Tuesday, March 1, 2016

"Just As I Am….Revive Me Again"

When I was younger we would go to church…. every time the doors were opened.  I grew up Baptist and once or twice a year we had Revivals.  One day I was thinking of how you don't hear of those much anymore… or maybe just not the churches I have been to in the last 15 years.  A Revival was usually held Sunday night thru Wednesday night or even till Friday night.  Every night for a week
 from 7:00-9:00.  Yes on a school night, Yes we had to stop and pick up elderly people or kids for church and take them home, yes we listened to the whole sermon that seemed like it would  never end.  We would sing all my favorites…. "I Surrender All, Revive Us Again, Just As I am"…. every verse of every song, alter call, heads bowed, christians praying… won't you come…?" I use to think how much longer would we sing and if someone wanted to come they would have come by now.  The pews were filled with my mama's snotball tissues and I could barely hold my head up cause I was tired.  My sister and I were already both in trouble and probably getting a spanking when we get home, so the situation wasn't getting any better.  

I write these things from the mind of a child…. I know some of it is funny….perhaps typical… but, I was a child.  But today I sit here and even though I am a 38 year old adult now, 
I am Still a child… I am a Child Of God.  
I am so thankful for my precious mother… who took us in our old Oldsmobile four door car that had a loud squeal from a belt on it… I was embarrassed.  Everyone knew when we were leaving.  I would bury my head of embarrassment.  These memories make me laugh at what I thought mattered.
As I sit here today typing this, I am balling thinking of how grateful I am for my mother taking me to church, picking up people that didn't have a way, taking elderly people home that didn't drive, night after night… we DID NOT MISS.  I am thankful for experiencing what a REVIVAL was and is.  
I think of the last couple months…WHOA!  Literally January was a flash and I don't remember it…. Recovering from the holidays while piling on more for 2016 before you can get over the exhaustion of closing out 2015. 
 I think of the Lord and how he takes me JUST AS I AM…. he carries me through when I don't know what to cook, what is due for which kid, what the date is, what I forgot or missed, He carries me.  He carries me until I SURRENDER ALL To HIM again and RESET…. 
The thing about Revival is that you might be doing just fine and going to church like you are suppose to… But REVIVAL is MEANT to bring something ALIVE in you that isn't.  It can spark something new…. it can RESTART your engine.  Lately…  I feel like the Lord hooked up the jumper cables to me and gave me a BOOST!  Just like a Revival.
I hope you all are having a wonderful first day of March!  If you need a jump…. I pray that you will find that the Lord will accept you Just as you are and all you need to do is surrender it all to him and He will Revive you once again so that you can have his Peace in this life.  

Here are lots of pics of our lately since my last post I had none really.  We have a busy and exciting March coming!  So more fun to come!  :)

 Mommy Snuggles are in HIGH DEMAND at our house!

 The simplest of things go a long, long way… She delights in time with me.
 Our confident, daring, 4th child wanted to wear her hair like this to school.  I asked if she was sure and that I didn't want anyone to laugh at her.  She said, "Mom!  Nobody is gonna laugh at me, People like me!"   Well then….. this Mama just needs to brush the hair and style it how she likes and keep my mouth shut!  LOL!
 Holding the corn on the cob hostage with some serious guns
 A gift from a bestie….. It's the little things that make your heart Happy, Happy, Happy!

 Orange Roses….  for Angie Orange… that's ME!  :)

 Dear Time & Glorious Sunsets & time at the deer lease with daddy,
Can you go slow and let them soak in every ray of moments with their daddy so that they will all hold them in their hearts forever…. and so Mama can cry and look at her 2 BOYS she is so proud God gave her!  
 Time to kick your boots around….
 Nothing like the Rodeo at Preschool
 Yee Haw!
 4H meetings are full of outdoor animals and love for nature!  What a blessing!

 Just the "Best Day Ever" says Jensie Jewel Orange…. "Can we have a picnic everyday mama?"
 The park even has a nail lady there to do your nails!  :)  Mama! 
 Time for wishes and kisses
 Nails are pretty but we need a little sand and flowers in between our toes so we don't stay too sassy!  
 Moments like these…. I just stare at her
 A Horse riding birthday party for one of Emmie's best friends!
 Loving it!
 Lean on back there girl!
 I love this pic… the horse licked her.  Too cute!
 Emmie and her sweet Clementine
 Some boys are handsome.  Some boys are funny.  My boy is handsome and funny and I can't imagine life without him!
 He will be the heart breaker…..
 My sweet girl 

Do we love her or love her not?  WE CRAZY LOVE HER!
 Typical morning 
 Ready for her Valentine Party
 Dogs can be romantic too!  :)
 Which one of these is not like the others?  

 Date night!  Hallalujah!

 Our neighbors brought some baby bunnies to us because their dog got one and injured another that died… they wanted to see if we could help these 3…. We have had them over 2 weeks now and they are growing and doing great!  
 Guess who is playing soccer… 
 Guess which one is ours?  Heaven help us!

 Her team is called the "Lil Divas"   Oh My!

 Daddy Daughter Dance 2016
 What lucky little princesses
 You ride to the dance in a truck….
 Then it turns into a Horse &  Carriage when you get there!  
 Time for some Hibachi 

 Sometimes you end up at the same place as some of your favorite people!
 Daddy daughter dance Silly pics?
 Got nuggets? 

 2nd grade Hoe Down
 Dance little Cowgirl
 Stompin them boots!  What fun to watch!
Bunnies need nurturing…. as do little blue eyed angels that need mommy to come snuggle every morning, noon & night

Isn't this a good one?  We are all growing… in so many ways.  

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