Tuesday, June 13, 2017

I Love This "40" Year Old Man!

I loved him then when we were 17 and 16. I love him now that we are 39 and 40. I will love him when we are 80 and our reflections in the mirror have vanished from what we use to see. I can't imagine life without Nathan in it. He makes my days better. He makes me laugh. We just work. We think the same things at the same time.  We survive the days and nights of parenting 4 children.  We love US. When I think about growing old with Nate... it gives me peace & makes me feel secure and hopeful for all that's to come for us. 
Turning 40 is a big deal?  Ha!  People certainly go all out for the big 4-0!  But for this 40 year old... bigger isn't better. More isn't meaningful.  Expensive isn't extravagant.  I know him.  I have been with him for almost 23 years.  It is still just as wonderful as when it began. But in a sense.. richer.  Life for us is what we have around us.  The people in our lives that make our days have meaning. It's about at the end of the day, being content where we are.  Not striving to compare or have more.  Everything we could ever have wanted is right in front of us.  It's easy to feel joy when you look around at our lives... because God is all in them.  With Him... life will be good.  We will always have enough. We will celebrate life.  We will celebrate birthdays.  We will celebrate this 40 year old man that I love and am sooo thankful to have in our lives.  Happy Birthday to my Nathan.

I don't think there is a cuter little boy out there.

Growing up

Mr. Big Shot Baseball Player

Awkward photo that he hates! Makes me laugh so much! We all have these pics!

#19 was MY Fella

Had that long hair our senior year of high school

We were 17 and he had just had shoulder surgery. We look like babies.
Not a clear pic because it's a picture of a picture. I love this pic of the two amazing parents that have such influence in who Nathan is. They are my family too and I love them so much!

When you have been together since you were 17, it's crazy when you reach these milestones. We have celebrated A LOT of birthdays between he and I and now our 4 children. I love birthdays and celebrating with our family.
It wasn't hard to think of only 40 reasons why I love this man. It was hard to choose which ones to put on this gift.

The kids always participating in fun stuff for Daddy. Old man glasses this year!

You have to Stay Silly when you turn 40

Every MAN needs a smoker to smoke some meat! We have heard great things about these electric smokers. We shall see how much we use this. So far it's been AWESOME!

A Very Special night with Very Special Friends to celebrate Nathan

This looks like it could be trouble

Appetizers yum yum

Such a special dinner at The Lonesome Dove in Fort Worth with dear friends. We got to sit in the wine cellar downstairs & basically had it all to ourselves which made things so nice for us getting to talk and visit. When you are the wife to a husband like Nathan, you want so badly to make him feel celebrated and special. Sometimes the bigger party isn't always better. We decided to keep things very small but sweet. It couldn't have been any more perfect. All the planning and details on my end were made perfect by the presence of these special people. By the special words they all decided to share about Nathan. Nathan stories & just lots of memories of how all our families started out when our kids were 5! Now they are all going to be teenagers this year. CRAZY!
Sometimes life can get crazy with our kids going this or that direction. I am so thankful for times that we can stop everything and come together to celebrate one another, to celebrate life. Good times and wonderful memories!!!

Our waiter loved us so much! He was so nice! Brought us a little toast at the end of our night just because he thought we were awesome! LOL! So we had to get a pic with him in it.

Late night... piano bar... birthday boy is getting called out for not clapping. So funny!

Yes I had to let them know it was his 40th so he could be embarrassed and sung about

elevator ride in our hotel

You know you live in Texas when you can find horse and carriage rides at 1:30 in the morning downtown Fort Worth

What a wonderful night! So thankful and so happy to celebrate my Nate!

All the pictures from everyone's dessert on this hat makes a cute pic of a handsome 40 year old.

This is the pic that has resurfaced over the years and been retexted and laughed over.  With friends at a country concert and I don't know how someone got this photo of Nate... but it's the best!

Gatlinburg Tennessee 2001
Me and Nate had our picture done when we were 23 and just got engaged. We look like BABIES. Thought it would be a fun time and neat keepsake for his 40th to remember our night.
This was too fun!!!!

The birthday boy and his buddies! Us girls felt like we really were living back in that era when the ladies were dressing us.  They pulled our corsets so tight.  We literally couldn't breathe. So much fun though!  Happy Birthday to Nathan!

Monday, June 12, 2017

Another School Year Checked Off

I can't believe another school year has come and gone!  I can't stand the 1st day/last day pics... so I don't even go back to compare.  It makes me sad to see how much a year makes.  These little precious kids are growing and changing so fast!  It's like I memorize their face and expressions and cute little smiles and then they go get a nose full of freckles, lose quite a few teeth, & look different again.  I think it's really getting to me since my baby is getting ready to join the older ones in "real school".... more on that to come down the road I am sure!  Kleenex please!  For now I just want to feel happy.... because #1. IT'S SUMMER!  #2. The kiddos all had a great school year.  I know I will be so glad to look back one day at all their cute little programs and fieldtrip pictures.  Such sweet memories.  I am grateful for each of their different personalities.  I am giddy that they play together still sometimes.  I am keepin my eyes open as wide as I can so I can soak up the moments with these little bunch of orange kids.  Happy Summer to us!

Jensie's preschool graduation

Gonna miss this precious phase!  Preschool has been sweet to us!

Going on fieldtrips with boys and going on fieldtrips with girls is a totally different experience!  
Can I get an Amen????

But I wouldn't trade it for nothing

It's fun seeing him interact with his friends

Mama is desperate to be with all her babies on fieldtrips... even in her knee brace post surgery. 

Loved Mrs. Dean

Time to tug of war on Fun Day

Hungry Hippo Game

Loved Emmie's teacher getting out there to race with them

Get it girl!!!

Tube tug is the game my kids always want us to watch them in!  Cause they win!  LOL

Fun Day is fun for everyone

This face just makes my day

When you get out of school before the other kids do.. you get to make forts out of pillows and boxes... and it's soo cozy that you actually fall asleep!

These two have the LIFE

Middle School got early dismissal and we got to have lunch with Noah

I love that he swings his sister

Seriously.... these two are JUST ALIKE
We thought we would never survive the toddler and younger years of Noah.... 
Now it's time for the SHE version

Found this CRAZY BIG strawberry!!!

These two buddies love fishin so much!! 
Ridin trails around the lake and having so much fun!

They even got Nate to do it.... videoed him and they were dying laughing at him the whole time... 
Nate said it felt like his legs had been run over by a train the next day... he was so sore

This looks like another fun workout

Sibling fun... how can I be upset when they are in it TOGETHER???

One of the funnest scenes ever!

Sonny gets to have fun too!

Last Day of school pickup... I was PREPARED!  HAHAHA
I spent the whole morning cutting fruit and preparing snacks.  I was beyond excited for their LAST DAY OF SCHOOL



headed to the Start of Summer Party

These boys have been friends since they were 5 and all ended up together hanging out on the last day of school.... makes me happy... yet sad at how much they have all grown up

They all just decided to walk to our friend's house and crash in their pool without an invitation....which ended up being a perfect night and great way to start the summer

which meant I got to start MY summer with my bestie
Life is good! Happy Summer!

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