Sunday, November 29, 2009

Thanksgiving 2009 was....

Thanksgiving 2009 was....
waking up to 3 precious kiddos and an awesome hubby
going for a 3 mile run with Noah riding his bike beside me the whole way and us just talking
green beans
potato casserole
fudge pie
sweet tea :)
cozy on the couch with the kiddos
putting up some outside Christmas decorations
getting to see my grandma on the webcam for the first time
getting to talk to our families on the webcam and feeling so thankful for each and every one of them and looking soo forward to some quality time together at Christmas
feeling blessed
thankful to God for our blessings
Missing my Daddy
Tired at the end of the Day...but ending it with my partner, my best friend, my hubby... that trucks along this life with me/us and makes it full of love and laughter and a joy to be on this journey with!
It was a Happy Thanksgiving for us and we hope it was for you as well!
P.S. Did you notice the song? No words on this one..."Count Your Blessings"... song is for you Mama... you sing the words... :) I can hear you from when I was little in church still! Going to church :)

Got her purse and ready to go

Emmie is soo in love with dogs

This is Jack... Camille and Olivia's new puppy! Emmie was in LOVE!

Thanksgiving Day

Helping Mama with the dressing

Everyone helping Mama in the kitchen

Notice the intensity of Noah's cornbread crumbling!

Matching aprons... "Domestic Diva and Diva in Training" Ha!
Thanks Sissy! We love them!

My wittle helpers

This just makes me laugh... Aren't they precious?

Flowers! Whooo Hooo!

Look Mama! PINK!

That is my Noah

Fun in the leaves

ok...don't get too dirty kids!

Noah doing "leaf angels" sadly enough...that is about all you get in Texas...

Sweet Smile

Emmie getting pulled by brother

This is the set up folks... wagon tied to truck with rope... Emmie can't ride in the truck b/c Noah's neighbor friend rides shotgun and all "their huntin stuff is in the back" Ha!

Monday, November 23, 2009

Rudolph the Black Nosed 9-Pointer!

Ok so if the radio can play Christmas music already... so can I! :) Hope everyone is getting into the spirit! We are decorated and READY! Even have all Santa's shopping done thanks to MeeMaw comin to town again! :) Thanks again Mama! Here are a few of Noah's last baseball game, his Thanksgiving feast at school...some random ones and last but not least... Nate's big buck! :) Noah was proud. It might not look big in the pics, but his 10 point rack from last year fit inside this one with room to spare! Hey, Hey! :) Gunner is smiling and even laughing and is a TUB of sweetness! Noah wants to see what his presents are RIGHT NOW! Emmie has had a blast with all the Christmas stuff. They have both been threatened to get rocks in their stockings.... SIX ornaments have been broken...and counting. Till next time get your Christmas on! :) This is so hilarious to me
Tough guy look

Proud like its his own

Love them

and a trio effect


The Proud Hunter himself

Little Man in the dugout

Miss Flucy

Loves to pose

Too Cute... see them eyes looking over at me? LOVE it!

#11... Noah Orange

The Team.

This would be going to Albertson's for some snacks and "get us by" food till Daddy gets home from huntin. I got more looks and comments from people in the store. Ha! BAGGAGE!

Very proud of his new trophy

Little Slugger and Big Brother

Dear Lord, Thank you!

1...2...3... all together now... ADORABLE!

Always check on them before we go to bed and I found her with her prince under her arm while she slept... too sweet!

Tea Time for the Hunter

I mean... Does it get any better than this?

Noah's Thanksgiving Feast at school. Mommy + 3! Daddy couldn't make it back in time... The Lord made me look like a supermom.... and my kids were angels....

This was Gunner before he fell asleep for the Feast

Little Pose while we were waiting to go eat

You can always count on Noah to do something silly for the camera... gobble, gobble

Mommy left for a minute to take trash out... Bad Girl! Painted all over herself and face.

I made her say "bad girl" instead of "cheese"

Suppose to be closing their eyes while MeeMaw gets out surprises from her suitcase...

Modeling the earrings MeeMaw gave her

Lost one boot in car... but had to snap this tub of love...

Sunny Side Up!

Summer is SUNNY SIDE UP!!!! It’s been the kind of Summer this Mama loves! Sometimes we are one day at a time... one hour at a time. No plans...