Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Tender Tennersee Christmas...Then Back Home For a Texas Christmas

This year we went to Tennessee before Christmas b/c Noah is in kindergarten now and we decided it was better to miss all the hoopla at school rather than start off the new year missing school. It was nice not having to go anywhere after Christmas....just enjoy time off for Nate and being home together. :) The Christmas season is long.... but when it is over....it is a little sad. I am always ready to clear out the Christmas clutter and get the house back to normal but have I done it yet? NO! :) It is jammies all day around here and LOVING sleeping in.... even if it is just 8:00 a.m. some days. :) Tennessee was Christmasy with all the fixins....double time! Texas Christmas was a memory made this year! Big Surprise gift from Santa! So fun! Hope everyone had a blessed Christmas! It is all about Jesus and Family and Love and Memories! Some of my favorites this year were:

1. The excitement my kiddos especially Gunner this year..... had when they saw their Aunt Amy. Gunner kept running into her and hugging her neck ever so tightly!
2. MeeMaw's story time with all three kiddos on the bed.... sweet!
3. The fact that my Mama hung out towels to dry on the line and I don't think it ever got above freezing while we were there! Some things never change huh? :)
4. My sweet Aunt Linda showing up at my mama's with gifts for the kids.... one being a precious Santa suit! Then she stayed until 1 am talking with my mama, my sissy and me! Girl time! :)
5. My sweet Grandma Brown.... there is no other feeling for her..other than just wanting to BE with her and not leave her there alone. She is so sweet just sitting there.
6. Sissy time with my sis.... what better than CLEANING out the clutter in my mama's kitchen cabinets! MAKING her get rid of some stuff! It was like old times.
7. Christmas at the Orange's.... All the family is together... Papa puts on some quiet Christmas music in the background. It was really nice and cozy! We were all together and ready to eat and Papa says the blessing and I couldn't help but notice in the background... playing was Alabama..."Tender Tennessee Christmas" It don't get no better than Alabama singing that song!
8. Always enjoy a walk to Overs' house. Then her homemade vegetable soup that my Noah eats 3 bowls of!!!!!!!!!!
9. Our cousins Kellen and Blane.... their horse was pregnant and we went to see her in their barn that had some Christmas lights and a wreath on it...nothing prettier than a barn at Christmas. FYI The baby colt was born on Christmas Eve... we were already gone...but so happy for everyone there! :)
10. We celebrated my bday in Tennessee and I woke up to my wonderful husband laying next to me... in his tired, morning voice.. he hums "Happy Birthday" to me. .... loved that!
11. Texas Christmas was fun! Santa was tricky and had an extra present to all three of them with ribbons going to the garage door opener b/c he left it in our driveway.... b/c the yard was muddy from rain.... a Trampoline! The looks on their faces and the excitement screaming, "A TRAMPOLINE!!!!!!!" was priceless!
12. Christmas dinner here for us was Lasagna! Haaaaaa! Tired of all the other so we got a little crazy...hey...it is red sort of? :)
13. Santa brought me and Nate a tiny bottle of 5 hour energy in a bottle for Christmas! LOL! It didn't work! LOL
14. My husband had Christmas Story trivia for the kids at our Christmas dinner... we spent our dinner talking about Jesus and I loved every minute! The kids were so engaged!
15. This list is long...but if you are reading it...it is because you want to.... :) Last but not least... I loved all of your Christmas cards! Such beautiful families and children and happy faces! Thank you all!

He wanted to pose a lot this year... was kind of nice. He was asking us to take the pics! :)
Sweet Christmas Princess... she really believed she was one

very excited

Gunner leaped for the balls... I saw his face and melted!

a rockin horse from us

Noah is shocked!

Our junky garage opening up.... noah is seeing it now....

Santa Baby just got a new play pen!

Christmas Bath with Candy Cane bath confetti

Sweet Overs

"Mama, CHANGE ME!"

Emmie is trying to bribe Papa to let her open this... she was so excited!

Crosses his eyes the whole time we were in Tenn.


I love this one!

Sitting like a little man on Overs' couch

In my Top 5 Fav pics for Christmas!

Could a princess have any more princesses????????

OH MY! Check out her sequins Christmas Crown... her Aunt Kema wore it in and Emmie was very concerned as to WHY Aunt Kema was wearing that crown...

He is getting so mature looking to me

Rockin chair

Over the creek and through the woods... to Overs' house we go

Another one of my top 5!!!!!!! :) This is magical!


LOVE YOU MAMA!!!!!!!!!

Merry Christmas!

Happy times.... We love you MeeMaw!

