Thursday, July 21, 2016

"Celebrating LIFE Tennessee Style"

What a special trip to Tennessee we had this year.  We already had planned to go but then our precious Overs (Nathan's grandmother) started to not do so well.  We decided to go ahead and get things ready to go.  She passed away before we arrived, but we were able to be there for the funeral.  It was a sweet time with family to remember her and who she was.  It's times like these when you are so thankful for your family.  You cherish the time you all have together.  You listen about someone's life and are truly touched by them.  You think of your life and who you are and want to be.  Life is so short and our days are numbered.  It's truly about getting up each day and deciding you belong to God and what can you do for his glory today?
I was so proud of Nathan speaking at her funeral.  So moved by his emotion and how Overs has impacted him.  Her life is a Celebration of what God wants for us on this earth.  It was so refreshing to hear stories.  I am so happy I knew her & had sweet time with her.  She always told me I was a good mother.  I believed her too.  Because I knew that "she knew what being a good mother really was".  She always knew I was feeding Nate good depending on how he looked.  She always knew if he had lost weight.  Ha!  We will miss her!

Here are a few pics of her with the kids.

Making Milkshakes with her last summer.  

Aunt Hannah and Gunner with Overs.

 Overs makes the best soup.  She always loved having it for Noah when we came because he ate 3 bowls and always went on and on about how yummy it was.  I have her handwritten recipe that I love making for our family.
Overs and Jensie....
Sitting on the of my favorite places in TN.  Something about it being yellow, overlooking the lake and the rockers and swing.  The quiet surroundings and Overs sweet presence made it one of the most peaceful places. 


Overs' Cabin by the lake..... 
The memories at this place will always be in our hearts.  

Small town funeral homes have a sign by the road to let everyone know
Made me feel proud of where I came from.... some things stay the same no matter what and I just love that about our hometown

All of our family in Overs' cabin... Toasting milkshakes in her honor
Milkshakes in red solo cup!  Celebrating Tennessee Style!

After we put Overs to rest... the next day our family all came together once again for another celebration of life.  This time it was Noah's life and the choice he made to live it for God.  He talked to me and Nathan over a month before TN and he wanted to be baptized.  It was one of those moments where we didn't have to ask him a bunch of questions of his understanding.  He KNEW and told us!  We stayed up late and shared our baptism stories with him and what it has meant to live our lives for Jesus. I remember crying that night being so proud of that time we shared with Noah.  Thankful for his decision.
We had reminded him of our trip to TN and he immediately wanted to do it there with family.  Even better, in the creek.  Where  for years he has fished and swam and his Daddy did the same as a child.  Such an unforgettable day to watch Nathan baptize Noah.  For our family to all be there and no doubt.. Noah will never forget it.

Noah's ride to be baptized in the creek.  I know he will never forget this day.
Celebrating his "New Life" Tennessee Style :)

I know he won't forget the family that dropped whatever they were doing or had planned to come on a Sunday and sweat by the creek... to listen to Papa's words and pray together.  I love our family.

Noah's new birthday
June 26, 2016

So proud of him

The creek looks so clear.  Daddy picked a special place for him.  

Sweet Cullen is coming out of his shyness a little!  :)  

Doggies got to come play in the creek together

Just a little run in the country... across the creek

and pass by some goats... 

cousin selfie

time to be brave and do the river jump

Sonny loves to watch

Can you find the little 6 year old in the clouds?

Family Bridge Pic

Just some little jumps for the 4 year old.

Country cruisin is cool with your fun cousin Blane

Noah fishing in the pond.... He looks forward to this all year long

Taking in the surroundings.... the memories... watery eyes...

These kids are too cool!

Nathan's granddaddy driving the 4 wheeler with Nathan standing in the red shirt and helmet and Nathan's twin sisters on the front and brother on the back with their cousin too.....
 That was then....

This is now.... Nathan driving the 4 wheeler with our 4 children and one of their cousins piled on for a ride

All dressed up for MeeMaw
Let's snap a pic of these little ones matching

The boys!

Me & My Mama

This man

He only has one crazy eye... other than that every thing else works fine :)

Daddy and his girls

Selfie in the sun!

Not often we get to get dressed up together!  Usually we have mommy buns 
and takin care of youngins ... 
Love my beautiful sissy

Special dinner together!  

Steaks & Sissy

"Did somebody say S-T-E-A-K?"

sweet times

cookies please???

Wave Pool Fun!

Time for some grub!

Slides are SUPER fun

Salads at Mama's house are always good.  I remember she use to eat them all the time growing up and they always looked sooo good.  She would always let me have a bite when I asked.  They were always so good when she made them.  That's probably why I LOVE them today!  

Ping Pong on the Porch is fun! My son smoked me!

Bounce houses for when you get hot!

Popsicles and Puttin around in the Hummer with Cullen 

Or letting him pretend in the playhouse?
He loves his cousins and they love him

Annual Treasure Hunt at MeeMaw's

Ready for some fireworks!  

Pilin on MeeMaw

Sparklers are simple fun

How many can we fit in here? 

Visiting Daddy's grave

PeePaw would be in hog heaven with these grandchildren.  It's hard to think that it's not fair he didn't get to meet 4 of them at all.  It just stings that he's not here with us.
  My uncle Ricky called MeeMaw's house while we were there and Gunner Michael answered the phone.  He talked to Uncle Ricky and when he was asked about his PeePaw... 
Gunner said, "Well, I have never met him...but I KNOW him."  
These are the things that make me swallow hard. 

Grandkids and granddog under the weeping willow


MeeMaw is hiding....

Stayed at a hotel right next to a Cracker Barrel... 
Some country eatin... let me tell ya

Good Grief!

Mouth is full

Mommy preferred the gift shop side.  She also found one her childhood sweets... a Sugar Daddy!  My Daddy use to get these for me and my sister when we were little.  I loved them because they lasted so long!

Rock a bye Babies

Only our kids would find a huge area of baby frogs running EVERYWHERE on our walk back over to the hotel!

The kids always ask to stop at the GINORMOUS PYRMID in Memphis, Tennessee that they turned into a Bass Pro!  Well.... we Finally stopped!!!  Cool place inside!!  They said, Sonny was just as welcome as we were!  LOL!

Rest stop.... Back on Texas soil!  Almost Home!
What a wonderful trip to Tennessee we had.  We look forward to next time!

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