Monday, August 3, 2015

"Just Us, Just Right, Just What We Needed!"

It's AUGUST!!!  Say What!!!???  3 weeks till school starts?  SHHHHH!!!!!  Let's forget about that for now! We decided to do a last minute Family Vacay to the Beach before Summer waves goodbye to us. What a perfect time we had!  We have been on many trips and vacations with family and friends but never really "just our family"……What have we been thinking?  Oh my word!  So Easy!  Just Us!  Yes Please!  I know… you must think I'm crazy… 4 kids and a dog…the sand…the sun… the ocean…. and my wonderful husband (that pre makes little beach delights for us)…. we sit back and take it all in…little country music playing on our speaker…relaxing… looking at God's amazing creation…our children playing and enjoying the majestic ocean. 

All of this…yet simpleness seems to fill my mind… This is Us!
  Just Us!  Just Right!  Just what we needed!

1 more day…. the countdown has been fun!

10 minutes front he beach and we stop for ice…. flat tire that happened in a matter of minutes!  :( 
100 degrees outside
packed to the hilt car
4 kids and our dog
tire changing kit is underneath all our stuff
the gas station has no air
But don't worry…. Keep calm and carry on… 
A good samaritan is there and has all we need to "carry on"…
Thank. You. Lord.

I don't recommend this getting in your tires.

We made it!  My little bunch of oranges are in the sand

Sonny loves it 
Can we stay forever?
We have work to do
I think we are locked and loaded with the necessities

Now Go…. Be free little one
Lay on your belly… 
fish my first born
somebody has their paws in the sand

Crash and burn baby
This is wave-tastic

Sand castle princesses


what is that little mind thinking?

We LOVE the beach

Sand and water and each other

ocean blue margaritas for us

Can we stay forever

He's over the pool… let's go back to the beach!

This is Vacation.  This is what they do if we go to one of the pools.  No thank you.

Back to the beach.  Back to the crabs.

They are so pretty…but so mean.

Baby Sting Ray

Found these sunglasses and thought he hit the jackpot. LOL

Lookie what Mommy found…. a ginormous seashell…. All my kids were begging me for it! 

Orange Kids are the best kids

At the beach we eat supper at 9:00…. thank goodness for self timers on the oven

She has my heart
Does it look like I love this man?  My sunglasses say YES!

Holes to dig… creations to make

Beach babes?  One of my besties washed up on the beach!  We spent some time with her and her kiddos.  So fun!
MORE friends!  Haven't seen these gems for 2 years… they happened to be leaving when we arrived but stayed one more night and hung out with us.  Good times!  
The boys use to go to church together for years and picked right back up… being goofy!  I found lots of "selfies" of these goobers 

Sand buckets are overrated?  Oh come on… it's funny!

Our vacation celebration cake… it was Blue Velvet!  LOL

My Beach Babies
The Kids

The Girls…. tra-la-la-la
Daddy's little mermaids

Daddy's fisherman that LOVED getting up and fishing on the bay

I LOVE this pic… Hug Mama!  Just keep on hugging Mama!  I love my boys!

It worked….. 
Our Last night…. Camera too foggy for pics so we did the cell phone timer propped up on top of a shrimp bucket on top of a cooler inside the zipper of a camera bag….
My hard working, handsome, hubby…. oh how I love sitting by the ocean with him.  

Picnic on the beach…. Supper is served…. Lasagna for our last night

Crab hunting was a blast in the dark!

On our way out of town…. lunch with the lovelies…. even Sonny

Pose by the palm tree… Noah's face cracks me up!!!!  

Sunny Side Up!

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