Monday, March 16, 2015

"Simple Family-Simple Friends-Simple Life-Simple Spring Break"

 It's Spring Break 2015…. Gotta lotta kids… But crave a lotta fun….
Need to put our awesome suburban town on hold for a few days….
So we can kick up the boots… kick up some dirt… 
kick back and  have some kick butt fun in the spring break sun!  
Give me simple!  Give me smores!  I don't wanna do laundry no more!  
Give me supper on a fire and drinks in a solo cup, let's all hang out and say….what's sup?
What a simple time with simple friends on a simple trip to the deer lease…. a 900 acre gorgeous ranch that has plenty of room for plenty of hands to dig and feet to roam.  Mamas be happy…. we clean our campers and sweep the floor… cut veggies up for supper and drink coffee with the crisp air.  We drive into the tiny town to see if we find any treasures…. we don't have a lot to tend to.  It's nice.  It's a change from the 4 kid suburbia lifestyle we live on a normal basis.  The view is beautiful… green pastures and cows everywhere! The kids aren't on our legs… aren't beggin for food or playdates… they just play and dig huge holes and create tepees and have a b-l-a-s-t!  I could not ask for more right now…it's simple memories with our tiny tots and deep talks while watchin the sunset.  I can't complain!  Hubby happy, kids happy and mama's happy too! If Mama's happy…. everyone's happy?  Yeah, Yeah…. LOL!  
I honestly think Spring came down and kissed me on the forehead while I was there… I think we are done with winter! I'm ready…. give me some dirt… give me some flowers…. bloom trees… grow grass…. patio here we come!  Happy Early Spring to Everyone!  Hope everyone can hear the birds a chirpin and see the trees bloomin!  What a gift it is for the change of seasons!  

 Lotta Kids
 In the hole
 Where there is food… there is Noah
 Let's get er goin
 Excited to be together
 Modeling for Mossy Oak Camo Dresses

 This was the beginning of the digging…. best babysitter in the world!  Shovels!

 HE LOVES the deer lease
 foggy mornin
 Bad Sonny getting all dirty in the mud!  LOL

 Noah took this of me… I had just went to see what the little boys were making on their big mountain of dirt!  Happy me… coffee in hand and cozy sweater on… life is good
 King of the dirt mound
 Nestled right in there
 Up to no good?
 Girls and their creations…. there were many! :)

 Painted up faces like indians… you don't ever have to come up with stuff to do… they create it 
 skinny boys in their tight jeans and boots and walking in the dirt… love it

 No wi-fi vacation from work…from computers…phones… emails… blah….blah…blah..

 It's getting deeper

 Not a lot of sleep…but I get to drink coffee with my girl!  

 Love looking out here

 A little family pic… 


 Happy kiddos
 Being silly

 Deer Lease Love

 Happy diggers

 Camper snack time

 My hunk of camo

 Best Buddies

 Men and guns... camo and beards…. Claimin the one on the left. :)

 Glow time
 Camp Hangout
 Deer Lease Dogs… Nobody gonna mess with us with these two sweethearts


 Breakfast!  come and get it!
 "Mama, do you know what these are?  One is a doe and one is a buck skin"

 Let's go for a ride..

 Big catfish pond
 Feedin the catfish
 Mama sitting on a big rock and Sonny has to be right beside me…won't leave my side to go be with the kids… He loves me…like… really…really… LOVES ME! 

 Trying to catch frogs
 Loves nature
 wonder what they talking about ?

 Always says… "mom take my picture"

 the hunch back pose…. 

 in her element...


 big rocks
watch out for the cactus

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