Thursday, July 11, 2013

"It Feels Like We Haven't Seen Tennessee In Coon's Ages!"

Tennessee!  What can I say?  It's Family!  It's Memories!  It's Us!  I cherish all of it!   It is hard coming back.... even to our happy life.... We looked at real estate the whole way out of Tennessee.... but then we come to our home in Texas and our hearts sink... Jensie squeals of happiness... our oldest says...awww its good to be home... we get back to our life...our own little family....our friends... and we forget....for now..... Here are some pics so we can reminicse!  :)  Such good times! We love ya'll!

Ain't nothin sweeter than wet, grassy feet from MeeMaw's yard

We are all getting ready to do a family race... we skipped, we fast walked, we ran.... HILARIOUS!  I tried to post the video and couldn't get it to work :(

Time for some water balloon action on some KIDS!

Aunt Amy has a good AIM and her aim was on NOAH!!!

Be Happy, Seek Paradise and Have Fun!  Our mason jars sum it up for us!

The kids love tackling Davy.... he is such a great sport!

Plank anyone?

Treasure hunts are more fun with your pants falling down... poor little guy.

Living it up at MeeMaw's

What?  A BounceHouse Waterslide for 2 DAYS!!!!!

Adults too????  Whoooo HOOOO!!!

Isn't she lovely???

How many MeeMaw's do you know will slide down a wet slide like this?  

Project:  This tree was our Christmas tree when I was little... my Daddy planted it... it ain't gonna make it any longer... sniff, sniff.

It's a family affair!  Pull, Pull, Pull!!!!

This was taken through the kitchen window... they were having the sweetest conversation

Lumberjack Hotness!  
Aunt Linda comes for a visit with surprises

Wagon rides are better in the nude

Sisters sittin on the tree stump 

Noah sliding to see turkey in MeeMaw's field

Bounce House bounces your pants right off!

June bug on a string....

the weather was so nice... we lived outside the whole time!

Headed up for another load of branches 

Aunt Amy having a intense conversation with Noah... so sweet.  Noah is a good talker and she was a great listener :)

MeeMaw and Jensie!

Playin in the Tennessee Rain

How many of ya got bucks in your backyard? They are MeeMaw's pets!  She feeds them deer corn!

I got a good one of him jumping over the fence

Love his facial expression

Breaking greenbeans with MeeMaw!  Love this!

These greenbeans are from my grandma's garden... My Uncle Roger planted them, My Mama picked them, My Grandma broke them and My Aunt Linda canned them.  We are gonna eat some of them!  :)

He really is a trick of all trades! :)

Amy and Davy... no kids crawling all over them for the moment!!  They are giving them a break!  

Gotta go to the nature trail for a run in this glorious weather!  It was low 80's and even 70's!!!!  
I called it "The Spa" it was so peaceful and perfect!

Bridges to run over... Sepia style... for the old effect :)

Noah and the bamboo

Happy Me!  A bridge over open water.. nature... running shoes... big trees... awwwwww!!!

check out these roots!!!

MeeMaw's House Photo Shoot

Their faces crack me up!

Everything was so green and beautiful!

Jensie didn't want to pet the deer

Are all of our kids able to stand?  wow!  Here we are... growing too fast!

Some Gunner fun faces

A Bunch of Oranges

MeeMaw and the girls... they are always good for pics

We can't wait for next time MeeMaw!  Thanks so much for everything!  We love you bunches!

Creek time!  Cousin Time!  Let's Hit It!

Creek Monster

Kissy face

3 of my favorite people!

I feel like I have known them my whole life!  

Nestled in a tree by the creek... what better place could we be?

this is ravishing!

I love Papa's face

Nonna time
they were all cracking up at each other forever out here

supper on the porch... 
lots of creature findings..... 
Overs' swing
she always makes us her soup and we always eat it and go back for seconds.  
Tennesee Cousins!  
The Great Grandkids!  we are just missing little Ethan Orange!  

Gency and Jensie :)
Nonna swing me 
Oh Noah!  A Mohawk for 4th of July?  You are too sweet!

Firework chickees

some of us :)

We had a firecracker called the "flying squirrel".... you can only get these in Tennessee folks!

Blane modeling mud... with her name and Emmie's name mudded on her arms!  LOL!!!!
Blane!  You are awesome Babe!

these two!  
Creek Time!

Papa showing Jensie the rocks...

gunner throwin the rocks

always a poser... no matter where she's at :)

sissy time on the couch! 

Playin on the Rhino.... don't worry... the machete is in a protective case!  YIKES!!!

Just a little Tennessee beauty for ya :)  For all you Twilight Fans.... I told my sisterinlaws... while riding through the fields headed to the creek with the tall grasses and trees and wind blowing on us... I suddenly felt like the "Cullen Family" house secluded in the woods... all the family coming together... yeah... it was cool... if you're a Twilight can feel me? LOL!


Gunner and the girls...Blane and Emmie
Riding down the creek in tubes... could ya'll hear me screaming from Tennessee?  It was COLD creek water!  Hitting your bottom and back in screeching but ohh so fun!!!!  I had to get control of myself because I was making Jensie nervous.  :)

gunner just chillin... ridin the creek

A little creek competition for the guys... these boys were pushin!!!

Papa just coasted on in... no sweat

Nate is always havin a party :)

We were driving behind them and it was too sweet not to take a pic of them..... we love you Blane!!!

Love their faces!

Cousins in a headlock

Last stop..... PeePaw's Grave
When I look at them... all I can think of is.... He wouldn't believe it!  He wouldn't believe I have 4 children!  He would love these boys like the ones he never had and the girls would melt him and make him remember having me and my sissy.  :(

Ohhhhh Daddy!  You really are gone????

We are so thankful we still got MeeMaw!  

Mama, I haven't been at Daddy's grave with you since the day we buried him.  When you got out of your looked so beautiful.... you hugged me ever so tightly and wonderfully and there was sadness in me because.... we were there....  I love you!  From the bottom of my heart... I love you so much!  You are amazing!  I am honored to be your daughter!  I wish we could share all of this with Daddy.... but we will all be together again one day.  XOXO

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