Sunday, October 14, 2012

"What's Inside Your Bubble?"

I woke up Saturday morning.... the kids slept in because their little legs were worn out from skating the  night before.  Fun times!  :)  I roll over to check my phone (since the sound doesn't work :/ I never know if I get a call or text... so I try to check it regularly!  Oh humbug iphone!  :)  I check my email on my phone which shows me this blog I follow has an update. :)  I am inspired!  I am happy to read there is another soul out there that has the same thoughts as I do.  I feel connected!  Isn't it awesome when you "connect" with someone?  Such Peace!  I have felt this with many of her posts!  :) So inspired that I decided to blog about it myself!  :)  And...Yes!  I put some pictures on here too! :)

So.... I have found myself "living inside my bubble" of life... in my little town that I life... my faith...those I need to reach out to...'s all you need?

I Love My Bubble!  It's my "happy place!" 

 It's the rainbow on a Sunday evening...
the eyes of my baby girl... 
It's my "all boy..about to be 8 year old" who can catch any moving creature that crawls or flies in our backyard!  :)
 It's my sweet hearted 5 year old daughter who as sweet as tea and loves to make you proud of her.  
It's the smell of my 3 year old son's neck when I snuggle up to him for a nap.  
It's the "excitement" in my husbands voice when he peeks into the oven and says with a giddy voice, "I never know what you are gonna come up with!"  
It's the proud son that happily tells me he got a sticker at school for behavior...again...! :)  
It's my daughter who is acting like its Christmas because she got to go to Bible Hour at church for the first time and LOVED it!!!!!!!  It made her feel so big!  She can't wait to go back! 
 It's the common love me and my 3 year old have for brownies and when he says in his cutest little voice..."Oh mama, deez bwownies are sooo good!!!" 
 It's my mama's on call advice and understanding.  
It's my sissy's love and long distance connection that will never go away!
  It's the fact that I am a "Tennessee Country Girl"....born and raised!  I like the simple life!  I like the sweet tea and the porch swings and having to drive 45 minutes to the ya just didn't go! 
 I LIKE to stay HOME!  My kids like to stay HOME!  I love that Home is Happy!
It's the "catch up" with an old friend :)
It's the comfort of a new friend that feels like an old friend you've known your whole life!
It's the beauty of the new season and Saturdays planting flowers and setting out pumpkins.  :)
It's the soup and cornbread I cannot stop making.... I love my iron skillet... My sweet inlaws gave it to me and I am doing it justice!  :)
It's the sound of my baby girl breathing as she sleeps on my chest.
It's watching the clothes in the washing machine go around with Jensie and her get so excited that she puts her face on the door. 
It's the sweet voice of my 3 year old telling me he loves me all the time for no reason.
It's my Emmie wanting me to draw rainbows with her every single day!  :)  
It's the 5 mile run with my kiddos that I feel so blessed God gave me strong legs to carry me and active, healthy children to keep me company and feeling on top of the world!!!!
It's the first steps my baby girl has been taking.... we are up to like 10! :)

It's the constantness my God reminds me he is here... in all of my "bubble" moments lately...and in all of my days.  He is here!  He blessed me with these children and husband and I am going to soak up every ounce of them!
 It's the Sunday School lesson and Sermon that sums up my life lately!  WOW!  I love when God speaks to me!  
I miss my Daddy so much!  I wish he could be here to just be...with us!  He wouldn't believe I have 4 kids!  Dear Lord...I have to count them often! Ha!  But with his absence...brings a constantness for me... of seizing the day..the moments.  Are there hard ones?  Sure?  Are there times I am drowning in children and duties and dinner?  Sure! just take your breaths and keep moving!  :) stop...sit down at the bottom of the stairs and hug your children!  Tell them you love them!  Have a moment!  Let time stop and just smother them with affection and love!  It is AMAZING when a child is hurt or mad or sad ...just stop and hug them ...they stop...all behavior... they melt into your hug!  :)  It's magic!  :) 

 People ask me all the I do it...4 kids...etc. etc.   That's a nutshell... just do what she says..... LIVE SLOW!!!!!!!  :)  Amen!?  Amen!  :)  Have a happy week and check out her blog!  I put the link here!  Read her profile so you know about her and her life and can "connect"... :)  

Living Slow- Grace Full Mama

 This makes Mama proud
 This is the best I could get him to do!  He was dancing and silly and we all couldn't stop laughing!
 He fits in our family huh?
 My little bunch
 Love Miss Krinkle Nose
 Gunner stand up!

