Sunday, May 25, 2014

"Go Ahead & Waller.... But Ya Gotta Get Back Up!!!"

Yes I said "WALLER".... for some of's pronounced "wallow"!  We..(my husband & I) never knew there was a difference until someone pointed it out to him at a work event!  They had A LOT of fun with his comment, "You know... waller like...the pig wallers in the mud!"  Everyone roared and said... "You mean wallow???"  But we just simply can't talk like that!  We are country and some things are just different!  

So it's about that time.... Memorial Day weekend.... my daddy's anniversary of his death.  UHHHH!  Lots of thinking.  Now for the writing.  So I always think on my runs... this time... it was about all the things we "waller in".... and how you know what?  It's ok!!!  It's OK TO WALLER!  Sometimes life is hard, bad things happen, we get sad, and we just need to waller in it!  I think that is life on earth!  It won't be pretty pink roses all the time!  Heaven will be that!  :)  I started thinking of so many things either me or a close friend or family member has gone through to cause the need to "waller"... but on the flip side.... It's ok to waller... but ya gotta get back up!!!!  Because if you don't get back up.... you are gonna miss sooo much!  So much of what God intended for this earth to be about!  He ain't gonna put more on you than you can bare...even though sometimes it sure feel like it!
So maybe one of these has been you?
Do you "Remember When"
There has been joy...there has been hurt!

Did you lose your job?
Did you lose your best friend?  
Did you gain weight?  
Did you encounter a serious health problem?
Did you fail a test?
Did you have infertility problems?
Did you experience infidelity?
Did you have an addiction?
Did you have a crappy childhood?
Did you have insecurities?
Did you have a bad day/week/month/year?
Did you experience LOSS?  

Maybe you aren't any of these?  But you might be one day?  Or maybe you know someone who is?  Can you imagine if you waller instead of getting back up what you might miss God doing in your life?  I have experienced sad and bad and wallered and wailed....but I can see all that HE has done and is doing in my life and He ALWAYS pulls me back up and out of the wallering!  You can't stay in the waller state because HE needs you!  Let him work through you and "the hard, the sad, the bad, the stuff you want to forget but can't" Let him use you to become closer to him, more Christ like, help someone else through a hard time.  This is the only way to make it on this earth!  This is the only way to find the good under all the bad.  Life really can be beautiful!  We can really miss the beauty if our heads are always stuck in the mud or under the covers or wherever we like to waller!  There are still so many blessings all around us!  That's why I don't have a lot of time to waller.... because the blessings keep pulling me back up!  Look around!  Let the blessings in your life drown out the wallering stuff and you will be stronger for it!  

Then you can "Remember When" all the blessings of this life! THE JOY! :)  (The song on here is Remember When and we played it at my Daddy's funeral) 

Here are some awesome quotes that pretty much tell you exactly how to GET BACK UP & KEEP GOING!  :)

 Get back up and Keep building!  Workin for the Lord!  That is why we are here on this earth!

 It's ok if people see you waller.... that is real and real is good.... but get back up so they can see what God does with you and how He works through you!!! :)

 I love this!  She adjusts her sails!  There Will be another storm.... and you can readjust!!!!  :)

 whewww!  so true!  He is so much better than the world and anything or anyone in it!

 If you are wallerin you can't do this.... so get back up!!!  LOL!

 Perfect one for "Go Ahead & Waller....But Ya Gotta Get Back Up!!"

 Get back up and do this!!!

 No pain... no gain baby!

 Look around!  Blessings are everywhere!!

 Slow down and take time to listen to God and see where he leads you 

You can get through it!  I can get through it! We are Tough!  We are His Children!  He will get us through anything!

 Isn't this the truth?!!!  

 My daddy and Noah

 We surely miss him and forever will!

7 years of Wallerin and having to GET BACK UP!
I miss him!

Sunday, May 11, 2014

"Seize Motherhood"

Seize the Day! Seize the Moment! Seize Motherhood!