Gunner wouldn't cooperate... but this one is great!

in my top 5..... am I to 5 yet? Maybe I have more than 5! Ha!


Is this a Tennessee Boy or what? Actually he is not.... but he will know all about it :)

Santa Baby and MeeMaw Claus

Top 5! Daddy is so handsome and Santa Baby..... too cute!


Grandma Brown and Emmie in her Dorothy dress! :)

The kids built a Fort in the woods at MeeMaw's house

Daddy and Noah shootin guns

"Can you find me? Can you? Can you?"

Does Santa have blue eyes?

Oh make you melt!

Me and My sissy wore this "Turbin" sp? over our pink spongy rollers to sleep in growing up...

Who is excited?

Emmie's new doll... she named her "Rose"

happy to open presents

"Do I get one too?"

The present is as big as her!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Christmas Trees, Glittery Things & Sparkley Kids

Ring a ling, ling... It's that time of year again! :) I love December! I love Christmas Trees and Lights and all that goes on them! :) My favorite thing this year is Emmie saying, "Mommy, the tree is soo farkaley.... " She also wants a Christmas Barbie with a "farkaley" dress... we love her to say it ... it is soo cute! Gunner is growing and talkin and makin us love him MORE and MORE! :) Noah is sooo 6! What does that mean? Well... lots of things.... he's growing up and I don't know how to slow that down??? Any suggestions? Nathan is Mr. Dad and a wonderful hubby that makes this crazy time of year a joy to go through it all with.... Love him! Hope everyone is having a holly, jolly season! Did I mention how much I LOVE getting Christmas Cards? Hey...we all do huh? :) I love the fact that our family has started a new tradition of watching "Elf" together... like almost everyday... lazy... popcorn, cookies, cozy blankets and cozy kids with a beautiful fire to warm us up... love these times. Now it is time for a little Tennesee Style Christmas??? Hey, Hey! So stay tuned for that and I am getting excited for Christmas morning! The kids are so excited and we are thankful for family time and relax time! :) Till next time.... Put on your fuzzy socks, prop your feet up, look at the tree and lights and sing Silent Night.... man... that song will make your eyes water! Love!!!
Christmas Season is Here! 2010

Daddy and the Boys

Mama and the Boys

Made some Christmas cookies

So proud of her decorations

Noah and his normal cheese smile... Gunner...not happy...Emmie is a little uncertain?

How can you not be giddy happy with this little man clung to you?

His favorite word is "Wook" :)

He is only doing this b/c I told him to look at it... he leaves the tree alone pretty much! :)

Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree, You are so tall and sparkley

My favorite is all of our stockings... :)

This little angel used to be a tree topper...she is so cute with her curly hair and little "O" in her mouth.... another favorite of mine.

This guy is new.... He sings a bunch of songs and moves his lit up candle up and down.... Gunner likes to wrestle him though :( Ha!

On with the glitter and the sparkle.... a chandelier ornament is my kind of thang :)

Will always be one of my favorites... Nate's parents gave us this our 1st Christmas after being married... you hook it to a light on the tree and it shines in the little fireplace.... love this!

A motorcycle... to remember my Daddy.... not like he could ever be forgotten...but his motorcycle was black too

Peace.... glitter syle :)

Love.... with a little bling on it....

These are all the kiddos Santa pics... too funny! Also a pic of me and Nate in the early years..prekids... with a big ol' CAT! :) HaAAAAAA

KIDS!!!! Don't jingle the bells at the dinner table....but do look at them :) Ha Ha

This is a Christmas countdown that me and Nate have had since we got married and it is one of his favorite things to do is move the little star each day.... he gets too excited about it! I love that about him! :)

This one has been around since pre kids too and it started with just "Nathan and Angie" 2001 the year we got married.... we have added a few names since then.. :)

The priceless Nativity Scene.... LOVE THIS!!!!!

Noah's gingerbread house from school this year... fun times!

This is our little "Christmas City" in our entry way.... up high.... away from children's fingers and hands and what nots... :)

I made this wreath for our front door... Lots of glittery and sparkley things.... :)

A night pic of our house.... can't see it too good...but this is what we did this year... no lights on top b/c Nate almost slid off..... We will see how he behaves this next year as to whether or not I make him get up there again! :) Ha!

Just skippy

Don't forget the coffee cup ornament.... heeeellllloooooooo got to have the coffee in this house! :)

Santa on the motorcycle... a big hit.... he DID sing and hop on it but suddenly doesn't work anymore... He was Gunner's favorite and I guess Gunner threw him on the floor one too many times! All you had to say to Gunner was, "Get Your Motor Runnin..... and he would go over and push the button on Santa to make him sing! Too funny!

Sunny Side Up!

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