Monday, November 14, 2011

A Little Pre-Jensie Celebration :)

Hey Hey!!!  Guess what today is?  November 14, 2011!!!  Jensie Jewel Orange will be born in hours..... we are on the countdown... :)  Got to the hospital at 6 am to be induced... pitocin was started early....water was broke at 9 am and contractions are WELL underway.... I am hurrying this blog post...b/c they are getting quite uncomfortable!  Just wanted to update one last time before she is here.  These are the last of Pre-Jensie... my shower...some maternity pics and a few of her room.  :)  Next post.... HER ARRIVAL!!!  We can't wait!  My mama is here and the kids are at home with her... A good feeling.  Thank you all so much for all of your thoughts and well wishes and prayers and happy smiles and sweet hugs!  I feel so blessed and so loved!!!!!  This is sooo emotional for me!!!  I can't believe it's time and this is it!  God has been ever, ever so good to me and my family and I give all the glory to HIM!  Please keep us in your prayers today if you read this and let's see... ummmm yeah for about 2 mths. when life is CRAZY having a newborn and not to mention 3 other children to take care of.  :)  A new life... a beautiful thing!  Thank you for celebrating with us!  We will keep you updated on all the details!  Hooray for Jensie Jewel's Birthday!  I Do, I Do...
 LOVE her already!  :) 

 The beautiful table at my shower
 The most precious cookies... and delicious!  :)
 My mama sent tons of pictures of me as a baby and my friends put them in frames and had them everywhere!  Too neat!
 Jensie's name on the cookie
 didn't get pics of everything... some had all the little kiddos in front of me and you couldn't see them here is a few of my gifts.... This one is a cute Christmas outfit...
 Super soft gown!!  Love it!
 "Heel"iarious!  Baby booties that are high heels... these came out after I had Emmie and I love I get to have some :)
 Jensie burpcloths :)

 This one is for you mama... reading your sweet card :)
 This was one of my baby blankets when I was a baby..... Special!  Thank you mama!
 some of my lovely friends... that threw me a shower for my 4th!!!! BABY!!!  Ya'll are too much!!!!
 Love these ladies... friends from Noah's school... :)
 My mama sent this gigantic picture of all these pics of me as a baby.... such a surprise :)
 Jensie's nursery..... I show my hubby a picure of what I want and he just paints it!  :)  such a little artist he is... :)
 Love here tree.... it is all staying even with her big girl bed... :)
 Fun Bedding.... already have it for her big girl bed too so her room can stay pink and blue :)
 Her precious name :)
 A few of the maternity pics we had made.... never done this before and decided I needed a keepsake book... last baby....last pregnancy... I wanted to embrace it all!  :)
 Big ol belly
 Love that man!

 Too funny... the stuff they tell you to do :)

Lovely belly button I know... but it is what it is.... Notice Gunner's fingers.... and fingernails... mommy didn't wash the cheetos off very good... a little orange for the Orange Family!  :) Priceless!  Ha!!!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Our Thrillin Halloween

Here are the last of October pics.... pumpkin patch with the fam... fall festival at church and Halloween Night of Thrillin Fun!  :)  We were all worn out!!!!  Hope you have plenty of candy to munch on!  It is so fun going through the candy bags!!!! Milk Duds, Almond Joys, flavored tootsie rolls.... twizzlers... just a few of my favorites.  :)
I cannot believe it is November!  Noah turned 7 day one of November.... I cannot believe he is 7!  He is my baby!  My first!  He is so big!!!! 
Hope everyone is doing well.... it is a cold night here in Texas...very Fall!  :)  We are almost done with baseball... almost ready to have a baby girl and it will be Thanksgiving before we know it! Gobble,Gobble!  I am going to try and post again before her arrival... Right now we are on the books for November 14th!  Unless she decides to come before...and if you ask my mama...she thinks so!  :)  Until next time... don't forget to start eatin the soup and cornbread...its that time of year!  :) 
 Pumpkin Patch
 Everybody hold a pumpkin :)
 Tractor ridin
 Girls too!
 No big kids allowed....unless you are helping your little brother get around the circle :)
 Little scarecrows.... 1, 2 and 3 wouldn't load on here... sorry

 Decided to eat some hay.... Hay is not for boys.... only to jump on!  :)
 Had a blast!
 Coming out of the corn maze!  So fun!
 About to go in the corn maze!
 We need one of these in our backyard?
 And also some of these old tractor tires for them to climb on!!!
 Tractor Girl
 Tractor Baby
Tractor Boy

 Rapunzel taking care of the baby animals
 Riding the choo choo with Daddy... wouldn't smile?
 Ninja, Airplane and Rapunzel
 Pumpkin Patch Family Pic
 "Rapunzel, Rapunzel!  Let Down Your Hair! ....So I can EAT IT!!!"  :)
 Check out my hair :)
 Pretty Princess
 Check out my swords!
 Don't mess with the NINJA!
 Jensie Jewel got "jeweled" up!  :)
 Bling Mama and Rob Ryan ...a not so liked at the moment Cowboy's Coach
 Nathan has been planning to be this guy for a while... too funny!
 this wig was you know how many cans of silver spray it took?  4!
 Little Airplane
Check out my wings

Sunny Side Up!

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