Monday, March 31, 2014

"This Is How We Do Spring!"

Wow!  LIFE has gotten REALLY EXCITING!!!!   We have been so busy!  But... The kind of Busy that is Beautiful so we can't complain!!!  I am playing catch up because I have new colors in my rainbow!!!! Literally!  Miracles!  Memories!  Surprises!!! Stay tuned!  I just can't do it all in one post... because it must be written delicately :) But we will be back real soon this time!
This is a catch up of spring break and just the beginning of spring for the Orange Family!
Can we say  H-A-P-P-Y?????  

A night out with friends... awesome music.... awesome dinner!  I love my man!

 We thought this shirt was too fun!
"We're Like Good Times That Haven't Happened Yet But Will!"  
 baskin robbins.... somebody changed their mind and wanted a cone.... too late!

Mommy's Spring Break Treat :)  hung it up in my laundry room 

 Lacrosse??? This was all his gear!  Super excited!

 Little doll in her dress playing with her puppy

He LOVES donuts!!!

 This is what we do in the spring time!!! :)
 I found her in Sonny's kennel covered up with HIS puppy blanket... she is such a goober!!!!
 GUNNER'S 1st Time to the DEER LEASE!!!!

 Just him and Daddy! 
 This looks fun!
 He's got a nice shot... like his big brother and his daddy :)

 Sweet, Sweet memories!  Father/Son Bonding!!!

 Spring Break Fun!  Stomp Painting... bubble wrapped feet... :)  (Pinterest)

 Got Noodles??
 Took the boys to get haircuts and This was just parked at a local restaurant..... yes... I turned around and let them get out for a picture.... Major Mom Points!!!! :)
 Rainbow ice cubes.... 
 park fun
 she may be girly... but she ain't afraid to run with the boys!
 Glow Ring Toss!!!  
 Donuts for the Best Daddy!!!

 Love her smile!!!

 She was playing babies while I cleaned up lunch and I found her snuggled in the playroom... ASLEEP!!

 Sonny has to be involved in everything!  We LOVE him!!!

 Wood working Girls.... 

 Spring is time for baseball!  Little Rangers!

 we have a new little Orange that is representin this season!!!
Gunner Orange #2 on the Rangers!!!  Whooo Hooo!!

 hangin in the dug out with sissy

 running the bases

 Does this look serious?  Does this look intense?  Does this look like Noah's new sport?  

YES!  He loves Lacrosse!!!

 Emmie's art work was chosen to be a part of the school district's Art Show!  Check out the window scene.... Proud of her!!!

 What a neat experience!  Some VERY cool art at this Art Show!!!! 

Her sweet grandparents happen to be here when we got to go for the reception.  :)

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