Thursday, May 21, 2009

Get Your Summer Boogie Shoes On!

Is May really almost over? Geez! Well that just means SUMMER! :) We are ready! Ready to Boogie Down with my 2 kiddos! :) All good things must come to and end... soccer did, swimming lessons did, school did.... but many new things to come for summer! :) So put on your boogie shoes and have a happy summer! Noah's last day of school with his teacher
Ice cream Sundae Party

Singing "I'm in the Lord's Army" in his Preschool Program

More singin

Looking at the fish

Me and My Sweeties

Me and My 3 kids!!!

Little bit of Park Love

Me and my Noah

Tootie Pants

Noah and Camille on their last day of swimming lessons

Noah swimming all the way across the pool! :)

"B" is for my "Blue eyed Babies" :)

Slidin into Summer!

Thumbs up was for Daddy

"Just loungin Mama"

I love water droplets in a picture

Lil Puppy Dog

Mr. Golf Boy in full golf gear...

"Take a picture of this Mama"

Yeah... went to Braums and I ended up with yuck Mint Chocolate Chip b/c Noah didn't like the "green ice cream" he picked out! Yeah that's mine! Dipped cone with nuts and peanut butter cup ice cream.... mmmmm. Pointer: Always let your child taste the flavor the pick before buying it! :)

Noah is SpiderMan for real today!

Flower Child

Tree Lover

Every time I get the camera out! This is what she does! :)

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Time of my LIFE!!!! :)

Well here are the little reasons of living! My sweetie pies! :) Hope all the mamas had a Happy one! I just feel so blessed to be a Mom, I could talk all day about that. But I will just say it was a "divine" day! (Noah's new word) Noah made a sweet book at school of all handprint art for each month. They gave me PINK roses and PINK tulips and a trip to my favorite spa! :) That is just Bliss! My favorite thing was my 1st letter from Noah. He is really into writing everyone letters and drawing pictures and putting them in the mailbox. But this is the 1st one for ME! :) I will share b/c it it straight from his mouth. When they get to this age, it means so much to know what they REALLY think! :)
"Dear Momma, Happy Mother's Day. I got you something from school. I love you so much. Thank you so much for cooking dinner. Thank you for giving me snacks. Thank you for playing with me. I love you. Thanks for helping me clean up. You help me when I don't know what to do. Momma is the most beautiful momma in the whole wide world. Maybe Dad can fix your bike and we can ride bikes together. Maybe Daddy can ride his bike too. I made this card for you. Happy Mother's Day. I love You. Noah "
Fun in the sun!
Pool Boy

Lil Miss Sunshine

More Eggs please

Noah taught Emmie how to scoop up egg on her bacon!

Water Fight!!!

Get ready

Nathan is shooting them with a huge bazooka water gun!!

Lovin it!

Tool Boy and Tool Girl!

Swing Time


Little Lady

Time to practice Swaddling

... and feeding time

Little Baby Girl

Baby Boy

Our project after our walk around the neighborhood! They picked EVERY flower we passed!

Proud of our flag

They helped glue on our flowers and sprinkle GLITTER!

We do get dressed up every now and then! Ha! How ya like Nate in a fushia tie? So becoming huh?

Chuckie Cheese's newest addition

Good Ol' Chuckie

Love Is Like....

Love is like 4 kids smiling for Mama on Valentine’s Day.... even though she got you “chili slime” gross! Love is like spending time with fri...