Monday, September 29, 2014

"He Should Of Mentioned Bologna In The Marriage Vows"

Well... it's been 7 years that Nate's been on a deer lease.  It's been his thing.  His hobby.  His peaceful time away doing something he enjoys out in nature.  I have never even been tempted to go because of the "living accommodations".... BUT.... now that we got a camper that will actually fit us all and also has a toilet... it's time to reconsider?  LOL! We decided to take a family adventure out to Daddy's Deer Lease.  :)  One other exciting part is some our best friends are also on this deer lease and they were going too!  Can you say, "Party in the Woods"???  Whoo Hooo!!  Daddy was so excited his family was coming! know what that means.... Mama has to pack us all and go to the store!  :)  We ain't gonna eat "clean" at the deer lease.  We gonna eat JUNK!  The kind of junk that your son's eyes bout pop out of his head when he sees you bought "cheese wiz"!  I mean how can you not love cheese that squirts on a cracker?  The funniest thing I bought was BOLOGNA!  I think it's been 10-15 years????  My husband... my most adorable husband... couldn't get over that I bought bologna.  He was like a giddy kid.  He kept saying, "I can't believe you bought bologna!"  Then later on....He'd be walkin around smiling in the kitchen saying,  "I can't believe you bought bologna.... this is why I married you!"  Ha Ha!  I'm thinking... Wow,  he should have mentioned "bologna" in the marriage vows and I would have bought it every now and then.  LOL! 
Well.. we ate all the "junk"... partied in the woods... the boys hunted... the girls were girls... the mommies got to relax and tidy up their campers... no snakes, just smores.... great memories... not a lot of sleep because you hear every talk in the sleep, every cough, every coyote howlin in the night... but it's all good!  There's lots of laughter and the best part is the "simpleness"... The kids played and imagined and pretended and played in the dirt and the nature God made for us.  Dear Lord,  please help us keep this "simpleness" alive for our children.  What a wonderful and relaxed time we had.  Can't wait to make many more memories with my precious family!  

 Camper Girls!  
 Camper Boys
 Worker Boys
 Beautiful Cactus & a Barbed Wire Fence.... Ain't that pretty????

 God's nature :)

 Sweet Little Faces

 Is she cute or what?

 Deer Lease Doggies
Sonny & Maggie
 Emmie found a stick bug.... this was a huge highlight for the girls forever and then eventually it had to have a small deer lease funeral with a homemade tombstone and flowers around it's grave :)  

 Good Ol' Boys..
Always a workin on somethin

 Little Boys Project

 Happiness in the simplest kind of way

 I love kids over fences... looking at the cow

 Little camo girl just woke up from a camper nap :)

 Me and one of my besties sittin on the fence ready for some relaxin time

 Sweet girls!
 Climbin the fence again

 Emmie was bummed she didn't bring her boots... she didn't want to get them dirty! LOL!  

 Squirt #1 and Squirt #2
 Just a walkin... no rush... everything is slow at the deer lease 

 Just sittin around chattin in front of our camper :)

My Good Ol' Boy Hubby sent me a selfie from his stand while he was hunting.... he wasn't gettin any action... no deer, no nothin!

We had to send our huntin hubbies some dixie cup girls selfies

 Our campers are right next to one another... Our daughters are best buddies and her daughter told her "Oh, me and Emmie have always wanted to be neighbors!!"  LOL!

 Deer Lease Friends!!! :)

 Fire Sticks.... This stopped immediately! LOL!

 Jensie Loves her Kim

 Noah showin his card trucks!

 Me & My Good Old Boy :)
 Supper!  Fajitas Baby!
Campfire Magic!
Don Williams Playin on the Radio!
Doesn't Get much better than this!  :)

 When you are tired... lay anywhere and sleep.... 

 Her favorite thing about the deer lease were the flowers

 Lovely Gals!
 Nate took us around the land to show us stuff :)  There are giant windmills on the lease... he layed down to take this so you could see the windmill behind them.

 Daddy's treestand... This is also the tree that Noah shot his buck from last season :)  
 Can you find them?

 Love this pic
 Jensie is drivin us around
 Mama & The Babies in front of the sunflowers.... 
 Sittin on a big rock

 What a View!  We are up High!  
1st Family Deer Lease Trip 2014
 Ridin in the back of the truck

 Cows are EVERYWHERE!!
 Sonny  loves to be with us

 The catfish pond
 This is fireplace from an old house that use to be there
 Can you see the big bump in the middle of the trees?  It use to be a storm cellar... it goes wayyyy down like 50 feet


 A store on the way home had the cutest bathroom sink :)  We had to take a picture!  :)

Cute Swing pic to end our trip
One of the best trips ever!  

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