Sunday, August 29, 2010

Kindergarten 101

This is what you get to do when you are in kindergarten..... FISH!!! AT the Deer Lease with DADDY!! :)

This is Noah....

This makes him super happy

Big Catfish

Cookies for the kindergartner afterschool....:)

Tired Kindergartner....falls asleep on couch

Ready to go ...1st day of school..

Mommy gets pics with the big star

"Do I really have to let him go?"

Noah's teacher...

This wasn't good... he didn't want me to leave at first.... sniff sniff

What to color....what to color???

The other two..... at home...with me.... it rained and we played in it :)

After School Nature walk....

At home with Mommy.... we got to put some makeup on... :)

Crazy hair

Still in jammies... mommy looks rough.... but we made bead necklaces together.. some girl time while Noah is at school

Tea Party of course!!!

I promise you my milkshake "with sprinkles" will melt your kids! :) Come by.... we have one everyday! :)

Painting.... yes...those are crowns...

I accidentally wrote my thoughts at the bottom...oops...sorry... a must read if you have a kindergartner... ha... Hope everyone has a wonderful week!

ABC .... Easy as 1, 2, 3.... Yeah that is right... I am going to give you the mommy notes of Kindergarten 101!! :) Here are a few things from our 1st week... only went 1/2 days so this next week will really be the real deal!!! Noah ended the week with a trip to the deer lease with Daddy to fish.... nothing could have topped that! :)

Kindergarten 101
1.) Wake up kindergartner with gentleness...maybe pointing out the fact that "Look, it is still dark outside!" They will sit right up for you! :)

2.) Let kindergartner wake up slowly with some cartoons and juice on the couch while nonshalantly sp? place their sausage and biscuit or what have you beside them...they will eat it without even noticing it...
3.) Encourage them to get dressed by pointing out the fact that "wow... you get to wear your tennis shoes EVERY day in kindergarten!" They will be quite eagar for that! :)

4.) If having any problems getting results...use the "buying your lunch" as an encouragement to getting ready.... (They really want to buy their lunch some) :)

5.) Get to the car and walk in on day 1, 2 and the 3rd day they might stop you before you get to the classroom door and say, "ok, ok.... Go!" Mommy tears may form at this time.... :(

6.) When picking up kindergartner be prepared to hear ALL about RECESS and RECESS.... and that they played soccer and have teams and won and lost and some boy may hit your kindergartner on the 1st day of school b/c he wasn't playing right...:( More Mommy tears may form at this time.... :( REALLY!

7.) Kindergartner is very sweet and eagar to play with brother and sister when he gets home and melts your heart... when all you really want to do is be alone with HIM and talk all about everything and hug him and look at him is in kindergarten now.
8.) Be prepared for the before dinner, possibly during dinner...zombie state.... the kindergartner doesn't seem to hear nor do anything you tell them to.... :( They might even fall asleep on the couch and once again.... MOMMY TEARS may form once again!!!
9.) The kindergartner will not want to go to bed...they never do....but as the week progresses...the getting up will get more difficult and your Mommy muscles may have to lift the 52 lb. kindergartner out of his bed..... ouch!
10.) All in all.... a great kindergarten week! With a Family Night on Friday night...Get to stay up late with swimming and pizza by the pool, a movie with popcorn AND chocolate chip cookies.... just us.... bittersweet... as we watch the kindergartner's tired little eyes fall asleep while sitting up.... we carry him to his bed.....These times are super special now that we have a kindergartner...b/c they will be fewer and farther in between b/c.... He is in Kindergarten now. :)

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Ending the Summer With a Bang...A Tennessee Bang!

Well... the summer is coming to an end! We ended our fun in TENNESEE!!! Fun it was and lots of pics to show it! :) Thank you from the bottom of our hearts to all our Tennessee family and friends! We had a blast! Our last few weeks have been nutty with moving and then a trip... time to settle down because SCHOOL IS STARTING ON MONDAY! Stay tuned for those pics! Gunner has taken 7 steps... Adorable as ever...still as chill as a pickle! He is now 11 mths old... so a little behind the other two with walking but we aren't complaining b/c whewww we are nonstop around here! Emmie has the "sassiness of a 3year old" Telling us, "Ok, Ok I am done with that!" That means stop talking that she is tired of hearing it! WOW!!!!!! YIKES! HELP!!!
Noah is FULL THROTTLE! Feeling very big and like he can do anything he wants! Me and Nate are hanging on this wild ride of parenthood and resting whenever possible! I wanted to put our "summer song" on here b/c this is all my kids sing....hilarious! We have Noah on tape...pretty funny. Hope everyone is having a happy week.... August is almost over! Fall here we come! Ready for some nice weather! Love to all! :) Couldn't leave town without visiting my Daddy.... the hole will always remain when we are there...
My Family

Mama, Grandma Brown, Me and Amy

High School Buddies! So fun seeing everyone!

Me and Nicole

Nicole and Rory and Me

Ross and Rory and my cheezy smilin hubby

fun times

Known these gals since middle school :) So good to catch up!!

Cake Queen

Great Grandma Brown

Crazy Uncle Roger and Uncle Larry...

Noah LOVES them!

Emmie loves Dupree


Chalk and paint from Aunt Amy...

Shooting Uncle Bobby's BB gun... take a guess what Noah wants for his bday now???

"Lou"ella and Emmie "Lou"

waiting for Aunt Amy to get to Meemaw's.... Tutu Cute!

Moose Mount


Bear Time :)

Too Cool!!!

Say Cheese....

Country Baby

Fighting with sticks

Serious Slip n slide action

Notice shirt.... a MUST HAVE from Target!

Love him!

Loves sticks and swords already!!!!!

Holding a fishy

"The tiniest fish I have evefr seen!!"

Peekaboo with Nonna

Uncle Bobby always has a trick up his sleeve... just got there with a "Donald Trump" wig making Noah think he grew hair!

Gunner loves the slip and slide

Awww! Water droplets and babies! Love it!

MeeMaw is too cool for the pool :)

Treasure Hunt prizes

They are so excited to find their treasures

MeeMaw made a treasure hunt for them to do

Posing in MY ballerina costume from when I took ballet when I was little! You might get an "up close and personal" with this "get up" this Halloween! :)

MeeMaw has pretty roses!

Noah practicing his bow and arrows....

Yep.... he thinks it.... he knows it.... too big for his camo britches....let me tell you!

Noah always has to be silly :)


Bustella Babes! "Bustella" is coffee for all you people out there who "think" you drink coffee....well... you need to try this!!!!! It'll get your motor runnin!!!!! :)

Found this flower in the creek!

"Great" Grandmother "OVERS" on her precious porch swing!

Cousins!!!!! Aren't they adorable!

Creek Kids!

Had to feed Blane's new horsey.... loves animals!

Creek Fun!

Tarzan and Jane

Creek Baby

Creek Monster! Have you checked out "River Monsters" on tv? Well... we are going to start a new one... starring Noah Orange.... Creek Monsters in Tennessee :)

Love Nonna's Oreos

First Oreo Cookie.... look at that happy face!!!

Took this outside Papa and Nonna's house.... it was sooo humid there that it kept fogging up my camera... but amazingly enough... it made my little "angel" look like a real angel! :)

He WILL melt you

Cousins who love each other so so much! :)

Love Is Like....

Love is like 4 kids smiling for Mama on Valentine’s Day.... even though she got you “chili slime” gross! Love is like spending time with fri...