Thursday, November 24, 2016

"Surrounded By Your Glory"

Thanksgiving Day is such a time to be refective and look around at your blessings and be grateful. I have certainly felt grateful lately for God surrounding me by His Glory.
Without making this extremely long...I must write about my lately.
So long story short... I had to have a little surgery to see why I was having pain for the past several months. Was I nervous? Was I worried? Was I ready to face whatever they found, if anything? Was I scared of that? What kinds of things would I be Surrounded with if they find answers?

I definitely had my moments of thinking "what if?" and "I don't want to die yet" and "am I strong enough to get through it with my husband's new job and travels, no family here, 4 kids to care for"!
I definitely had concern. I definitely cried, I definitely prayed. 
I had a handful of people that knew and Surrounded me with their support.

The night before my surgery I get one of those forwarded messages about being an angel.
It literally said, "I sent an angel to watch over you but it came back and said why? Angels don't watch over angels. Then said God has seen you struggling with some things and God says it's over. A blessing is coming your way. If you believe send this message to some friends right now."
I usually don't do those things...but since it meant so much to me, I sent it on to the first person that popped in my mind.

The irony of that message was.... it was my daddy's sister who sent it. She didn't know I was having surgery the next morning.  I mean really?  If that isn't a sign from the Lord... I can BELIEVE That He is SURROUNDING ME during this surgery.  That my daddy just might be an angel trying to tell me it's ok by communicating this through his sister who had no idea of my circumstances. 

Tons of precious messages and prayers Surrounded me before my surgery from many loved ones so dear to me. Gave me peace. Honestly I didn't have time to worry the day before  because I had been celebrating my 5 year old's birthday all day. I was totally fine with that!!!
So the next morning, I have the surgery... all went ok.  They didn't find anything awful and I don't need to worry. In case you are were wondering.  Wink, Wink. :)
There was a great amount of  love and support that SURROUNDED me after this minor surgery.  Cards and flowers, meals and surprises on my doorstep over and over. It is so hard to accept a meal.  I don't know why... I totally do it for others. I just gave in and said, YES!
Oh how I was so grateful for it! It totally lifted that from my plate. What a blessing.  

Another surprise...I get a special card from a sweet friend who tells me some heartfelt things for the first time.... one of them being that she respects how I put my family first, for my special circle of friends and my faith and that she was going to be praying for me, my recovery and my pain to stop.  Some of the most meaningful and beautiful words.  Why? Because it was from someone I didn't expect to say them? So tender and sweet.  I was humbled at what she saw and thought of me. It lifted my spirits with happy tears for the Lord that He is SURROUNDING me by His GLORY.  
I can only imagine what else he can do?

What more could my heart possibly feel?  I have a special friend I adore but just between her 5 kids and my 4 living in different communities.... well... it's almost been 3 years since we have talked.
Out of the blue....get a message from her telling me of her father's sudden passing back in June.  
She tells me, "I was channeling you  Angie Orange. You have a way of looking on the bright side that sticks with people and although I have struggled I have tried my very best to focus on how blessed I was to have him as long as I did.... and that even though we haven't talked in a bit, the sunshine you let out every time I saw you has always stuck with me."  I am in awe of her words... the timing in that she chose to write them to me.  Why would it be 2 days after my surgery that she would send this? She lost her father suddenly just like I did. She thinks of me then... but decides to send me this message now? She didn't know of my circumstances. The timing is Because the Lord is SURROUNDING ME BY HIS GLORY!!!!! He is telling me... to not worry.  He might just be using me when I don't even know it. He reveals these things to me when I am recovering and full of questions.  He pacifies me with His Love through so many people surrounding me. 
He gives me answers to my questions that are simple: "God is in Control of All Things"

Will I dance for you Jesus or in awe of you be still? 
Will I stand in your presence or to my knees will I fall? 
Will I sing Hallelujah, Will I be able to speak at all?
I can only imagine."

As I was getting a shower a few days post surgery, This part of the song came to my mind.  "Surrounded By Your Glory" and wouldn't it just be the song, "I Can Only Imagine",, that  we played at my Daddy's funeral? But as I was thinking it... The whole week all came together while I was in the shower. I could see it all.
With every prayer or message or act of love or meal or card I had received.... it was HIM.  It was HIS GLORY.  I am so humbled at what He can do.
 If he can do alll this for me on Earth for my one little week of surgery and ease my worries and wipe my tears with words of praise and love from those SURROUNDING me... then what will he do for me when I get to finally be with him?  I think no matter what.... He Has Me. 
I just want to write this down and remember.... He is Surrounding me. 
I am already in Awe. I already want to fall to my knees. 
My heart is dancing and singing Hallelujah because He is already Surrounding Me By His Glory.

