Monday, September 29, 2008


Not much to report.... can't think.... part of my brain has been temporarily blocked by all the screeching and squealin around here! I think I need ear plugs?? But even with all the noise and sometimes fighting.... there's lots of hugs and sweetness too. Does it count when they are pulling each others hair and holding one another while screaming? I think its just aggressive love? :) Seriously... I love it when they love on each other and hug.. it is too much for words! I just Love Love Love em! Life is good.... its a gorgeous day and we have had many of those! Hope you are all having a LOVELY day and not a SQUEALIN day! :) Ha!
Our team mascot.... The Olivia Bee
Noah and Aiden were hangin out together at the opposite end of where everyone else was! :)
Looks like a little team pow wow
Some of Noah's biggest fans!
Somebody else wants to play soccer
Having so much fun
Does it get any better than this? of TRIPLETS on skates pushing her trio.... :)

First we tried blades.....
Then we met the stars on the floor every other second....
Mom, this is hard!!!
Sweet Cohen and Emmie happy to be there

Wow, Noah these are so cool!

Mommy, I said I need some black shoes!!!
Guess who my new Tues/Thurs. running buddy is??? :)
We love pizza
and halloween cups
This is serious eating....

There's a fountain free...tis for you and me....

Don't have a word for this...but I love it!
A water machine...
Some fountain friends....
I could do this all day Mama.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Good Friends, Good Fun, Good Times! Don't Blink!

Well.... let's start off with this song... first song that HIT me after my daddy was gone.... a song I think he would have told me to listen to.... Kenny Chesney.... Don't Blink... I will never forget...I never watch CMT but was flippin thru the channels and this had just started... I cried my eyes out and realized.... it is true... it DOES go faster than you think.... it did for me! With my daddy that is....... But really.... life is just sooo short... I would like to mention this...for your prayers please... long time friends of Nathan and I both.... The Proffitt family.... Jason Proffitt (in Tennessee) 32... went to play golf last Sunday and a tree fell on him and his friend in their golf cart and killed them both. Such a tragic and sad event. He was the father of 2 and a husband. He also had 2 sisters and one brother... all that we have known for many years... My heart is soo broken for them b/c I too understand the untimely death. Please say a pray for them today if you will. I am dedicating this post to them and their family and the fact that LIFE is sooo short and you just never know when it will be your time to go or someone you love so deeply. I am so thankful for the precious family I have and the amazing friends. Life is so fast and I just don't want to miss a moment... but the main thing that is on my mind these days is not missing the meeting with God... a moment I DON'T want to miss for sure..... "Don't Blink"

Miss Priss at the park
hit 45 yards but who's measuring???? :) That would be his Daddy, the golfer!!
Mums the word...
more mummy mums

I got the chair for me and she quickly takes over!!!!
Our signature, Say cheese
Working on a project for school...painting his "C"ar for all of his "C" words to go into
It was lots of fun! :)
Our sweet neighbors baked us cupcakes and Emmie devoured one!

Always smiley
Mischief Mama? Me?
About to drive her "C"ar
More Painting

sweet face

was not posing.... nate just caught him rolling around on his ball and we couldn't have gotten him to do this if we begged him!!!
Push ups for extra muscles
Summersaults with soccer balls
AWWWW this is my boy!!!!

going for the ball
running off the field to get some gatorade
having snacks with his buddies after the game while listening to Coach
My little #3 man

Just chillin

Playin at the park
Feeding the ducks
very excited about all the quacking
peggin them in the head with bread
Look out David Beckam..... here comes NOAH ORANGE

How adorable??? :)

What a fabulous pair :)

Hats off to fabulous women

Sunny Side Up!

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