Monday, March 29, 2010

Beauty and The Beast

Well... it is that time again.... More Huntin going on! Noah had his Spring Break from preschool a couple weeks ago and went to the deer lease with Daddy. Never dreaming to get anything... they went out just to look for a little bit (for Daddy's sake) :) Noah just wants to play with fire, sticks and kill bugs. But he agreed to go for just a bit and low and behold... there was a coyote running straight to them... so Daddy told Noah to hold his ears and he took a shot and blasted the mangy animal. Noah and Daddy did a dance and Nate said it was probably the most exciting time he has ever killed anything. I guess b/c he never dreamt of getting something when he was with 5 year old zero attention span Noah. Plus Noah was sooo excited and it really made it that much more thrilling for Nate. Just makes my heart melt. So here are some pics of "the beast" and my boys. :) But let's not forget about our little "Beauty," Emmie Lou.... Noah may get to hunt with Daddy but Emmie gets to dance on her bed with Daddy every night after her bath. Sweet times. She loves for him to "dip" her. :) I cannot believe she will be 3 in a couple of months. We just don't know where the time is going! Gunner doesn't get any sweeter! I feel sooo blessed to have such an EASY 3rd baby. The kids just adore him still. Can't believe it is almost April ... and Easter too! We began a lil easter egg decorating too. Check out Mr. Competitive and his "perfect egg"... Please! Hope everyone has a wonderful week and a very Happy Easter! Love!
Noah and the coyote "Beast"... He went to school telling ALL the kids about the "blood that came out of his mouth"
Noah BEGGED Nate to skin it. They usually hang the coyotes on the fence so when you drive in the deer lease you see all of the coyotes hangin... I know.... pretty funny stuff huh?

My Hunters!

Nate with the coyote. That was my Daddy's gun that Nate used and it's bittersweet everytime he hunts with it. I know Daddy would be so proud!

And here is "Beauty"... with mouth open wide...

Mr. Photogenic

Easter Egg decorating

Happy Gunner

Mama painted him an egg with his name on it...but he was all tuckered out to see

Here are our eggs. We had more...but cracked a few when boiling. Oops!

I mean.. Does he think he is something else or what? He spent like an hour on this egg. Please!

Loved painting the eggs! We had to make her stop b/c one of them was starting to turn BLACK! Ha!

Loves this too!

Pretty Lady

Handsome Boy

" Beauty" gets messy sometimes


Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Look At These ADORABLE Kids...But I Ain't Braggin or Anything!

Guess whatttt? It is that time of year again... SPRING and Dallas BLOOMS! Whooo HOoo!! So pretty! Pretty flowers, pretty kids and pretty days! Yellow for sunshine and happiness! That was us and I am super happy b/c we kind of went thru A LOT to get there and my kids did AWESOME which makes me feel so proud and happy! Let's just say.... I don't do Dallas! Anyone that knows me well.. knows I have no sense of direction! I usually follow. But this time I lead and was so proud we made it all the way to the exit... so proud I did a drive to Dallas all by myself...well... with my three kiddos... BUT....Dallas is a long drive, we couldn't find the street b/c it was a different name than what our directions said, then we had to take a shuttle bus to the entrance... but luckily I had my good friend Becky and her two girls following us and so it was just one BIG LAUGH! Pictures were happening but all three looking at me smiling and not sucking or biting their baby brother's fingers was not.... so this is the best we got. We hope Spring has bitten you on the behind, b/c it HAS us! WE LOVE IT! :)
The best one of the 4 of us! :)

Feedin the goats

Ewww Emmie, Did your lips really touch?

All about the animals

Super hug from Emmie

Noah took pics of flowers

Me and my boys


MY FAVORITE! I just think these flowers are gorgeous!!

Noah always trying to look cool.. ha!

Sweet bros

The Yellow Orange kids

love this pic

Emmie Lou

Pretty girl... with her new bob

Had to put this one on here of G man!


Picnics!!! Yeah!

We tried... we really did! :)

Gunner likes the stroller and watching the show! There is ALWAYS a show!

Noah was the star of the show in his first soccer game this spring... They are the GATORS! :)

Emmie is content on the sidelines with her cookies and juice and a tiny puppy friend named "Pepper" that we LOVE getting to play with while we are there.

"Mama, I ain't hurtin for NUTTIN!"

Will it bust? Will it? Will it? Tune in next time to see... :)

Tuesday, March 9, 2010


ok so it's been a while... Well... I literally feel like for the whole month of February we were SICK! One of the kids were sick with something and then something else and then Mommy and Daddy got it and now FINALLY .... we are on the mend! Praise the LORD! So for the last month... there have been no pictures.. I just took these on Sunday and one today. Pathetic I know but I have literally been hangin by a thread! I have lived in my pj's, no makeup, no brushing of hair..just wait till its oily and then wash it. I have cleaned up vomit, washed and washed and washed clothes and blankets and sheets and kids, given dosages of every kind of medicine, wiped noses, doctor visits, round the clock care for the sick and almost going insane while doing it! Luckily we survived the month of neverending sickness and are ready for spring! So excited for flowers and parks and picnics and popsicles and friends and fun! Gunner is almost 6 months old! WOW! Emmie is headed towards 3! Noah will be graduating from preschool and headed for REAL school! So much to look forward to! :) Hope you are having a happy week! Don't worry, Be HAPPY! My little "well" children

Happy Boys

One happy Mama!

Amazing what babies act like when they aren't sick! Awww! Got my sweet, little, perfect Gunner back! :)

I cute!

I love them!

Sweet little faces. Notice everyone has good coloring and no clear stuff dripping from their noses! :) Life is good!

Sunny Side Up!

Summer is SUNNY SIDE UP!!!! It’s been the kind of Summer this Mama loves! Sometimes we are one day at a time... one hour at a time. No plans...