I am so thankful for how God Surrounded Me with His Glory, with people that were placed all around me intentionally by Him. I pray that He uses me to Surround someone for Him one day too. 

Some November pics!

My Soul Sister is turning 40!
Life is absolutely Beautiful to share a friendship with Kim.
A night to remember with some of the greatest friends! 
We love them like family!
Not a lot of pictures from this memorable night...because there was so much to take in.  

These Guys make parties an absolute blast!
Happy 40th to Clint who prepared the most amazing meal for his guests. 
We Love You Kim and Clint!

My sweet Sherry! 
What an absolute joy to be with and catch up and celebrate our friend.

Some of our kids served the 50 guests at this farm to table dinner.
They did an amazing job!  Noah is serving the butternut squash soup in a bread bowl.
Get in my tummy!

Noah and Daddy finally got a hunting trip in!
Looking good fellas

Buck down! He got him one the first night!

Proud of Him!  
Shot this 8 point buck 275 yards away with his PeePaws 7 Mag!
Pretty Special I must say!

Somebody is excited!

If that long shot for the deer wasn't enough... the next morning he gets him 2 turkeys with 1 shot!!!!!
Seriously?  He said, "I'm shooting like a sniper Mama!"

You see him all in camo and got his gun and his buck out hunting.... looking all tough
But on the inside is this boy who makes his mama crazy sometimes with the sweet things he does or says....
 He comes in the other morning before school as I was making lunches... He says, "Mom, You Have GOT to come see this RIGHT NOW!"  I drop everything... even though there's hardly a minute to spare on school mornings....But am I soooo glad I did.  He wanted to show his mama the sky.  It was filled with pink clouds from left to right and all over!  It was absolutely gorgeous!  I couldn't get a picture big enough to show you how many pink clouds there were.  
Of coarse I think of my Daddy.  Did he ask God to do that for me this morning? Daddy always knew my favorite color was PINK.    
But I love that my SON found the beauty in this and thought to come get his mama.
These are the moments I cherish in motherhood.
Another moment of God showing me how blessed I am and how every where I turn I am Surrounded by His Glory.

My sweet Gunner got his hair trimmed up... looking handsome and that smile just makes me happy

Can you count the bunnies? 
One of Emmie's bunnys had 9 babies!
She is a busy bunny farmer let me tell you.

I finally got a picture of our sweet friends Mr. Dennis and Mrs. Phyllis. They are who gave Emmie Shadow, the bunny she is holding (after her other bunny died.)  They have been so special to us and even given us three other bunnies.  Now we are going to give them some of ours.  They are in their 70s and I just love visiting with them.  Usually we go see them at their house.  But I thought maybe we could invite  them to come see our new babies.  I made them taco soup and some brownies to take home with them.  But to my surprise... they showed up with his favorite homemade enchiladas ready to bake for the next night at supper FOR US!  They said because they knew I would be busy preparing for Thanksgiving.  Melted my heart!  

Keeping me company while I make the drive to Dallas

Emmie working at her bestie's bakery helping out for the busy holiday season.
She loved it!

Had to go see the birthday girl since she was doing what she loves on her actual birthday... working at the bakery.  It's not everyday you turn 40!!!!

A singing candle and brownie 

So much celebrating.... I should be home cooking but going out to celebrate with the birthday girl and wonderful people just tops the list of to do's.

The 40 Year olds

When we got home this boy had blankets on the couch folded, pillows fluffed, candles lit and everything tidy.  He even carried his sleeping little sister up to her bed.  He said, "Ok ya'll now I am ready to help ya'll start cooking for Thanksgiving!"
It was a fun 2 hours of staying up and getting everything done and prepped.  He made me laugh when he turned that turkey around and said, "Mama, am I really suppose to stick my hand in there?"  LOL!  He was a champ! One of those cooking nights I won't forget!

Putting the pies in the oven.  Nathan's Aunt Dot's fudge pies have been in the family for years and years.  I have made them every year we have been married.

Happy Thanksgiving 2016... eating some sausage and biscuits and drinking coffee to get us going

We are so very thankful!
Happy Thanksgiving!


This is so hard to do.  I think sometimes we might not be thankful for certain things in all our circumstances but we can always find something to be thankful for during those times.

As we are all in the holiday season now....We can think about "Who" we are surrounding ourselves with.  Be intentional.  Be purposeful. You never know... God could be using YOU to be someone's Glory.... just like they were for me.  

Monday, November 21, 2016

Is It Really November????

