Monday, September 21, 2015

"If It Takes A Village… Make One! Raise 'Em Up"

It's been too long!!!  It's SEPTEMBER and it's blowing away!  This is a mega post!  So much happening!  So many thoughts along the way.  I wish I could write them as much as they are in my head!  One day I will have more time to write… but will I have these littles to write about?  Ok… that's gonna start a flood of tears right there!  
Just a few thoughts… As a mother… of 4 children…. I have had to bury myself in them… in their cries, their needs, their daily schedules, their growth and change.  As time goes on… I have to start letting them go!  One by one, little by little I have to let go of being buried in their "everythings".  They  go to Sunday School/children's church, they go to play dates, they go to preschool, they go to sports, they go to big school, they go on adventures that I am not always right there beside them.  
Dang that's hard.  
We have to trust… in God's protection and the people in our village.  I was just thinking of our life here the last 14 years and how God has provided a village for us.  Not just one village… but many! So many people have left an imprint on our family.  We are so grateful for each part people have played in our lives.  We know God has a purpose for it all.
When we moved  here 14 years ago…we knew no one.  We found a church family with young marrieds/families.  We bonded… through the Lord, through our families, through our children.  God provided those families to weather the storms and celebrate the good times of this life here in Texas.  Five years ago, We moved to a new community not far across town and once again God provides.  He surrounds us with another village. This one to raise our children alongside.
  I look around and there are villages everywhere.  People say it takes a village to raise a child… well I think it takes a village to do life!  Villages with your workout buddies!  Villages of women/men!  Villages of believers in Christ! Villages that are family/friends in Tennessee! 
 Villages of the past but that are still very much there!  Villages of people everywhere that have once helped feed you, helped you get through another night in your tent… helped you do life on this earth.
I got to thinking about a village.  How… just because you aren't in the same tent, It doesn't mean you aren't a part of the same village.  Even if you aren't in my tent… I still need you. :) We all need one another.  I am so thankful for all of the villages in our life.  I am so blessed to be encouraged and certainly delight in being an encourager too!  If you don't have a village… find one!  Join in and encourage someone!  Be open to new people in your village.  They might just stay a little while and move on…but that's ok.  
Feed them while they are there.  
God has a purpose and we just have to be willing to let him help us build our village. 

Love this!

My Little Oranges
Mama and her cubs
Made me reflect of how my little cubs are growing up and getting brave and doing things on their own.

Mamas always watching and caring for their young

cubs together ready for adventure


Such a sweet day with my girls at the zoo

Time for BACK TO SCHOOL!!!!!  

Had to have one last hoo-rah for these awesome buddies

The crazy village
nothing like listening to one of your best friends sing and play guitar… 

This is one to remember!  Biggest slide we have ever had!  This is not just for the kids!  

Let's remember this all the school year long!

Can't believe I have 3 in Elementary School!!!

I can't believe it's his last year there!  Sniff, Sniff!

Can I squeeze her a little longer???

Is this really happening?  
Oh baby!  Mama is gonna miss you!

Safety Patrol…. He might just open your car door with that Noah Orange smile :)

the halls… the smell…. school… here we come!

1st day got to sit on a pillow!

His precious teacher!
Teachers are a part of our village!!!

Emmie loves her teacher!

 Little Miss 2nd Grader

 5th GRADE!!!!!  WOWZERS!

 Is this really happening?  Our baby is starting pre-K!  She is soooo excited and ready!!!

 "Mama, I am so big!"

 Daddy's girl!  
 Gonna miss my little buddy!  So happy she doesn't go everyday!  

She has the greatest teachers who we know and love!!

 Chiclets for my little "Chiclet"…..

 Just a little fashion show while treasure shopping….. who needs dress up clothes?

 First Day to ride the Big Yellow School Bus!  Looking Big

 This is what happens if you try to work on the computer to send a few emails

 Sonny looks like a statue
Tea Time for all puppies and preschoolers

 Some days we stay home and snuggle

 Some days we make confetti kisses

 Our bull frog buddy that comes and visits our pool at night…. they caught the giant fella!

 Father/Son Dove hunt…. the picture melted me… So thankful for God's beautiful creation, a son that loves the outdoors, wonderful friends to share memories of a lifetime with at this gorgeous ranch

 I Love these boys!  Eating dove wrapped in bacon like it's candy

 My little nature girl at her friend's house visiting the cows.

 Noah loving the fishing

 Mommy buys me rings

 got to eat lunch with my big kindergartner

 Who is that batter up?
 Squat like it's hot baby!

 Enjoying the baseball game with bubbles

 Where there is a tree…you will find my barefoot Emmie

 Yeah… this kinda makes a Mama happy…. Orange on the back of their football and baseball jerseys! 

He is having his friend party soon…but this is my favorite!  Just our family!

 Time for some shopping!

 Camo and bass pro!  What!!!

 6 is exciting!

 Camo cake for my little hunter

 Grapefest with family and friends…. 
Noah goes straight for the food!  :)

 Getting ready for swings!
 The Ferris Wheel 
 Get to ride the Ferris Wheel with my Birthday Boy!!  

 Crazy high!

 Little driver!
 Seriously Emmie?  She won 4 Goldfish!  

Fun Family Night!

Sunny Side Up!

Summer is SUNNY SIDE UP!!!! It’s been the kind of Summer this Mama loves! Sometimes we are one day at a time... one hour at a time. No plans...