Wednesday, August 21, 2013

"Did Sally Really Sell Seashells By The SeaShore?"

Whooo Hooooo!  End of the summer beach trip!  Short and sweet and splendid good fun!  We were so torn and unsure of another trip after driving to Tennessee.... Hated turning down Destin with friends but just couldn't do the drive... then... what... a close beach trip that would be short and sweet and the friends were pretty fabulous too?  Ha!  The only clincher was Emmie was the ONLY GIRL.. well... and Jensie...  The other girlies went to Destin.  But we decided to just do it anyway... hoping she wouldn't be a beach whiner....and wow!  SO GLAD WE DID!  Emmie did great and didn't say one word about being the only girl.  She played with them all and loved the waves and seashells!  This was Jensie's first time to the beach and Gunner doesn't remember when he went at 10 months old, so it was like his first time.  It  was the first time for our whole family of 6 to go!  I truly forget how much I love the beach!  It's a must go place... every year!!! :)  So sweet of my friends to tell me I could decide last minute and show up if we wanted!  That took the pressure off and I must say... showing up at our LIME GREEN house was pretty exciting! Thank ya'll.. Wendy and Angela and your families!!!!
 I love that we ended our summer with a sweet little beach trip!  It was perfect!

Next up.... the dreaded....must stay happy and positive time of year.... SCHOOL!!!!!!  
Scream!  Sigh!  I just pulled the blanket back over my head!  Until next time... rev up... drink your coffee, get your rest, ask the Lord for strength... cause it's coming and there ain't nuttin we can do to stop it!  We'll be back... with lots of Orange Family Firsts!  :)  

 Whooo Hoooo... we are almost there!
 The ferry ride over to the beach.... so cool!  
 got to see dolphins jumping up
 Time for F-U-N!!!!
 Happy Girl
Gunner got a ride on our friend's little dirt bike 
 Surfer girl?
 Boys fishin
 Sally Ain't got nothin on Emmie and her sea shells
We don't even think Sally exists! 

 Beach girls
 All the kids love Mrs. Angela

 A foolish man might have built his house upon the sand and it might have went "smack"...But a wise runner definitely goes for a run on the beach and is "haaaaaaaaaapppppppyyyyyyyy"

 Ice cream trucks live here!  They come by 5 times a day!
 Treats for all!

 I love how cute she looks on this bar stool.

 Good Morning Angel!

 what could they be discussing???

 Love her!
 And her!!

 Ready for their 1st Fishing Trip with Daddies :)

 Happy Girl!

 More treats???  How can you tell them no?

 Who has some baby fishes?
 This is where its at.... 
 Emmie giving Mrs. Angela a makeover... 

 We Happy
 Look a here.... what a catch!  Red Fish!
 Black Drum.... this thing looks crazy cool

 Another whoppin Red Fish

 THESE TWO!!!!  Love/Hate relationship... either pushing each other or hugging and sitting like buddies!  LOL

 Daddy's little beach girl
 Loves it!

 We only did this for like 5 minutes!  LOL.... We got 12 children to watch... plus the daddies! :)
 Playing in the sand

 Leave it to my Noah to hook a sea gull with his fishing pole... :(  Luckily it was ok and flew away after we got the hook out

 Beach Boy... 
 yes.... sometimes we pee...sometimes we take off our clothes,  we're boys... we're young and still learning
I love how Gunner is looking back like..."You pee-in too?"
 Loves catchin them fish

 This was Noah 90% of the time!!!!  Happy little fisherman

 Sand body mask is always good for the skin?

 Oh to be a kid....

 I wish I could lay back and close my eyes and get this!

 Gunner and a baby fish

 Daddy and his big beach girl

 Almost 9 years old!!!!!!!!!

 Surfer girls... 

 Love this man!  

 Even the big boys play with sand

 What an "up-do"
 Wherever you find will find duct tape

 Hermit Crab
 Noah givin the dirt bike a test run.... guess what he's asking for now????  

 Jensie is sittin with Mrs. Wendy and I got to feed baby M.J.
 Bunch of kids... movie time
 These two... rotten and more rotten... they were givin nicknames on this trip... "Ray Lewis" b/c he's a big ol linebacker... don't mess with him... and "Maggie" from the Simpsons... always suckin on that paci!  LOL!
 And they love....

 Orange Kiddos

 The Park Family

 The Orange Family

 Me and the Lova

 The Meierhofer Family
 Me and the little ladies

 Beach Mamas

 Gunner decided to roll in the sand and water in his picture clothes..... yep... that's what boys do!


 Acting crazy
 All these boys and two little ladies... a great group of kiddos!

 does this look crazy or what?
Jensie Girl

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