I can't believe it is November and it's flying by! It's a busy month with finishing up Halloween, we go straight into Noah's birthday!!! I can't believe he is 12!!!!! I can't even make myself say preteen or almost a teenager.  I feel like it was just yesterday that I painted my belly like a pumpkin for a Halloween party. How did 12 years go by? He is loving middle school and just finished up his first season of tackle football. So fun! He loves to hunt and fish and that makes me so happy! He has wanted a phone for quite a while now. It seems that's where times are going and I know it's coming so we are trying to gradually embrace these changing times of being a parent. It is so hard! As much as I want everything to be like it was when we were kids.... it's not! These kids are forced to learn technology in kindergarten. I wish there was more coloring and painting and learning to read and write. Our whole world has moved into a new land of technology. So with that said.... we are slowly giving in with many restrictions and much supervision... he got a phone. His daddy had an old iPhone that we were planning on getting service on. But my service on my phone was ready to be updated and I actually switched providers and was able to get two of the new iPhone 7s for us. We went back and forth on whether or not to give him the newest thing out. But we decided let's go ahead and do and we won't need an upgrade for a very long time. Plus it would be a HUGE surprise! Needless to say... his reaction was something we will never forget. We even videoed but weren't quite ready for his estactic and emotional reaction. He was so shocked that he cried. He rushed straight over to his mama and hugged my neck and made mama cry. He could barely talk. It was one of those moments where we were glad...if we were gonna do it... let's surprise the heck out of him. When you don't always get the best or the newest of things.... or at least very often.... you are sure thankful. That's what we felt like with his reaction. Priceless!

November 1st... Noah is 12!!!!

Happy with his fishing pole!  He doesn't have a clue what's coming later!

Birthday Boy

First Family Selfie taken by Noah

Loves to fish

Proud of him and his 1st tackle football season

This girl!  My My!  Could she be 5?  
She isn't a baby... she isn't a toddler! 
She's a full blown KID!  
But she still rubs my arm and snuggles with me like she is my baby! 

Her 2nd soccer season to be a LIL DIVA.... she LOVES soccer!!!

She looks soooo sweet.... but she can be soooo spunky

Birthday Doughnut Tower

She looks too little to be 5?  

Got a sweet and sassy hairdo and her EARS PIERCED!!!!!

While we were there... she said, Look Mom, it's Emmie?
I looked up and there she is on the wall of the store.  She did this little photo shoot a long time ago and is in their brochure and now on the wall!!!  Too cute!

Nails have to be sparkley and bright to go with her sparkley earrings

She wanted a cookie cake

Happy Birthday Jensie!  
We are so happy you completed our little Bunch of Oranges

This picture was one morning I slid out of bed to start my day and looked back to see the sunlight coming in the window and shining on Jensie's hair.. She looked like an angel.  It made me so happy to look at this.... Our dog Sonny who always waits until I get up to get up.  Our baby girl who came down during the night to get in our bed.  The sunlight coming through on her looked like Heaven.  Our beautiful bed that Nathan built us that makes my heart overflow with love.  This is what life is all about right here.  This is what makes me happy.

Emmie, Clementine, Anna Claire representing their 4H club in the Food Challenge at a nearby college Texas Christian University.  They did so good and loved every minute!!!  The judges are behind them.  They got Best Team Spirit.

These are the other 4H groups from our Texas Wrangers Club

They are excited to be a part of this!

They had to carry their creation out to the judges and tell them what it was and what all they used to make it.

This was their kitchen section.  All of the participants were in this huge room with tons of kitchens.  It was sooo cool!

It takes a lot of courage to stand up and get "judged" in front of all the parents too.  We are so proud of the girls!!!

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Halloween 2016

Halloween is always fun and festive!  With fun costumes,a hayride and trick or treating with friends, It is always a blast!  These days are coming to an end for many.  These kids grow so fast and dressing up may not last forever!  I am loving these times and love seeing what the kiddos come up with for their costumes.  Noah always weighs his candy bag and I believe it came in at 16 lbs. this year.  Pretty ridiculous!   Mama will take all the milk duds and tootsie rolls... please!

Halloween for the Orange Kids
A gross Zombie, A football player, A bunny farmer, A police cutie and a cool daddy dog

Peace, Love &  Halloween
Love Nathan &Angie

This just feels like Life is Good

Gunner and his buddy Callahan... couldn't tell who either of them were

We been Halloweening it up for years. Every year is a blast!  

This picture was sooo hard to look at the flash and hold my eyes open.  Obviously Kim and Lisa did much better than I did!  LOL! 

Kelly is the cutest Starbucks girl I have ever seen!  
Crazy Henry is just plain funny as some kind of rapper?  

!Yum Yum!
In & Out Burger 

Trump and his wife who has lost her shoe and eyelash 

Waterboy & his prize player

Bud & Sissy 
Texas Cowboy &Cowgirl

Mr. & Mrs. Bear Bryant
Alabama head coach forever

Leonardo da Vinci  and the famous Mona Lisa painting

Sunny Side Up!

Summer is SUNNY SIDE UP!!!! It’s been the kind of Summer this Mama loves! Sometimes we are one day at a time... one hour at a time. No plans...