Friday, February 17, 2012

I Do Cherish You......I Will Love You Still....From The Depths Of My Soul

Happy Love Month! I love this song I have playin on here this time.  It's a "Love" song but not just for my hubby...but my babies too!  We are now in month 3 with 4 blessings!  Life really isn't much different.  Going from 3 to 4 really isn't different.  Really!  Jensie is a that makes life with 2 year old Gunner easier!  The latest with him...He wants me to pop his bottom!  He throws fits and thrives on hurting himself.... strange!!!!  He is weird smart!  The other day I was changing his diaper and he kept rolling and not letting me get it on him.  I told him to be still or I was gonna pop that bootie.  He said, "Pop!"  I said, You want a pop?  He shakes his head yes with those big lips puckered out!  I thought to myself... this is wrong.  I am going to try a different approach.  I said, Gunner, do you want a hug?  You want mama to give you love?  He is standing up in front of me on his bed and has his diaper on and says with a scowl on his face, "NO!  I wanna POP!"  Then swats his own bottom!!!!!!!  He is a nut job!!!!!  I have to fight back the giggles so often! :)  He keeps me on my toes!  As so does my other BOY!  He is getting too big for his britches and knows everything!  I was reading a devotion to them and talking about trusting God to take care of us and then asked at the end what things they were afraid of.  Of coarse Noah said, "I ain't afraid of nothin!"  I said, I am afraid of stuff.  Noah said, "Yeah I know what you are afraid are afraid of something happening to us."  I said... yes... yes... I am afraid of that.  I love ya'll so much and don't want anything to happen to ya'll and that is why mommy has to take good care of ya'll.  Noah said, "Yeah, well just make sure you don't "overprotect me"..... WHAT????  I ask him what in the world does that mean?  Where did he hear that word?  He said, "you know like always fixin my hair and telling me to get my backpack and wash my hands and stuff".... Oh DEAR... if he thinks that is overprotecting.... he better hold tight!!!!!  :)  LOL!!!
Well... here are a few pics of my lovebugs and the ones I Cherish and love from the depths of my soul!!!!  :)  Have a great rest of Love Month..... I think the last time I said... "Go ahead and have a piece of's love month"  or something like that... well.... let me just say... my lovely hubby took care of that for me!!!!!!  For Vday...he got me a chocolate REESES heart.....
 total fat grams..40!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Does he not want me to lose this baby weight?????  GEEZ!!!!  :)  I still love him though!!!! :)
 DaddyDaughter dance.... photo booth
 how cute are they?
 we thought the photo booth was such a cool thing... we got it for our church valentine party that we are in charge of.... fun~~
 Is my hubby a nut or what?  He looks like he is attacking me!!
 This is an EXTRA LARGE Photo Booth!!!  LOL! Fits a family of 6!!!!  Yeah!
 Me and my Valentines
 Ladies in RED
Sweet girls!!
 Who needs chocolate?  I got these little sweeties!!!
 Where's my lovebug????  Peekaboo!
 "Get your roses.... pretty roses... red ones.... little girl not included!"
 Long stem roses and a chocolate toot!.... aka.... adorable 2 year old
 "Who needs roses???.... you got this guy!!!"
 Be Mine!  Hug Me!  Kisses!  Forever!  Cute Stuff!  I heart my kids!!!!!
 Happy Hearts Day!
 He was sooo proud of his shirt!  He would scream and pull his shirt out for people to look at and he would say, "MAMA!  really loud!  :)  He loves me!  :)
Cutie Pies!

Friday, February 3, 2012

Is It Winter Or Spring?

Wow... it's February!  It's suppose to be Winter.... but instead... it's been like Spring... Which is fine with me!   Not much has changed around here except the little weed baby that keeps growing faster than I can take pictures of her!!!  She will be 3 mths old in a couple more weeks or so.  The kids still adore her to no end!  Gunner is VERY stingy with her! She really is a PERFECT baby!  I cannot complain of one single thing!  Kind of crazy!  We are very much enjoying her!  I do so much better with this life when I stay home!  Kids are much easier to tend to.  Don't get me wrong... I enjoy getting out but would rather keep the McDonalds playplace visits to a minimum since Gunner took his diaper off while on the slide the other day!!!!!!  Luckily it was only filled with pee!  :(  Emmie had "dress up like what you want to be when you grow up"day at school.  When first asked.... she said what she always says..."an artist" but then when I told her she gets to dress up like that for school... she thought for a moment and said, "No, I don't want to be an artist"  I said, "What? Why?  You always say you want to be an artist?"  She said, "I want to be a ballerina."  Hmmm.... she is pretty smart eh?  :) She loves dressing up in that costume!!! Here is a picture of her... I fixed her up this cute outfit with her art supplies and bows on her apron and she loved it.  Oh.... girls!  :) 

 The boys are doing well... I went for a run the other day while Noah rode his bide next to me and I am just so thankful we can share that time together.  I am a big believer in that one on one time and it is so awesome when you get it!  They are just like your one and only and you just look at them and melt!  I have many moments where I really feel the "Bunch" in bunch of oranges, so being with just one seems so different!  Sometimes there just doesn't seem like there is enough time in the day for all the moments I need with them.  It really takes effort.... less time on the computer or phone and less time getting the little things that bother me done around here.  But after a tea party with Emmie, I feel so happy to have put things aside.   Gunner is happy to hold my hand and lead me to some dirt and sticks he is playing with outside.  He has been really wanting outside time and putting on his socks and shoes as soon as he wakes up ready to go!  So cute! 

Well... hope everyone is doing well and feeling well.  I can't believe it was this time last year...we had all the snow and ice and no school!  This weird winter makes me fear summer of 2012!  Oh the Texas Heat!  Until next time...Go ahead and  have a piece of chocolate...It's LOVE month!  :) 
 Make sure to tell those you love...that You Love Them!  :)

 Little Miss Artist
 Little Miss Angel
 "Mommy!  You can't do a photo shoot without  me!!!"

 Don't you just love her?
 Little flower child
 1...2.....3...4.... Say Cheese
 "I'm fine...just the way I am!"
 "Ok... I can't help mama is making me laugh......I think I'm gonna smile."
 Western Day at Preschool.... pink bling jeans with her pink bling cowgirl hat
 Her headband fell over her eyes while swinging and she didn't mind... found her sleeping like this.... ha! 
 Makes you want to snuggle huh?  This is my life! :)
 It doesn't get any cuter!!! 
 Do ya'll see what I mean?  :(  Why do kids have to grow up?
 Miss Sweetie Pie
 Gunner, where are your teeth?
 All ready for Daddy/Daughter Dance!!!!!
 Daddy said it was the best time he has ever had with her!  It was so much fun and she loved it!  Can you say tradition?  Yes it will be!  :)

 All I ever want to do is kiss all over his sweet little face!!!!! 

 Deep Thoughts

 Little Girl

 Are we a doll or are we a doll?

 MeeMaw...this is for you.... This is the RIPSTICK!  Noah said, MeeMaw needs to Stop worrying about me...its weird!"  LOL!  Really... he said that mama.... he did.... sorry.  :(

ALL BOY.... I love it!

Sunny Side Up!

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