Monday, March 30, 2009


Well, we did it! We finally made it to the Tulip extravaganza! It was fun! The kids loved it! The Mommies might have got a little "Manic" when it came to being photographers! :) But I think as you will see, we didn't do too bad! Emmie only picked one tulip, so luckily we didn't get kicked out! Noah chased all the nature away...birds and squirrels! I'm exhausted but I guess that is to be expected. :) Hope you all are enjoying Spring! Have a Happy Go Lucky Week! Sweet Petting
Damaged Tulip in one hand and petting with the other

Check out Noah's face! LOL!

Cheese smile!

The Race is ON!

On your mark, Get Set..... Go!

Tried to climb the trees

Mommy didn't get much sleep last night but it's hard to look too bad with these little adrables in my lap! :)


Try to look like you like me Noah!

My Little Loves!

" Look Mommy, a flower!"

HeHeHe.... I got one!

Our Tulip Buddies

Happy Grins!

"This is serious stuff Mama! You are asking my to sit on these beautiful flowers!"

Don't they just love each other?

Yes they do!!!

My Noah

It was sunny for a moment

Everybody wanted a picture with Daddy

Noah and his Ladybug and lovin his Daddy

First Bug in jar

It was bedtime and she came out in this

Miss Thang!

Lil Miss Bo Peep

Sweetie Pie


Wednesday, March 18, 2009

They Make Me Melt!

Well it's been rainy and cold and OHHHH we are glad the sunny warm weather is back! Gorgeous here! Quick lil story that made Mommy proud:
Went to a couple of shoe stores today to get Noah some sandals ... he was a toot in the first store and I told him the park wasn't going to happen if he didn't act good. The 2nd store was better. Got "Old McDonalds" (Noah's request) and went to the park. Ate our lunch on a picnic blanket. As I was opening my salad I looked up at Noah and said, "I love You!" With a mouth full of chicken nuggets, he paused and managed to talk anyway and said, " I love you too Mama." Then I said, "Thank you for being good at the shoe store." He said, "Your welcome........................ Sorry I wasn't so good in the 1st store"
I said, "It's ok, you made up for it." He said, "Yeah, I did."
I was just so proud that he actually apologized and recognized that he had been bad all on his own. Made Me want to cry. ok so there is my Noah update. Emmie is at the break of needing major discipline! Ha! She is sooo happy to see us in the mornin when we open her door. She squeals and hugs our necks so tight. She also LOVES the book "Goodnight Moon" so much that it has to be read every night and then after I leave she gets up and gets it off of her shelf and I find it in the bed with her when I check on her! Lil Toot! All is good with #3. 12 weeks today :) Doctor tomorrow and get to see the lil thing! :) Keep praying for a healthy baby! Have a great week and Love, Love, Love!!!! :) Can't sit still!
Doing this for a Starburst :)

Sweet and Crazy!

He makes me melt!

Getting so big!

Looks well behaved?

Miss Daring and Mr. Up to Somethin

Love these two!

Couldn't get her to put the book down!

Big Girl!

She makes me melt too!!!

Holding herself like a little lady

She played hard at the park!

Popsicle Time!


This is what sugar does to me! He He!

Can I just have 1 more?

Sweet and Sassy!

Sissy and Brother

This was what we did while it was cold:
Drank hot chocolate

Had box races inside! Fun!

Planted a blue bonnet at school

The Story of the Lost Sheep

Sunny Side Up!

Summer is SUNNY SIDE UP!!!! It’s been the kind of Summer this Mama loves! Sometimes we are one day at a time... one hour at a time. No plans...