Friday, April 16, 2010

Spring Fun!

ok for some reason the pictures are posting weird...sorry for that. Here are some Spring pics of us and Easter too! You take all these pictures and work hard to get what you get sometimes....and when you actually sit down and look at them on the blog or just on the just makes you sooo thankful for those little squirts that make you say, "Smile" or "Look at me" or "I'll give you a treat if you will do one picture for me".... I love looking at their pictures but sometimes it makes me sad b/c time just goes by so fast. Sometimes the days seems long and tiring but when you look back at the pictures.... you can't believe it! Everyone is doing great here. Gunner is officially plump. He weighed 20 lbs 10 oz at his 6 1/2 mth checkup. He is still in the higher percentages for his height,weight and head size...but a proportionate little thing. He wants to crawl and it is so fun to watch him. Loves sitting up and seeing everything. He says "Mama" all the time and loves to laugh. Noah hasn't hunted enough obviously..... b/c his new thing is shooting those big mosquito eater bugs with his dart guns. He killed 30 and thanked God during his blessing over our dinner.... "Thank you sooo much God for letting me kill those 30 bugs" Emmie is riding the tricycle now and loving it! She has fake flowers in the back of it and rides around and gives them to people. Too cute. Hope everyone is doing good!

Sunny Side Up!

Summer is SUNNY SIDE UP!!!! It’s been the kind of Summer this Mama loves! Sometimes we are one day at a time... one hour at a time. No plans...