Sunday, February 22, 2009

Chicken Salad Sandwich, Grapes and Pickle & Oh Yeah, We're Having ANOTHER Baby! :)

Well...this is random. But's that's kind of me huh? This week we had some gorgeous weather! I love the sunshine! It feels so good! Went to the park one day and had a blast! Emmie was like...BIG! She did everything and was great! We were there forever! I love the park! It was one of those days where you just wanted an ice cream cone. So we stopped at our local Sonic for our treat! :) Another gorgeous day we had a "Backyard Picnic"... those are the best you know. I mean look at the spread we had! Ha! Noah "MMM..ed and MMM...ed" at his chicken salad sandwich and Emmie just loved us all sitting there on a blanket. And last but not least.... we're doing it again! #3 is on the way! Due Sept. 29th and almost 9 weeks along. Lord Help! As of now... we aren't finding out the sex. Yeah, big shocker for all who know me well. That ain't me!!! But what the hay? Did I mention I love my husband? We're excited and welcome any prayers for a healthy baby. I will end with a quote I read this week that just made my pregnant eyes well up with tears. If you want to view the whole thing... it's.... http://www.the/ It's worth your time!
"Enjoy the little things, for one day you may look back and realize they were the BIG things."
Chicken Salad Sandwich, Grapes and a Pickle! Does it get any better than this?

He said, "Mama, take a picture of me with this grass." I said.... "OOOOKKK??"

Our Picnic Pose

Loves picnics in the backyard!

Giddy about a picnic on a quilt with Mama and Noah!


Waiting for our ice cream at Sonic!

I love watching them come out! Such big smiles!

She went down the slide without ever looking back! She FLEW!!! Loved it!!!!

So excited she is swinging like brother

My sweet blue eyed boy

Swinging is so fun!

Is this my Emmie swinging like a big girl???

Sibling Slide

Monday, February 16, 2009

Perfectly in Pink and Spaghetti Supper

Well just a few pics for impatient MeeMaw's! :) Ha! We love you! Life is great! Our weekend was good. Noah picked out some Daisies for me for Vday because he said, "Mama is my daisy" My sweet famiy wore pink for me on Sunday! Noah told Nate, "Daddy, you are trying to look like me! You need a vest!" I don't think Nate would have ever lived that down at church! :) Ha! But I love him for it! We had spaghetti tonight and Emmie was so stinkin messy and adorable I couldn't resist taking her pic! I don't think its possible to not get messy head to toe, floor to ceiling on spaghetti nights! It's ok though, I love orange stained faces! Hope everyone is doing great! Have a wonderful week! February is almost over! Where is the snow for my babies!!!!!!!! Noah knows how to eat it properly, so there is just one of him! :)
Doesn't get any better than spaghetti night!

Who wants her?

"Mom, what do you think you are doing taking pictures of me like this?"

My whole family all in PINK for the first time!!!!!! :) Happy Mommy!

Noah's pic of his mommy and daddy.... we still could work on centering? He loves to take pictures!!!!

My Pink little pretty girl, my handsome hubby that knew it would tickle me PINK for him to match us, and my hot to trot 4 year old that loves pink b/c he knows its my favorite color! :) AWW!

Real Men wear PINK! :)

I love them so much, so much, so much!!!!!!!!!

Furry Girls!

"Will you be my Valentine?"

"Go find your own Valentine, this is too much fun with these balloons!!!" :)

Having fun with Vday party decorations!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Lots of Love in our LoveShack! :)

Hey Hey! Happy Valentine's Weekend to everybody! Hope you are all feeling very loved! As you can tell... I have two little adorables that are very loved and loving! Here is a viewing of our "Love Shoot" ... Enjoy! We are all doing great here in this "LoveShack" and ready for our lovely weekend! No pics of my real lovebug on here...sorry for those of you who come here just for him! (Nate) Ha! :) Amy, I know you do! Happy Valentine's! xoxo The Winner of them all

Serious face from Emmie, Noah classic smile

Noah still hangin on... Emmie, hmm I don't know about all these pics!

Noah gives up and hides from the flash... Emmie is back in sweet and still

Come on kids, get the pillow straight! We have to spell LOVE! :)

Monday, February 9, 2009

Happy Birthday to my Daddy!

