Monday, May 9, 2016

"Mamas... We Are All In the SAME Garden!"

I hope everyone had a wonderful Mother's Day! As the day has been approaching, it's got me thinking about mothers and how we are all the same....yet different. 

We are truly like flowers in a big, beautiful flower garden. 

Some of us are expectant mothers just starting to bloom...
Some of us are young mothers just starting out....wondering how much our petals can take...
Some of us have been doing this for a while and have had our dead blooms pinched off a few times & know we will bloom again...
Some of us are thriving with big, luscious blooms that are thick and tall and bountiful in color....
Some of us are wilted and might be missing some of our petals....

Whatever the stage a flower is in.... We all know what it needs.  Soil, Sun & Water...
But even if the soil is harsh... a flower can still thrive....
Even if the water or sun decreases or increases.... the flower can still survive.

This is the SAME for Mothers....We are God's flowers.  If we let him water us, we will thrive. 
We need him to survive.  
No matter what kind of weather life may bring, He planted us... He can let us grow again and bloom.  
For Mother's Day.... think of yourself as a God's flower.... what stage are you in?  Have you just been through a hail storm?  Have you been thorough a drought?  Or maybe you have had exactly the right amount of sun and water from the Lord lately?  
No matter what stage you are in.... God has you.  He has picked you to be a mother!  
We have been picked to raise our children during this time & no matter what the world brings with it's challenges..... We are all in the same garden!  We can survive!
Let the Lord water you with his love and Let other flowers share their nutrients with you!  
We are all in this together to raise our children!  
Happy Mother's Day to all of you wonderful Mama's.... God's beautiful flowers!

 I picked some pictures that made me think of all of us Mothers!

God created us all!   
He chose us to be mothers

All different colors, all different sizes, all different kinds
New mothers and mothers to be

We are our best when we let him water us with his word and learning more about his ways 
I know this is so very true for me.

Some of my own flowers :) 
 Love when these bushes first bloom... they are always covered!

I loved how this orange rose bloomed all alone... more to join it... but it was so beautiful all by itself 
Some new kind of geraniums this year 
I love up close pictures of flowers... They are so delicate and ornate 
These have blossomed massively since I took this picture.... all with a little sun and a little rain

My 5th child in a pretty little area of wild flowers

Nathan's Mother is a strong flower that can grow in any kind of soil.... I feel so blessed God let me be near her in this flower garden of motherhood.  She is seasoned and can provide young flowers with shade and wisdom while they are trying to grow their own roots.
Nathan and his dad & brother.... he got to spend some sweet time with them recently

 This flower..... My Mama....She is like one that keeps blooming a million times over & you just watch & know it ain't going no where..... A flower that puts off a fragrance that can calm the whole flower garden.  She knows how to take care of her petals during the storms & she comes back with more vibrant of colors than before.  

 We aren't sure what kind of flower this one will be!!!  Ha!  She is too much for words sometimes.  She is obsessed with these shoes.  I pretty much let her have them cause I never wear them anymore.  
My little creek boy... loves to explore and make things

She baked these cupcakes from scratch all by herself... icing and all... they were so yummy

In the school talent show with her sweet friends
These girls were so cute... they did a routine to the song "Girl Party" and it was adorable!

I saw this recently and thought how very true!  I have so many friendships that I never saw coming!  I love how God knows what we need when we need it.

These friends have been around.... but they are good for the soul
It's a pre party for the Colleyville cookoff
Just a pic of my happy hubby at the cookoff.... he makes me laugh and I just love his fun personality
 a few of us that were at the cookoff.... fun times!  
It was so fun getting to see so many from our community!  We have talked about this for years and the guys finally attempted to do it.
The Colleyville Cookoff!  What a BLAST!  

One of them just had her 4th baby!
One of them just had her 6th baby!
Several of them had a birthday!
We celebrate!  
Beautiful times!

This! Will! Never! Get! Old!
My precious friend's 6th baby boy!  
I could snuggle this little sweet cake all day!

We ended our Spring Season of sports with Jensie's soccer team! 
What fun! 
 Her 1st trophy!!!

 A snowcone to celebrate 6 soccer goals!  What!!

Noah's lacrosse team WON 1st Place!!!  Memorable Moments here!  Love this! 
Noah's coach and the giant trophy 
 So proud of him and love watching him play!

 Playdates mean we all switch our clothes at least 3 times before we go home.  

haircuts that turned into mohawks....oh dear 
 some of these cuties are ready to swim!
 Love sunning with my little flower

Just a little girl with her mermaids.... 

Gunner's kindergarten program..... 
Me & Gunner at the Mother's Day brunch...He made this plate for me!
I love it!

 Jensie's little hand and fingerprint pot
Cracks me up that she thinks I like Monsters... Her daddy drinks them and I drink tea
 Gunner's placemat he made me... He even gave me bow

 Let's insert this one for good thoughts!  HUGS!  I love hugs!  Isn't this interesting!!!!
Hug your children lots! Hug other mamas!  Hug everyone!

 Mother's Day 2016.... I May feel like a wilted flower some days.... but somehow.... I keep growing in the flower garden of Motherhood.... thanks to these little love-cicles!  Time passes so quickly and they grow so fast!

 Most Mama's want a nice sit down lunch for Mother's Day... I just need some Torchy's Tacos & queso... at home with my awesome family!  MMM!  MMM!  MMM!!  
The end of my Mother's Day celebration.... Baby burgers and fries my hubby made!  Yum! Yum!
I feel some good exercising coming up this next week!  Ha!  

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