that they have their kids for 9 days straight...... They wonder?? What are they gonna do with these little crazy cutie pies????  I don't know about you, but every year I find myself thinking and planning what I will do with all my kids during the SPRING BREAK.  I want it to be fun for them, right????  In years past we have done family backyard campouts, scavenger hunts, sleepovers, short trips, staycation activities that are local, the deer lease... all of this with lots of little ideas in mama's head of what food I will have in the pantry, what fun snacks will I make, what is something we can do that is different, fun, exciting, a surprise, CHEAP, something everyone loves, something new, something CHEAP, (yes I repeated that)... but most importantly something THEY WILL REMEMBER??????

We live in a time where lots of folks take trips for Spring Break... I mean some are the kind of trips I may never take my whole life... like..... fancy trips... like around the world trips.  I love it when my kids come home and say, "Are we going anywhere for Spring Break???"
Then they start telling me who is going where... and I just smile and say, "That is awesome! I am sure they will enjoy that!"  I don't know if it's because the ages of my kids... but my body doesn't have the "travel bone" in it.  I think my mama and daddy took us to the river to camp once.  But we just didn't go much.  We are all HOME bodies and when I think of Spring Break... I think of sleeping in, catching up on cuddles, movies, yummies, friends, late nights, being home, playing games, planting flowers, being outside, seeing God's beautiful season coming right upon us... with my children out in it, Just being able to do whatever we feel!  No schedules!
Last year I let the kids have their own day to plan our menu.  They really enjoyed it.  The other day I was asking the kiddos what they would like to do on the break... Noah said, "I loved when we got to pick out the meals! I got steak! That was lit!"
("Lit" is a new term these days for Cool or awesome)  LOL!
It made me happy he remembered that and something as easy as that was fun for him.  
I think sometimes we put too much pressure on ourselves for creating this perfect little break for them.  I know I have. But I am starting to realize... we don't need all the bells and whistles.  (I mean hey they are nice and all, don't get me wrong.) But.... It's OK to have a Spring Break With-OUT All the Bells & Whistles!  The kids really DO like having NO SCHOOL. It's ok if they get BORED.  
Mamas.... If it's a crazy day... Make a big jug of lemonade & throw it on the porch with a big bag of..... hmmmm....Maybe some Cheetos? I don't know.... and lock them OUTSIDE! LOL!
Time with your kids doesn't HAVE to be any certain thing... Make it what you want!
Make your "Own Kind of Bells & Whistles!" 

I kind of thought the other day that I just wanted to send some encouragement & reminders about the sweet little break we get with our kids. They are all so true! I hope everyone has a wonderful time either taking a "fancy trip" 
or "doing absolutely nothing" on your Spring Break!
Moments make Memories!

This Year... I think our theme is this.....

"Do Something FUN! Do Something WITH Someone! Do Something FOR Someone!"

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