 Silly Boys!
 These are my happy!
 My Boys!

 Love Jensie's face
 Happy girls!!

 11 Months old today!!!!  
 Never hard to get a good pic out of this little gal
I gave her a flower!  I mean look at her!  :)

Big 'Ol Rainbow

Rainbow is fading...but kids are precious
 Melting us
 She is such a big girl
 Who's Adorable?
 Baby girl
 Hello... I'm 5!
 If you are an animal and come to my yard... I will catch you!  I will!

 Angel Eyes

 Porch swing ...

 Such a cutie
 Here I come!

 It's Fall!!!!!
 These two crack me up!!!!
 Nap time.... balloons!

The sweetest 3 year old! .... Well... most of the time!  :)

Monday, October 1, 2012

"He's Coming To Get You!!!!"

Gunner Michael Orange...
"Michael" after my Daddy :)
born September 19, 2009.... 9 lbs. even and an easy goin baby!  
 He is 3 and he is coming to get YOU!!!!!  
He is obsessed with POLICEMAN and FIREMAN!  :) 
 We are having so much fun with all of his quirks and special qualities!  
He is the 3rd child and spoiled...sometimes unintentionally....sometimes....ON PURPOSE.... cause ya just can't help his blue eyed gaze!  
Did he potty train himself?  YES!  
Is he sleeping through the night?  YES! 
 What else could I ask for? 
 Does he love his mama more than anything?  SIGH!!!!!!!!!! 
 He is my last baby boy.... so Mama spoils him with love and kisses and hugs! 
 He loves tunafish!
  He loves his Noah and Emmie and Jensie! 
 He loves his Papa and Nonna and MeeMaw!
  His favorite song is "Wiseman Built His House Upon A Rock" and "Take Me Home Tonight" by Eddie Money..... LOL!  
He gets Fully dressed before he comes downstairs in the morning all on his own!  
He LOVES Wizard of OZ...because he loves the witch!  
He calls me "Ma" like Little House on the Prairie  :)
He LOVES Juice!
He loves to help Daddy and Noah mow the grass.
He loves TOOLS!
He loves to wear a BELT!
He LOVES keys and keychains and locks!  
He is CHILL and can seem shy... but can get crazy and funny too!
He is our Special, Special 3 year old!  :)
 Ice cream!
 I had to end the vaccum cleaner obsession :/
 Lil Handsome Boy
 Call Me Maybe?
 Happy #3 Gunner!!!
 Sweet face
 Tool Time
 Woke up to BALLOONS :)
 fingerpainting on this beautiful day
 Lots of sand for the sandbox
 All BOY
 It's Party Time!  
 Present time!
 Mr. Fireman
 He's enforce the LAW
 What is under here?????????????
 The "Gunner Orange Police Force"
 Eyes of an Angel
" Hi, My name is Barney Fife and I am ready to enforce the Law!"
 It even has a SIREN folks!  Come On!  Could it be any more perfect?
 Colleyville PD
 SRGNT. Orange
 First...the important things.... CAKE and ICE CREAM!
 Happy Boy

 Supporting the birthday boy
 Daddy and Jensie
 Emmie Lou
 Watching these crawl down the wall
 Lots of Legos
 What do you think of all this Gunner?
 4D movies!  FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 Driving the cars
 So cool! Downtown Grapevine
 Oil rigs
 Yep...that's where J.R. Ewing lives.... ha!

 Getting the legos made
 Go Rangers!
 Gunner's favorite was the State Fair
 All Gunner's favorite emergency vehicles :)
 Go Cowboys
 Nash Farm in Grapevine
 The Gaylord and Grapevine Lake
 The Great Wolf Lodge
 Downtown Grapevine... Mainstreet :)
 Emmie's favorite was the state fair too :)
 Looking at the city lights
 Legos of Dallas behind us :)
 MeeMaw got to come too!  :)
 lovin it
 trying to sing
 race time
 going on a ride
 fun times
 This could be the guy who writes you a ticket one day?  
 Happy Birthday Gunner!  We love you! 

 More cupcakes and more wishes :)

 Meemaw and Jensie
 Being silly after birthday sugar :)
Who's gonna win?????  

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