Flashback Mother's Day 2013.... Orange Family Stomach Bug!  We all had it! I will never forget it!  Luckily this whole year we have all been well!  No bugs or flu... I feel quite fortunate!
Mother's Day 2014..... Hubby in Costa Rica for work.... I could have went with him.... BUT.... since we just went to Mexico and I went to Tennessee .... I really hated to leave the kiddos... so I was ready to embrace Mother's Day... That began at 4 am.... Jensie had 3 spell of vomit... barely any..but I knew something was up... so there goes our time of worship at church.... which really bums me out because I LOVE going to church! The kids woke me up with a huge bouquet of flowers and a beautiful flower corsage to wear to church! The morning progressed s-l-o-w-l-y with lots of kids whining, fighting, hitting & also me raising my voice.  :( They couldn't even eat popsicles without tattling!  SCREAM!  Where can we go? What can we do?  I already tried being patient and calm and talking Emmie through her meltdown since her siblings messed up her ice cream shop.... but as I am in the middle of that, Noah comes running out telling me there are ANTS ALL IN GUNNER'S ROOM!  There was an old piece of chocolate in his wooden box and ants were everywhere and all on his bed frame!  YIKES!  
I resort to preparing a big fruit tray for them all to feast on and as I am doing this... all that can fill my mind is how I had just read that we should thank God for our problems.  I also think of the special friend that has been on my heart that is now a widow with 4 children.  I think to myself... maybe I am just getting a little of bit of her hard so she can have a peaceful Mother's Day? And really... is all this really that hard?  Suddenly my frustrations leave me... I AM BLESSED! I gotta Get on with my day and quit letting these little goober kiddos get to me!  It's UP and DOWN .... and that's the way it is!  I can seize these moments because they will pass and all will bliss again!  HE says THANK HIM for our problems!  So that means SEIZE THE DAY AND THE MOMENTS!  This is the day the Lord has made... let us rejoice and be glad in it!!!

what a perfect devotion for Mother's Day!  We WILL have problems with 4 children!  We HAVE to call on HIM to help us through the tiniest of problems! 

 The 4 BIG Reasons I Am A M-O-T-H-E-R!!!!!!!
I will SEIZE the moments even when they are hard....

I love the song on here this time "Automatic" by Miranda Lambert...
So true.... the chorus...
"Hey whatever happened to waiting your turn? Doing it all by hand? Cause when everything is handed to you... it's only worth as much as the time put in."
Motherhood is most definitely A LOT of time put in... a lot of selfless love and devotion!

Sonny has to be a part of everything now!

 What?  Noah is in the sandbox? I'm so Glad I have a 9 1/2 year old that has an imagination and doesn't play video games all day!

 Park picnic.... Sonny was so good!

 Their favorite tree!
Give us the Simple Life.... 

 Backyard picnics... who cares what time it is......

 Sandbox Kids!

 Everyone needs a dog that will let you bury him

 3 peas in a pod
 Anyone else want on this crazy ride?
I am so happy to be on it with them!

 They made an ice cream store... notice behind them... they picked my flowers to make the treats!!!!!
This is before Jensie dumped out the bucket and messed everything up and Emmie's meltdown!

 Backyard fun!

 The Orange Swim Team

Sometimes everyone needs a fruit tray.... it brings peace and harmony to fighting children and out of options mothers....  :)

 A Ball of Fun! The ball is made of fire... and we are trying to roll with her!  She is going to give us a run for our money!  

 Loves the water!
 Ready to swim!
 Little Lady

 Isn't she lovely?  Even with one cheek out?  Hee Hee!

What a face!

 Ready to hit
 Running the bases
 Anna Claire says her and Gunner are blood brothers... she loves them!

 Last baseball game!  Him and his buddy Callahan
 Little guy.... getting big!

He made a butterfly and colored me a flower pot 
ok, ok.... it's worth all the whining!  LOL!

Made me cry the whole way home... he thinks my favorite colors are green & orange... b/c he always shares his skittles with me and he knows my favorites are green and orange.... that made me melt that he put that together
 Call me baby!  Call me always!!!

 she is my nature girl... she would rather be in the backyard than anywhere!

She is holding my gifts... her handprint :)

 Classroom time

 Emmie and her teacher
 Isn't she precious?

 They sang sweet mommy songs to us

 My placemat for our lunch together

 A card full of goodies!  Lots of fun information! 

 Really!!  Really???  Made me cry... made me want one... for a few seconds.... no seriously... melted my heart that she would think this?  Maybe she really knows how much I really do love my children?  

 Almost done with kindergarten!!!

Special Friends!

Love the kindergarten Mother's Day Program!  What a treat!
These are the sweetest moments! 

 painted me a self portrait for Mothers Day
this child literally keeps life flowing for us!  he is such the hard but such the happy and does have a bright, bright future.... it means so much to hear all the positive about him from others, especially all his teachers... but deep down inside.... I know this. I just have to keep it down in there for now so I can deal with him!!!!!  LOL!  

 Literally.... part fish
 Thumbs up! Life is good mom!

 more faces

What a great pic to end on..... until next time.....
Don't take life too seriously!  
Seize the Day! Seize the Moments! Seize Life!

Sunny Side Up!

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