Tuesday, April 17, 2018

"Sunrise For Jesus"

 I can't even look at these pictures without my heart slowing and my soul feeling peace.  
Our Easter weekend with friends that are truly family was the perfect way to celebrate the resurection of Jesus. Like many of us, it's hard to wrap our mind around wrapping up work for Nate, packing up the family, getting some food/snacks prepared to contribute, getting help for animals while we are gone, getting church clothes all packed for a sunrise service that my kids kept asking "why" would we get up that early to go to church on Easter & just gettin going on a 3 day weekend. As much as we LOVE our precious time with best friends, it's just reality that life with a family of 6 can have many moments of "let's just stay home"... For us, we are blessed to have friends that also have 4 children & "get it" & not for a second would be upset if we decided to stay home. But, for me... what I know is that these special friends & "the country" are two things that are good for our souls.  I knew once we got going, it would allll be worth it.  I kept thinking of Jesus & how willing he was to "do something different".... and wow... did he ever!!!!  He was "willing" to DIE on the cross for US! How could I not be "willing" to get things packed up & go have the amazing time I knew we would have!
  As soon as we got out of the city.... sighhhhh..... every 2nd thought or to do list just fell right off of us.  The kids were excited, Sonny is always happy to be along for the ride, & me and Nate were ready for the weekend! 
Time there is always a joy!  It's easy! It's simple! It's comforting!  The food is always off the charts amazing & the kids play like kids are suppose to play.  I was so excited and was looking forward to our final day there. For the first time, we went to an Easter sunrise service. What an amazing first sunrise service! It was an old church built in 1856 & no electricity. So beautiful! We got some precious pictures.  I was so glad we were able to be
"willing" to do something different.  What a perfect day it was! It's hard to not be so grateful for a day of celebrating Christ & then eating a special Easter dinner overlooking the most beautiful wheat fields with our children running & playing.  
Thank you to our wonderful friends for an unforgettable time & 

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

“Spring Break With Extra Sugar On Top”

I can’t even describe the sweetness of our Spring Break! When my Mama & Sissy & her family said they were coming to Texas for spring break.... "GIDDY" doesn’t come close to describing the feeling I had. Going from Thanksgiving to Summer is a LONG wait to see precious family! Especially my growing niece & nephew. My nephew was turning 4 & we were getting to have a party while he was here! So fun! My niece was a little butterball of yumminess!!! I literally CRIED when I saw her all unwrapped and in the cutest outfit.  My eyes started filling with tears... I was like... what is going on???? Why am I crying?  Babies just do that to me. Gosh we had the best time and lots of good time with the kids.  My kids are not use to anything extravagant. We did our usual park play and picnics and bubbles and animals and movies and don't forget lots of walmart trips for me and my sis!  You would think we would go get our nails done or go shopping.  NOPE. But we had some of the biggest cry your eyes out laughs in Walmart!!!  I guess we are getting old!  LOL! Loved celebrating little Cullen's bday!  So fun to be together for a family bday.  We had a nice long visit, but they are just never long enough.  We always wish we would have done this or that or spent more time here or there.  I guess that keeps us yearning for next time.  

I loved that one of the days they were here my little calendar reading was so special and true and sums our Spring Break With Extra Sugar On Top up just right!!!!

 "Happiness is being at peace, being with loved ones, being comfortable....But most of all, it's having those loved ones."
Johnny Cash

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