February 9, 1953... my Daddy was born into this world. Today is his birthday and I want to celebrate him. He would have been 56 years old today. That seems so young to me and so young to be gone and for me to be without him. Since I am queen of "Lists".... here's a new one to read if you want... "56 things about my Daddy"

This is the last picture of "Just Me and Him." I was pregnant with Noah and he had come to Texas for a visit. I remember it like yesterday. I will never be able to let him go..."these small hours, these little wonders, these twists and turns of faith, time falls away, but these small hours, these small hours ...still remain."
Happy Birthday Daddy! 1. My Daddy called me "Chickie"
2. My Daddy was a hardworking man
3. My Daddy loved my mother till the very end
4. My Daddy believed in God and was baptized
5. My Daddy hunted everything out there
6. My Daddy worked at the railroad on trains
7. My Daddy was a taxidermist... a very good one
8. My Daddy wore Levi's and I always loved how he looked in them. I remember them starting out in the very darkest color and then ending up very faded and worn b/c he wore them out!
9. My Daddy loved his motorcycle
10. My Daddy loved to help people
11. My Daddy had a beautiful garden before he died
12. My Daddy always had dirt under his nails, even when laid to rest
13. My Daddy drove a Dodge Ram that was blue and I can still see him in it
14. My Daddy served in our church and was a deacon when I was younger
15. My Daddy had black hair and blue eyes and was a handsome man
16. My Daddy was a wonderful father to me and my sister
17. My Daddy supported me in sports and paved me a huge basketball court and built me an gigantic basketball goal that was homemade but the BEST! We spent a lot of time out there together.... Many nights with the floodlights on.
18. My Daddy always gave me his change from his pockets, sometimes he would put it on the mantle and tell me to go get it.
19. My Daddy played Jaws a lot with us in the swimming pool. He was sooo fun!
20. My Daddy was proud of me and I knew it because he always told me so.
21. My Daddy was glad we moved to Texas and so happy we are happy
22. My Daddy told me on my wedding day that they couldn't find my ring... He laughed and couldn't keep it a secret... I was upset..... they found it! :)
23. My Daddy put Nathan through it to be my boyfriend and he stuck it out!
24. My Daddy was a bodybuilder.... he looked unbelievable
25. My Daddy always got us a real Christmas tree
26. My Daddy bought me my first car and me and him went to get it together and I drove it home.
27. My Daddy would drive many miles to see me play basketball, even at a camps.
28. My Daddy liked Copenhagen and always had a ring in his pocket that was worn on his jeans
29. My Daddy was a strong and healthy man
30. My Daddy liked breakfast, lunch and dinner. Big Meals!
31. My Daddy wore flannel shirts all the time
32. My Daddy was the best PeePaw and everything I ever dreamed of as a grandpa
33. My Daddy called me a lot and sent me cards in the mail
34. My Daddy let us have kittens and puppies in the house
35. My Daddy never let us do without
36. My Daddy and I had many talks out in his taxidermy shop
37. My Daddy wanted to keep me from making mistakes
38. My Daddy caught me in many, disciplined me, gave me more chances
39. My Daddy was affectionate with me
40. My Daddy always had me sit on his knee, even when I was grown
41. My Daddy loved waking us up in the mornings, he would come in shouting "rise and shine"
42. My Daddy always told me when he liked what I was wearing and was complimentary
43. My Daddy loved talking about Noah
44. My Daddy is where I got my eyes, calves, hands, lips, drive, perfectionist about things and many inner qualities that help me in life...all these things are just like his were and I love that I have have a part of him in me
45. My Daddy always told me to save my money
46. My Daddy always told me when I was wearing too much eye makeup
47. My Daddy is a part of Noah and it is evident in many ways that make me smile
48. My Daddy was so happy when we surprised them about having Emmie Lou. That was the best Christmas for me.
49. My Daddy loved an iced cold Pepsi
50. My Daddy read his bible
51. My Daddy called me three times the day before he died. He was worried I was going into labor and was checking on me. We had a great talk.
52. My Daddy lived a short life but did a lot and was amazing at everything he did
53. My Daddy was loved and respected by many
54. My Daddy is still sooo missed and thought of everyday
55. My Daddy loved me and I loved him and we told each other every time..."I sure do love you" .... "I sure do love you too"
56. My Daddy "still remains" in me and is waiting for me in Heaven.....

Monday, February 2, 2009

Thanks Girls!

Just a lil shout out to the "Ladies"... no... we ain't "single"... but we like to "put our hands up" and have some fun! :) Thanks so much for celebrating my birthday! Late is great! :) I thank God for each of you and appreciate how you are always there for me and care about me so much! Having "my other gals" my mama and my sissy in Tennessee ain't no fun! But ya'll fill in my gaps and keep me crazy! :) Thanks for all the fun, all the laughs and snorts and giggles, all the cries and meaningful moments.... Look forward for the next bday celebration! I love you all bunches!

I wish I may.. I wish I might have a falling star that gets rubbed off tonight! :) Ha!
Flip Flops!

Ya'll are great!

Dinner Talk

Dinner Fun

I'm a lucky gal! Thanks Ginas!

Sunny Side Up!

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